Ten Inch Stepbrother: First Time Gay Erotic Romance by Phoenix Blair

Today I’m thrilled to have gay erotic romance author Phoenix Blair stopping by the blog!  Phoenix just released Ten Inch Stepbrother and took a few minutes to talk to us about his book, the inspiration behind it, and a little more about him.  Read on for all the dirty deets!ten inch stepbrother

Ten Inch Stepbrother: First Time Gay Erotic Romance

Phoenix Blair

Senior year of high school was a horrible time for Jeff. After he came out as gay, everyone treated like he was some kind of freak. Everyone except for his only advocate: Jeff’s sexy stepbrother Danny Rocks.

Danny was the hottest guy in high school and everyone knew it. He was the high school quarterback who got all the girls he wanted. Even though Danny defended Jeff from all of the high school bullies, Jeff knew that Danny was straight as an arrow.

But when Jeff returns home from his first year at high school to see his stepbrother Jeff, something has changed about Danny. Something that Jeff can’t quite put his finger on.

When the boys have a few extra beers on a hot summer night outside in the hot tub, it turns out that maybe Danny wasn’t quite as straight as he thought…

It turns out that Danny has a BIG surprise for his stepbrother Jeff.
This is short erotic yet cerebral romance, one that blurs the lines between the romantic, the sexual, friendship, and fantasy. Even where you try to ignore it, the reality is that every plot has an intricate story of attraction and sexuality behind it.

Is it erotic but deep? You decide!

*Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.*

And, as promised…

Interview with Phoenix Blair

So tell us about yourself, who are you:

Hi! My name is Phoenix and I’ve been around the block quite a few times. I’m 28—and I know so many closet gay guys that I decided to write about it.

Wow! Where did you meet all these closet gay guys?

I’ve been fortunate enough to live abroad, and I’ve lived in some very old fashioned cities and small towns where homosexuality was unfortunately still extremely taboo. I feel lucky to have grown up in the United States. Even though I have heard some bad blood, it’s nothing like in these small towns where you could would not hear the end of it for expressing love.

That sounds like a pretty crazy experience. How did it impact your book?

I started writing when I was abroad in South America. I’ve been back for a couple of years now, but still, I sense that there is an underlying theme of hypersexuality that does indeed color everyone’s experience.

So what does Ten Inch Stepbrother have to do with your experience?

Ten Inch Stepbrother is a thoughtful erotica project. It marries the sexual and the close friendship, the sexual fantasy and the hopeful reality. I, as well as many people I’m sure, hope for a visually and erotically stimulating experience from my relationships. Yet, in an era of grindr and tinder and easy hookups, sometimes that depth of friendship is more difficult to find now. I like to think that Ten Inch Stepbrother is an extension of that thoughtful curiosity of what could be, if you had both the erotic and the depth going for you.

Wow. Okay. So we are talking about a very sexual book that has reality to it?

Basically, I took a fantasy that I had, and that many people I know had, and that may or have not actually happened to someone…and wrote it down. Hopefully this is a book that gets you worked up, but at the same time, I really hope you identify with the characters.

Sounds pretty interesting. Anything else you want to tell us about it?

Yes, Danny is a real character from my life, and this kind of stuff does happen. Maybe people aren’t always there to chronicle it, but this kind of action is happening in real life more than you think. I wish I had a dime for every straight guy who asked me curious questions.

Thanks! Can we sign up for a mailing list or anything to stay on top of your book releases?

You can email me at phoenixblair9@gmail.com and I will put you on my mailing list as soon as it’s active, probably in a few days.


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out Ten Inch Stepbrother for yourself when you have a minute—a hot cerebral erotic romance!

Cool — thank for stopping by, Phoenix!

And click here to check out Ten Inch Stepbrother (or Phoenix’s earlier work, The Ten Inch Massage), both of which are in Kindle Unlimited and FREE for KU subscribers!


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