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The Future of Sex – Guest Post by Harley Swank

Greetings blog-lovers!

Today we’re joined by Harley Swank, author of Jacob’s Lantern – and he’s here to tell us a bit about his vision of the future of sex, and how it plays into his new book.

But before we get to the post, check out the blurb for Jacob’s Lantern:

A naughty scientist has designed a machine for erotic pleasure, and he needs strapping young college bros to try it out.

The Future of Sex
By Harley Swank, author of Jacob’s Lantern

What is the future of sex? Is it going to gay bars and hitting on a hundred guys that say no? Is it wasting endless hours on Adam4Adam,, Tinder, Plenty of Fish?

I say the future is MACHINES. Imagine sex machines that can be enjoyed by the Abercrombies as well as the Finches, by the pretty and the trolls. Slavery is illegal, and being a sugar daddy is not an option for most people, which is why Jacob’s Lantern represents one sexual invention, an artifice with holes designed to simulate anuses that are beyond humanity. Tighter, with more ridges, than anything nature could create.

A self-lubricating apparatus that permits the user to penetrate as well be penetrated, with an anal trainer designed to adapt to the virgin anus as well as the professional bottom that expects greater lengths and/or thickness. Whether it’s a lonely man or a socialite with his randy friends, this contraption encourages participation.

If you want to read a story of a sexy scientist and his hot research assistants, I invite you to read Jacob’s Lantern. This 16-page book will be FREE on Thursday, May 14th, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can buy it for free any day of the year.


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Captured on Video by FJ Smith

UPDATED May 14, 2015: Captured on Video: The Complete Serial is now available on Amazon!

Captured_Front_Cover It’s a busy week here on the good ol’ blog, with lots of hot guests and their scorching books!

Today, we’re joined by FJ Smith, author of the Captured on Video series.  The first four entries in the series have been released and the fifth (and final) entry will be released soon!  And when the fifth book is released, FJ Smith will also release The Complete Serial.

UPDATED: May 14, 2015 — Captured on Video: The Complete Serial is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Check out the blurb for Captured on Video: The Complete Serial:

Kyle Spencer, owner of the aptly-named Captive Studios, has a unique method of recruiting fresh talent for his extreme gay porn videos. He identifies likely candidates from their internet porn viewing habits, stalks them online, and then whisks them away to his basement video studio for proper training. His current acquisition, a shy closeted college-age virgin, turns out to be very special indeed. Exactly how far will Ryan go to prove his devotion to his new master, and will Kyle be able to release him when the time come for a new star to be recruited? ***For adults only, this 22,000 word complete m/m BDSM erotica serial features all five previously published Captured on Video books for one low price.***

And his author bio:

F.J. Smith is the author of the “Captured On Video” m/m BDSM erotica series. He enjoys writing stories that explore both sides of the D/s dynamic.

And now, let’s sit down for our chat and get to know a little more about FJ Smith, Captured on Video, and the inspiration behind it all.

You’re a first-time author, right? What made you decide to write this story?

I’ve written as a hobby since I was in grade school, but this is my first professional publication. The idea for this story started with internet porn, as many good things do. I was thinking about how the people behind porn sites know more about viewers’ kinks than those closest to them in real life. That led to the character of Kyle Spencer, a gay porn site operator who finds fresh talent for his extreme videos by cyberstalking young men who log into his site. The story revolves around the different stages of training his latest prize, a closeted college-age virgin named Ryan.

This serial includes some unusual kinks, especially the later books. How did you come up with the different scenes?

I originally drafted many of the scenes as part of a private correspondence with an interesting young man from New Orleans.   He’s a French Créole quasi-aristocrat who blogs on a number of topics under the name gascon-en-exil. It got to the point we were trying to see who could write the kinkiest scene.

Who won?

I’d say it was a tie. 🙂

So do you see this book as primarily as a BDSM fantasy?

Yes, although that’s true of any BDSM fiction. Anyone interested in trying this lifestyle needs to do the research first and not rely on fictional stories. However, I think that the core of Kyle and Ryan’s dynamic, and how they complete each other, is true to life. They each give the other what they really need.

You make it sound like a love story.

I think it is a love story. Granted, it’s a twisted love story involving gimp masks, gang bangs, frozen cum dildos, and body modification, all of which is captured on video, but a love story nonetheless.

That sounds like my kind of love story! So any more adventures in store for Kyle and Ryan?

The Captured on Video serial completes their story arc, but they will likely pop up as secondary characters in my follow-on serial, currently titled Initiated on Video, which will take place in a college frat house.

Awesome! How can readers keep tabs on upcoming releases?

They can follow my tumblr at or contact me at to be added to my mailing list. Captured_Box_Set

UPDATED: May 14, 2015: Captured on Video: The Complete Serial is now available on Amazon!

To find out more about FJ Smith and the Captured on Video serial, click here to visit FJ Smith’s Amazon author page.  All of the books are in Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a KU subscriber, you can read the whole thing for FREE!

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Chariots on the Highway by Limor Moyal

Today, I have Limor Moyal, author of the gay romance novel, Chariots on the Highway, as my special guest.  In a moment, we’ll have a chat with Limor to find out more about her book and the inspiration behind it.

First, though, let’s take a glance at the blurb:

Every year, young men come from all over the world to join the IDF and fight for Israel. They leave everything behind and becoming what known as lone soldiers.

Tom, a young man from Kansas, has traveled to Israel to fight for his people. He came to fight, He came to escape.

Dan Green has it all. He owns Greentech technologies, lives in a small mention near Tel Aviv, and looks like a movie star. But his blue eyes, hiding a storm that threatens to smash him.

The end of his marriage to Lena, his memories of his late father, his disappointment with himself and his internal wars, pushing him towards the edge.

Dan and Tom cross paths at a crucial point in their lives. None of them thought that what began as volunteering mission, will change everything they thought they knew.

This is a journey of exploration and discovery. About asking the right questions and finding the answers.

In traffic jams of Ayalon Highway, the bustle of the city, on the battlefield, and deep in their dreams. Together they peel layers of pain, and find themselves.

And now, let’s welcome Limor to the blog and find out more about Chariots on the Highway!  And don’t miss the book trailer at the end of the interview!

Your book is originally in Hebrew and takes place in Israel, how do those facts affect the story?

Well I decided to be the first Israeli woman to write a gay romance in Hebrew. We actually have none, and it is sad and I decided to change that.

The setting in Israel and the fact that the plot is very Israeli makes it very unique for readers because it gives the book added value. Not only you get your fix of gay for you hot story, you get to travel to Israel and enjoy it for the price of 3.99. I think that every book that opens you to new things, and teaches you something you didn’t know before reading it, will leave a stronger impact on you in the long run

What was the hardest or most difficult scene to write?

I think the hardest part was the argument between Dan and Ehud. It’s extremely political, religious, emotional conversation that came from personal liberal beliefs that I felt that I need to express in the book

What’s the most difficult part of writing a sex scene?

Well obviously the fact that I never experience this kind of sex since I’m a female, but I think sex is sex regardless the gender of participants, especially if there are emotions involved, and in this case they only started touching after they were involved emotionally in so many aspects, and that fact made it easy.

What’s your favourite part about writing a sex scene?

To check if it’s working 🙂

I read it, and if it has the desired effect on me, I know I nailed it. I think the best thing about being a woman and writing a gay sex scene, is that it actually kind of living your fantasy because you can never really be one of your characters.

I’ll even say that the best thing about writing in general is the ability to fly with your mind to places that the real you could never reach.

What kind of research went into this book?

Military research, including learning the radio communication codes, twice actually because the original book is in Hebrew and its completely different codes.

The battle in Lebanon is based on real events so I had to investigate it and write it as accurate as possible, same goes to the medical procedures taking place in the story. I worked with a medical doctor to make sure it’s all valid.

And most importantly the sessions Dan has with his shrink are all backed up by a psychologist that is working mainly with GLBT and their families, and has a lot of experience with the issues Dan is having in the book. So basically the story is very realistic facts wise.

What made you decide to write this genre?

Firstly it is my favorite genre as a reader so naturally I couldn’t think about writing anything else. I believe that in order to write a good book you need to write what you would love to read, don’t try to be something else just to sell more books. It’s true that M/M is a smaller market than general contemporary romance, but I don’t find it interesting to read so what is the point trying to write it.

Second reason because I’m a liberal and support gay rights, so being able to help in that aspect is a great opportunity, especially in Israel because here the book is a unique phenomenon and many mainstream readers are reading it, and discovering what is gay love and that gay love is just like straight love, that discovery sometimes can change their point of view and even shift their political views, if I get even one person to open up and support gay rights, I will be a happier human being.

And the third reason is because something about gay love is so strong, because it goes against so many factors. As a gay person you have to fight society, your family and friends, and sometimes even yourself to be able to love freely, and if you choose to make all this sacrifices just to be with the one you love, that is, for me a very bold move and show how deep is that love. Great circumstances to start a book.

Where do you like to write? Home? Coffee shop? Subway ride to work? Somewhere else?

In bed with the lights off.

Which of your characters is your favorite? Why?

All of them because when I finished the book I realized that they are all me, every one of them representing a piece of me that together with the other pieces forms the whole, which is me. Even the unpleasant characters represent the parts of me which I don’t really like, but are still part of who I am.

Which of your characters would you like to meet in person? What would you say or do with that character?

Ehud – I would slap him and tell him to get his head out of his ass!

If you’d like to learn more about Limor Moyal and Chariots on the Highway, check out Limor’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

And don’t forget to check out Chariots on the Highway (link takes you to Amazon).

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Ten Inch Stepbrother: First Time Gay Erotic Romance by Phoenix Blair

Today I’m thrilled to have gay erotic romance author Phoenix Blair stopping by the blog!  Phoenix just released Ten Inch Stepbrother and took a few minutes to talk to us about his book, the inspiration behind it, and a little more about him.  Read on for all the dirty deets!ten inch stepbrother

Ten Inch Stepbrother: First Time Gay Erotic Romance

Phoenix Blair

Senior year of high school was a horrible time for Jeff. After he came out as gay, everyone treated like he was some kind of freak. Everyone except for his only advocate: Jeff’s sexy stepbrother Danny Rocks.

Danny was the hottest guy in high school and everyone knew it. He was the high school quarterback who got all the girls he wanted. Even though Danny defended Jeff from all of the high school bullies, Jeff knew that Danny was straight as an arrow.

But when Jeff returns home from his first year at high school to see his stepbrother Jeff, something has changed about Danny. Something that Jeff can’t quite put his finger on.

When the boys have a few extra beers on a hot summer night outside in the hot tub, it turns out that maybe Danny wasn’t quite as straight as he thought…

It turns out that Danny has a BIG surprise for his stepbrother Jeff.
This is short erotic yet cerebral romance, one that blurs the lines between the romantic, the sexual, friendship, and fantasy. Even where you try to ignore it, the reality is that every plot has an intricate story of attraction and sexuality behind it.

Is it erotic but deep? You decide!

*Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.*

And, as promised…

Interview with Phoenix Blair

So tell us about yourself, who are you:

Hi! My name is Phoenix and I’ve been around the block quite a few times. I’m 28—and I know so many closet gay guys that I decided to write about it.

Wow! Where did you meet all these closet gay guys?

I’ve been fortunate enough to live abroad, and I’ve lived in some very old fashioned cities and small towns where homosexuality was unfortunately still extremely taboo. I feel lucky to have grown up in the United States. Even though I have heard some bad blood, it’s nothing like in these small towns where you could would not hear the end of it for expressing love.

That sounds like a pretty crazy experience. How did it impact your book?

I started writing when I was abroad in South America. I’ve been back for a couple of years now, but still, I sense that there is an underlying theme of hypersexuality that does indeed color everyone’s experience.

So what does Ten Inch Stepbrother have to do with your experience?

Ten Inch Stepbrother is a thoughtful erotica project. It marries the sexual and the close friendship, the sexual fantasy and the hopeful reality. I, as well as many people I’m sure, hope for a visually and erotically stimulating experience from my relationships. Yet, in an era of grindr and tinder and easy hookups, sometimes that depth of friendship is more difficult to find now. I like to think that Ten Inch Stepbrother is an extension of that thoughtful curiosity of what could be, if you had both the erotic and the depth going for you.

Wow. Okay. So we are talking about a very sexual book that has reality to it?

Basically, I took a fantasy that I had, and that many people I know had, and that may or have not actually happened to someone…and wrote it down. Hopefully this is a book that gets you worked up, but at the same time, I really hope you identify with the characters.

Sounds pretty interesting. Anything else you want to tell us about it?

Yes, Danny is a real character from my life, and this kind of stuff does happen. Maybe people aren’t always there to chronicle it, but this kind of action is happening in real life more than you think. I wish I had a dime for every straight guy who asked me curious questions.

Thanks! Can we sign up for a mailing list or anything to stay on top of your book releases?

You can email me at and I will put you on my mailing list as soon as it’s active, probably in a few days.


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out Ten Inch Stepbrother for yourself when you have a minute—a hot cerebral erotic romance!

Cool — thank for stopping by, Phoenix!

And click here to check out Ten Inch Stepbrother (or Phoenix’s earlier work, The Ten Inch Massage), both of which are in Kindle Unlimited and FREE for KU subscribers!

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Unleashed by Quil McKay


Greetings blog-lovers!

Today I’m thrilled to have Quil McKay as my special guest.  Quil’s new book, Unleashed, was released on April 16th and it’s already in the top 100 gay erotica list on Amazon!  (Currently, it’s at #44!)

Here’s the blurb for Unleashed:

Hunkered deep in the closet, Austin struggles between internalized homophobia and lust for the perfect boy next door.

Will he confront his demons or stay hidden?

I snagged an interview with Quil, so let’s get to know him a little better:

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Quil.

My name is Quil McKay. I’ve written since I was 7 years old as a hobby. This year I was able to become a full time writer. Unleashed is my second published novel.

Tell us a little bit about Unleashed.

This novel came from combining part of my childhood with a friend’s. The loneliness and pressure Austin feels is something I’ve gone through. Trying to keep it together in public is nearly impossible with you’re going through so much trauma at home. Sadly, I can relate to the struggle with poverty and his wish to hide it.

My first novel dealt with social taboo and in this book I wanted to focus on inner turmoil.

Tell us about your main character and his world.

My main character in Unleashed is Austin Green. While does Austin suffers from internalized homophobia and that creates a lot of drama, the main source of his problem is self-loathing on almost every level. He doesn’t always deal with his circumstances positively. He comments that life has him by the balls, and I have often felt that way. This was fairly easy to write.

Which of your characters would you most like to meet?

I would love to meet any or all of my characters and take them out for drinks. I have put them through some serious shit.

What was the hardest or most difficult scene to write in Unleashed?

For some reason these sex scenes weren’t difficult. I’m not sure why, maybe I identified enough with these characters that it felt completely natural. I have written difficult scenes before but none in this novel.

I’ve always found sex scenes have a different feel to them and that can sometimes make them difficult to write.  Surely there were some difficulties in the sex scenes, right?

Being creative with sex scenes is the hardest part for me. What have I not done before in any of my other scenes? What’s a new and interested element I can bring to this scene?

But sex scenes aren’t all hard work.  What’s your favourite part about writing a sex scene?

My favorite part is when my readers comment that the scene was steamy. I am always nervous when something is sent to the beta readers. I freak out until I hear back.

What made you decide to write in this genre?

I wanted to write this genre because I couldn’t find very many full length novels. Some people seem to write this genre in short stories (ex. I’ve seen 30 pages before). While there are a few full length novels, it’s not like other genres. I thought I would try and see if people liked it.

Now that Unleashed is out (and on the top 100 gay erotica list), do you have another project in the works?

I’m currently working on a new novel called The Bartender. This novel deals with the religious and someone who is gay. I was raised in a strict religious home with no tolerance for LGBT matters. This not a book about religion. The main character was raised in a very religious environment and part of the book shows his interaction with family members who have never changed their belief system.

Hmm… sounds interesting — I’m looking forward to The Bartender!

But while we all wait for The Bartender, you should definitely check out Unleashed!  Click here to find the book on Amazon.  (And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can get the book for free!)

And if you’d like to learn more about Quil, you can follow him on Twitter.


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Erotic Voices: Victoria Sue

Pure Final (1)

This week, I’m excited to have m/m erotic romance author Victoria Sue as my guest!

Victoria’s novel, Pure, was released earlier this month. Check out the blurb:

Callum hasn’t time to take on a new sub for training. He has his BDSM club, Pure, to remodel and open on Friday. He certainly doesn’t have the time to train Lee in all the nuances of submission, even if Lee seems to be a natural.

But someone else wants him. Another Master who has no limits and doesn’t believe in safe words.

If Callum doesn’t wake up and accept the gift of Lee’s submission, someone else will take it – forcefully.

And now, let’s chat with Victoria!

Tell us about your book.

Hi – Thanks Cameron for having me on here, and being able to talk about my favorite subject – Hot Guys (sigh) I have a feeling we may have that interest in common!

I originally wrote PURE last year as a male/female romance – It was utter crap!

That was shortly after reading (and devouring) m/m romances. I think my kindle is groaning from the amount of books I have on there. I changed Pure to m/m and it just clicked.

Yeah, the original light bulb moment!

Pure is termed ‘light BDSM’ meaning the setting is based around my MC Callum renovating the BDSM club he has just bought, but most of the action takes place during the remodel so they don’t get to try out a lot of the equipment (just yet – I can feel another sequel coming on lol)

Lee is a total novice to BDSM –

“To be honest, I’d really like to get a better look at the club. Apart from the other night, I’ve never been in a BDSM club before.” Lee smiled shyly.

“That was your first time?” Lust slammed into Callum. He cautiously put an arm around Lee’s shoulders and pulled him close.

“No, not my first time. I’m just a BDSM virgin.” Lee smiled coyly and leaned into Callum. Callum could have sworn he was actually batting his eyelashes at him.

Callum, well – isn’t. A novice, that is – in any way, shape or form. Lee throws Callum for a loop. We’ve got this big bad Dom, ex-forces, bad ass – totally taken down by an inexperienced young guy. Yeah, toe-curling, heart-fluttering. (Cue sighs)

I notice you classify your book as m/m. Why don’t you call it gay romance?

This is something I’d love your readers’ opinion on. To me – M/M romance is gay romance written for women. Gay romance is written for guys.

Wow – a huge generalization there? (I can hear readers shouting at me)

So, don’t shoot me yet. I feel that there is too much pressure these days on writing a female heroine as a kick-ass/dominant/independent/never rely on a guy for anything, to the point at which authors who don’t write that can be seen as weak, or same-old, same-old etc.

Two guys are just so refreshing. No labels. Nothing to prove. Most have enough shit to deal with from bigoted assholes without worrying about is cooking and cleaning as valuable in a relationship as paying the mortgage.

So take that out and you can really play with your characters. I don’t have to see being submissive as weak. In fact Lee is anything but. He has Callum wrapped firmly around his little finger for most of the story.

Aren’t you worried about the Dominant/ submissive cliché?


(Sorry, were you wanting a longer answer?)

Back to writing what I like to read. When all is said and done, falling in love and happy ever afters are the biggest cliché on the planet. And one, I, and thousands of other people are never going to get tired of.

I judge the biggest success of a book is someone reading the end and saying Awww…. (Sniffing/smiling/crying also acceptable)

What are you writing now?

I’ve just submitted Pure – Indulgence. Set in the club, and for those readers who know the characters, this is Joe and Adam’s story. All I’m saying is the fireworks are caused by the fact that Joe isn’t gay.

So do you believe in Gay for Me?

Cameron, exactly how many arguments would you like your readers to have today?

I honestly don’t know – but I will quote Joe here, who struggles with this very thing.

He was straight. Okay, he might be straight but being unsuccessful in all his straight relationships didn’t suddenly mean he had picked the wrong sex. It just meant he was a bastard to live with. Maybe this weird thing he had for being needed was too cloying. He’d never fought against getting married either time. In fact, the only relationship he’d fought against was with Adam.

And that’s the beauty of being an author – you can just make shit up!

Hee hee!  Thanks for stopping by, Victoria!  I found your thoughts on gay vs m/m to be interesting — I hadn’t thought of the angle of a “traditional” m/f romance being dismissed as weak or same-old-same-old. 

If you’d like to purchase your copy of Pure, you can find it at Amazon and All Romance eBooks.

And if you’d like to check it out a little more — here are a couple excerpts:

Shit, what a day.

Longest day of his life, but God it was worth it. The club was finally his. Callum closed his eyes in relief and leaned his head on the smooth smoked privacy glass taking up the whole of one wall of his new office. Nickelback hammered out of the music system, and the glass vibrated. Later—yeah, later—he’d turn it down some, but now…now he needed it to drown out the pounding in his head.

He flicked the switch on the speaker so he could hear the sounds from the dungeon. Screams battered his ears, whips sung, and metal chains clanged. He breathed them in. Sex. He could nearly smell it. So, why was he up here in some stuffy office on his own, and not down there celebrating? He’d finally got what he’d worked so hard for, hadn’t he? There were bound to be a few subs down there that would love to help him do just that and normally he would be able to take his pick.

Callum opened his eyes. He looked for orange vests that should have stood out like beacons. Where the hell were they? Part of the purchase agreement for Pure was letting the old owners use the premises tonight. The old owners had two clubs and the other had some stag night going on, so they wanted somewhere for their regular members to go. He didn’t like it, but they had sweetened the deal, promising a cash bonus that he could use for new equipment, and it gave him a chance to organize his own people for how things were gonna go down starting next week.

The former DM’s from Spanks were supposed to be patrolling the dungeons tonight. His sigh frosted the glass in front of him. Patrolling? Yeah, more like checking out the bar. Who ever heard of an open bar in a BDSM club?

Spanks had no rules, no control. Which was why their little lawsuit problem had opened up the club for purchase and Callum had dived straight in.

There’d be no more dumb bachelor parties. No more Spankseven the name had no class.

Lee arched and shouted again. Hot sticky ropes of cum shot out of him, painting his abdomen and Callum’s hand. Callum let go and pulled him close. Shaking, Lee pressed his lips to the arm that Callum held him tight with.

“My Boy.” Callum smiled against Lee’s hair. “Mine.” He wanted to stamp his ownership.

“Y-Yours.” Lee’s husky voice was back.

Callum listened. He hoped he heard satisfaction. He didn’t want to hear fear; it hadn’t sounded like a question.

Lee snuggled back against Callum’s chest. “I’ve picked it. My safe-word. I know what it is.” He shuffled and Callum smiled.

“What is it, beautiful? I told you, it has to be something no one else would use.”

Lee’s breath hitched. In that second Callum knew what it was going to be before Lee said anything.

“Pure. It’s gonna be Pure.”

Of course it is.

When he re-opened on Friday, he was naming it Pure.

And it would be.

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Barbara Elsborg


To finish off National M/M Book Month, I’m thrilled to interview M/M author Barbara Elsborg!


Barbara Elsborg lives in West Yorkshire in the north of England. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to torture, she decided it was not for her. Vulcanology scorched her feet. A morbid fear of sharks put paid to marine biology. So instead, she spent several years successfully selling cyanide.

After dragging up two rotten, ungrateful children and frustrating her sexy, devoted, wonderful husband (who can now stop twisting her arm) she finally has time to conduct an affair with an electrifying plugged-in male, her laptop.

She writes in a variety of genres including MM, MMF and MM – contemporary, paranormal and sci fi romances. Her books feature quirky characters, and she hopes they are as much fun to read as they are to write.

More about Barbara can be found on her website/blog –




What did you want to be when you grew up?

A spy. I really wanted to join the foreign office and be an undercover operative. But I told so many people, it sort of ruined my chances. Apart from which, I couldn’t cope with being tortured. I used to think I could but husband pointed out, they’d only have to threaten my kids and I’d say anything. Or tickle my feet.


Why do you write?

I write because the world in my head is far more interesting than the one I live in. I write because without it, I’d go crazy with boredom. I write because it’s what I love doing. I write because I hate shopping and cooking and cleaning.


Who (if anyone) has been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer?

More of a what. My first real memories of writing were in my teens – when I filled notebooks with fan fiction. I was a TV addict and a movie expert. I still have the 200 or so stories I wrote. My first serious writing started when I’d left university. I wrote about a girl who was abused by her step-father and ran away to New York only to be snagged by a mafia boss and then seduced by his son. It’s a rip-roaring tale of sex, drugs and violence and lies at the bottom of the closet for when I need a good laugh.

Apart from an obsession with television in my teens, which sparked off the fan fiction, books in general have been my inspiration. Every book I’ve ever read has inspired me in some way, though some authors are so good they make me think I can’t write at all. (Compared to them I can’t) I can never say who’s my favorite author because there are so many and I don’t always like everything they’ve written. I have maybe 20 or 30 that are automatic buys for me.


Do you ever read reviews of your books?

I’d love to say no, I never read reviews but I’d be lying. It’s lovely of course to hear nice things being said. If I ever get down, I might browse GR or Amazon to read something nice about one of my stories but of course, my eye inevitably gets drawn to the comments that aren’t so kind. How I can be so gutted by one ‘didn’t like it’ or ‘you’d have to be mentally ill to like this trash’ comment when I can see ‘loved it’ or ‘best book I ever read’ above, I do not know!

I don’t let reviews influence my writing. If I saw comments that continually said the same thing – such as – why does she always make her heroes so stupid – THEN, I’d listen and rethink but I get completely opposite remarks about the same book. For instance – for a recent book someone said there was no angst, and another review said love the loads of angst in this story. Reviews are just opinions and everyone is entitled to say what they think – but hopefully in a civilized way. I haven’t liked books that others have loved so I have to expect the same reaction to my stories. I can’t please everyone.


How important to you are your titles?

I can’t start writing until I’ve fixed on one and I can’t make the story work until I’ve fixed on the right one. I suspect a lot of authors are the same. Sometimes I know them before I sit at the laptop, other times, I’ll brood for hours.

It’s a good idea to choose a title no one else has used but not that easy with romance books. Mackerchar’s ‘The Romance of Leprosy’ lacks that something – it probably dropped off. Oops. Sorry.

I need to pick a title with zing! Not like Rossi’s ‘The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe.’ Which I suspect is not sexy at all.

Plus choose something that appeals. Unlike Joseph’s ‘A Letter to the Man who Killed my Dog.’ That doesn’t sound like it has a happy ending.

I don’t know how other authors come up with their titles but I find listening to lyrics helps. Robbie Williams in particular. If that fails, I just ask my crit partner and she comes up with something. Thanks, Arlene!

Cowboys Down – just popped into my head. I wanted something with Cowboys in the title but it was hard to find one that no one else had used.

Every Move He Makes – inspired by a song Every Breath You Take by The Police

With or Without him – also inspired by a song – With Or Without You by U2

Bloodline – well that just popped into my head too. It’s a vampire and faerie story to do with er – blood!





My first but not my last paranormal MM – about a faerie and a vampire – plus I threw in a talking horse and a zombie among other things.


No one can tattoo better than Inigo, a two hundred year old vampire, who works on human and supernatural skins. But he’s never tattooed a faerie and when a bunch of them insist he comes with them to tattoo one of their kind, saying no proves not to be an option. His skin is Oberon, the faerie king, and Inigo fears this will be the last tattoo he’ll ever do.

The moment the faerie Micah lands in the faerie king’s bed chamber, he knows the guy is trouble. But if he’s to save his sister and his family, let alone the job he’s paid to do, he has to stay in Faerieland and endure Oberon’s sadism. When he’s thrown into a starving vampire’s cell, covered in blood, he fears this day will be his last. But Inigo finds Micah’s blood too delicious to give it up by killing him.

Pretty soon, he’s feeling that way about Micah himself.

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