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Interview with Spencer Barnes, author of Drink, Dance, HUMP!



Greetings book lovers! Today I’m thrilled to have Spencer Barnes with me, author of Drink, Dance, HUMP!

I read this book and knew I had to have him here on the blog for a chat — read on for our interview and then don’t miss the blurb and buy links at the bottom! This book is a sexy and fun-filled read!

Let’s start with a basic question — tell us about Drink, Dance, HUMP.

Drink, Dance, HUMP is a coming out story that paints the gay party scene and all aspects of our crazy gay lives.  Where a conservative gay boy, who had never met a gay before, slowly goes through the coming out process, then ramps up to the full roller coaster ride of meeting boys, making friends, and partying like no frat boy or private school kid could even imagine.  From waking up under a pile of men, having hot tub orgies and getting bjs behind a dumpster kinda ride. It’s like 50 shades of GAY meets Chelsea Handler’s Are you there Vodka, it’s me Chelsea with a touch of Eat Pray Love.

That sounds like a pretty accurate description! Now, this book is memoir, right? Are all the stories true?

It is amazing I’m still alive.  Yes, it’s all true.

This book is FULL of sex… but what do you consider your wildest sexual adventure?

I’ve had so many!  The wildest was probably having an orgy with 5 Greek guys in Athens that I met at a bar with my friend Pete.  It’s in there so you have to read through to find it.  My friend Pete walks into the hotel room at 5am and kicks them all out but I had already humped them all at that point.

Wow… Five guys?

*Clears throat*

Um… even though I write erotica, I’m actually quite shy in real life. If you could give me one tip to pick up guys, what would it be?

You need to be in tune with gay energy.  Watch where boys look, how they position their feet towards you or away, and how long they will hold a glaze.  Gay guys like to chase so you have to let them chase you and then right at the perfect moment on the dance floor or in a bathroom stall you go make your move when you know they are into you.  All of their work in chasing will have paid off but you were actually luring him in like a sailor to the singing Sirens of greek mythology!  To the victor goes the bubble bum.

*Takes notes*

Back to the book — what are you hoping readers will get out of Drink, Dance, HUMP? What’s the message you want them to walk away with?

My story is a universal story of learning what makes you happy.  Only when you let go of social prejudice and what other people think can you truly be you.  Only when you let yourself be young, lustful, and self-indulgent will you every truly self actualize and find yourself.  Gay hedonism is something to run to when you are blessed by being gay than to run from.  I’m extremely grateful that I grew up in a family and city that allows me to be who I am and even allows me prosper.   I’m a lucky kid.

That sounds great! Thank you so much for coming by the blog today, Spencer!

Readers, keep scrolling for the cover, blurb, and buy links! You’ll love this book — I know it!


Spencer’s life is perfect…almost. He’s got a spiffy job and a tip-top wardrobe, a solid group of friends and a packed social calendar. But Spencer’s got a secret: he’s gay. When he finally spills it to his friends & family, a whole new life floods in hard and fast. There are clubs to hit, men to do, and fun to be had.

Drink, Dance, HUMP! is the story of one young man’s journey of self-discovery from being a closeted, suburban kid to a man on the gay party scene in Toronto and around the globe. Spencer dives deep into the raunchy, turbulent world of disco balls and strobe lights, stiff drinks, drugs, and hook-ups with a hot guy or four. Hearts get broken, demons are confronted and Spencer grows up, trying to figure out exactly where he fits in the hedonistic rush of it all.

Step into the adventure of one gay boy as he drinks, dances, humps, and discovers that his hedonistic ways aren’t just something to embrace, but the very road to self-knowledge and self-acclamation.

Buy the book on Amazon

About Spencer Barnes

“In every man there is an eye of the soul which is more precious than ten thousand bodily eyes.”   Plato

This is Spencer’s first memoir / erotica book.  He currently lives in NYC and is still finding and refinding himself by drinking, dancing and HUMPING his way through life.  He believes Plato was super gay firstly because he looked like a Williamsburg gay with that beard and secondly because he knew that it is pointless to pursue anything else when you don’t allow yourself to “know thyself”.


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Jonathan Asche – Author Interview

Good morning book-lovers!

Today we have erotic author Jonathan Asche here for an interview. Jonathan’s new book, Dyre, is now available on Amazon.

Please welcome Jonathan Asche!


Tell us about your new novel, Dyre.

Dyre is the story of Gene Esley, the surviving partner of a successful Atlanta real estate developer. It’s while Gene is staying at his house in the mountains of Ardenville—a fictional stand-in for Asheville, North Carolina—that he meets Dyre. Dyre is the ultimate fantasy man, and the perfect diversion for a rich, middle-aged man who’s wrestling with feelings of loneliness and guilt. The sex is awesome, but things gradually become darker as Gene suspects Dyre may be motivated by more than lust or love. Soon he’s not only questioning his relationship with Dyre, the life he shared with Geoffrey, his late partner, and even his own sanity.

What was your inspiration for Dyre?

The 1969 movie Paranoia was probably the biggest inspiration. In that movie Carroll Baker plays this wealthy widow who’s seduced by a young drifter, played by Lou Castel. Later, the drifter’s sexy sister joins them, and soon the widow’s days are a blur of drugs, alcohol and fucking these scheming siblings. It’s one of my favorite movies and I wanted to put a gay spin on it.

Dyre is your third book – what have you learned or what has changed about your writing or how you approach it over those years?

moneyshots_lgI certainly put a lot more thought into the writing now. When I wrote my first novel, Mindjacker, I approached it as nothing more than a stroke book. That’s not to say I wasn’t concerned about character development or plot, but the story was largely designed to take the reader from one sexual scenario to the next. Then I was at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans the following year, and I was scheduled to read from Mindjacker, sharing the stage with a more established writers like Dominic Santi. Though I didn’t embarrass myself too badly, I felt so undeserving to be in their company. After that I was determined to approach my writing more seriously, even if I was writing smut. My follow-up novel, Moneyshots, had a far more complex story and the writing was stronger, if I do say so myself. Both Moneyshots and Dyre follow the same rhythms of mainstream thrillers—backed by the steady percussion of explicit, man-on-man action, of course.

How has the business of writing and publishing erotic fiction changed over the years?

Erotic fiction has always been the bastard child of the literary world. Still, in the past someone wanting to write in that genre had a lot more venues in which to publish their work. There were even publishers that specialized in erotica, like Bad Boy Books. I published my first porn short story in 1993, in Torso magazine. For the remainder of the ̓90s and the early ̓oughts I sold stories to various gay skin magazines—Honcho, In Touch for Men, Mandate, Playguy. When I published my first book it got reviewed in one of those magazines and that helped immensely. An ad placed in Advocate Men helped, too.

Then those magazines started going away, so I focused on writing for erotic anthologies like Cleis Press’ Best Gay Erotica series. Writing for the anthologies always seemed a bit more highbrow, and getting accepted in one always made me feel a little more respectable, like I had arrived. Also, the expectations were higher so that really helped push me as a writer. Not that the skin mags would publish any ol’ thing I banged out, but those relied more on formula. That said, I missed the magazine money. Not that anyone writes gay porn to get rich, but to put it in perspective: I could get $150-$200 per story when I wrote for magazines; an erotic anthology usually pays $50-$75.

The options are a lot more limited today, especially if you want to get paid for your work. There are still gay anthologies to contribute to, but not as many as there once were, and publishers targeting the gay market only publish so many erotic titles a year. That leaves self-publishing, which has exploded over the past few years. Today a writer can sell his or her story directly to readers on Amazon, but good luck reaching readers. It’s easy to get lost in the vastness of the internet.

How has the readership changed?

I was surprised at how many women read gay erotica. I’m sure this isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s an audience that’s a lot more visible now. It makes sense, I suppose, since guys are more likely to seek visual stimulation on the web. Women are more willing to use their imaginations.

mindjacker_lgBut the female audience can be a tough one. When Mindjacker was published in 2003, the initial response was from male readers and the response was largely positive. Over time, I noticed more women were posting reviews of the book online, and their reviews were more critical. More than a couple complained that Mindjacker had too many sex scenes. Too many sex scenes in an erotic novel—I couldn’t wrap my head around that one. Another female reviewer took issue with the main character’s power to possess men’s minds and will them to sexually gratify him, writing that what he was doing was tantamount to rape. While she wasn’t incorrect, I thought she was over-thinking it. I only wanted guys to jack off reading Mindjacker. I certainly wasn’t prepared for it to be reviewed from a feminist perspective.

I think Dyre should have a little broader appeal—at least among those who read gay erotica. There is a much stronger story, and not every chapter is an excuse for a sex scene. That said, while this book has fewer sex scenes than Mindjacker or Moneyshots, some of those sex scenes are a bit more extreme than those in my previous books.

What are the challenges (and rewards) of self-publishing?

The biggest challenge is promoting your work. Just putting your book on Amazon is no guarantee people will read it, so much of my spare time is spent trying to build an audience on social media and think up creative ways to attract potential readers. It’s been quite the learning experience.

Another challenge is all the prep work involved. I had to make things more difficult by creating my own imprint, J. Tom Books, and handling the details involved with that: forming an LLC, getting a business account, building a website. Then there was the matter of editing. I hired someone to edit, of course, but when he returned the edited manuscript I had to fuck with it some more. I was confident that my copy was pretty clean even if the story wasn’t, so I sent the manuscript off for printing. Well, when I got the initial proof copies back from the printer I gave one to my husband and asked him to skim through it for anything that was missed. He caught an error in the first sentence, which I had re-written since it had been professionally edited. The smart thing to do would have been to give the manuscript to my husband first, then turn it over to the pro. That’s the problem with the “smart thing”: it’s so obvious it’s easily overlooked.

But these challenges are also rewarding. When my books were being put out by a small publisher most of the work was falling on me, the author, anyway, so why not eliminate the middle man? I’m a graphic designer by trade, so I knew I could design an attractive cover, as well as format an interior that looked like something put out by an established publishing house. That’s the paperback, mind you. Formatting the digital edition was something else entirely. Nevertheless, I like being in control of the whole process, despite the extra work and my mistakes.

If you could expose one myth about erotic fiction authors, what would it be? And what’s the truth?

That writers of erotic fiction do so because they can’t write. In truth, a lot of mainstream authors have written “dirty” books: Harlan Ellison, Donald Westlake, Iris Owens and Lawrence Block, to name a few. And Anne Rice wrote a series of BDSM-themed books—The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty’s Punishment, etcetera—under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure.

What’s been the most difficult aspect of writing (either in writing Dyre or in general)?

Finding time to do it!

What’s been the most rewarding experience from writing (either with regards to Dyre or in general)?

I love telling stories. Seeing a story develop from the first chapter to the last is always a thrill. A writer can be as surprised by what develops in writing a book as a reader is reading it. Dyre’s final chapters are nothing like what I initially planned when I was working on the early chapters.

What’s next for you? Another erotic novel? Something else?

While I’ve enjoyed writing erotica, I want to move on to more mainstream genres. I’m returning to the novel I had started writing before I got the idea to write and self-publish Dyre. It’s a serio-comic Southern soap opera that takes a lot of its inspiration from the Mississippi town where I lived when I was in high school. I plan to re-release Moneyshots under the J. Tom Books imprint in the interim.

Wow — lots going on in your writing world! I look forward to seeing how your writing career unfolds!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing about Dyre and about your writing career so far.

dyre_lgDyre is available in both ebook and print at Amazon.

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J. Phillip Elwes – Author Interview

My guest on the blog today is erotic author J. Phillip Elwes — he’s here to talk about his new book, Pyewacket, Pyewacket!


Over the weekend, I had a chance to chat with J. Phillip — here’s our conversation:

Tell us about Pyewacket, Pyewacket.

This is the blurb:

Pyewacket, Pyewacket is a gay erotic, paranormal thriller about nineteen-year-old Grant Webb, who must leave his remote fishing town in northeastern Canada to search for his grandmother reported missing in Vallejo, California. On his first night in town, Grant questions his grip on reality, as he has an otherworldly encounter. When he inadvertently casts a spell to locate his grandmother, he realizes he’s a fledgling warlock. To save his grandmother, he joins other warlocks and witches in an epic battle against an ancient evil, that, at long last, has within its reach its most coveted prize, Grant himself.

I’d also add that it is certainly about magic and sexuality, but even more about the transformative power of love, as Grant discovers his true self on the battlefield.

Sounds super interesting! What was your inspiration for this book?

The story popped into my head in late December, 2015, when I was between gigs and thought I’d be spending the next two weeks working on an entirely different gay erotic story.

Earlier that summer in San Francisco’s Mission District, I’d almost daily walked past street art depicting a boy wearing a gas mask, around which were the words: “I am the beat of a thousand purple butterflies.” I’d slow down to read those words and, even after the art piece had been painted over, kept wondering what it was saying.Purple-Butterlies-Street-Art

Around that same time, I saw photographs taken in the 1850’s of California’s old State Capitol building in Vallejo, a town about 30 miles north of San Francisco. I’ve been to the Vallejo Transit Center in downtown Vallejo, where the enormous building had once stood. A plaque embedded in the sidewalk there marks the building’s former location. I read online that the building burned to the ground under mysterious circumstances in the early morning hours of April 20, 1859.

I thought nothing else of this until the end of 2015, when I was on Tumblr and stumbled upon a fashion spread of male models nearly covered from head to toe in beautiful tattoos. I instantly recalled the mysterious fate of the old State Capitol building and wondered how men like these might be involved. All of my stories–gay erotica and otherwise–center on the pivotal transformation of the main character. I wanted my first novel-length, gay erotic story to be on a grand scale. And, suddenly, I knew how men like these were going to be a part of that story: immortal warlocks battling each other and magical creatures!

The inspiration for how the book itself is written comes from a dream I had years ago. In it, I was watching a crowd of people, then narrating aloud what each person was doing just before I saw my hand writing down on a page in a book what everyone was doing. That might sound like a typical dream for a writer, but that “transitional” imagery has stayed with me. And that is how Grant narrates Pyewacket, Pyewacket.

How does this differ from what you’ve written before?

It’s my first gay erotic story featuring magic, which is one of my great passions. My parents observed when I was quite young that I was obsessed with any movie or TV show featuring magic. I love that the addition of magical elements has the ability to elevate a story to a grand scale. Pyewacket, Pyewacket is certainly about a battle between good and evil magical forces, but it is even more about the search for love and the transformative power of love.

At thirteen chapters, it is my first novel. I enjoyed being with Grant for over half a year to write his story.

I know you have experience in other forms of writing, including screenplay writing–How has this other experience influenced writing gay erotic fiction?

Writing screenplays, which must be formatted in a very particular manner, helped me find my voice as a writer, frankly. Screenplays have a word limit around 10,000 words. They are very visual: you only see and hear what happens in a film. As a screenwriter, I learned to strip away any ornamental aspirations I had as a writer and to hone my style until I could precisely describe what was happening moment by moment, from start to end, to tell a story.

With screenplays, I regularly bumped against that word count of 10,000 words until it dawned on me one day to tell a story in as few words as possible.

I like to think that’s now my writing style with screenplays, my gay erotic stories and everything I write, actually.

Can you give us a glimpse of one of the sexiest scenes in this book?

There are quite a few sexy scenes in Pyewacket, Pyewacket.

You can read here ( on my Tumblr the entire first chapter, in which Grant has his first sexual encounter, which happens to be with the greatest pitcher in the history of professional baseball. In the next chapter, Grant is rescued from an embarrassing situation by a nice fellow. They get to know one another and have a couple of sexy scenes throughout the day. Grant’s encounter with the baseball player has made him wonder if his trip to Vallejo is making him unstable. At the end of his first day in Vallejo, he falls asleep alone in bed at his grandmother’s house. And this happens next:

I awoke later that night to a motorcycle rumbling on York Street.

When I realized it was idling outside the house, I slipped out of bed to peek past the gauzy curtain covering the wide bay window.

My heart skipped a beat, when I spotted directly across the street a man seated on a bike parked in the white circle of a street lamp. I watched him pull off his helmet and look up and down the street, like he was trying to remember something. He had cropped, blond hair, a high forehead, straight nose, and bushy beard. His mustache hid his lips. He strongly resembled the rugged fishermen I enjoyed watching come ashore in Cow Head.

The man turned his head to peer up at me in the window.

Surprised, I took a step back, though I was certain he couldn’t see me.

He again looked up and down the street, switched off his bike, then rose off his seat long enough to dip his hand down the front of his blue jeans to adjust himself.

At that, my cock instantly erected, popping out of the fly of my boxers.

Is everyone horny as fuck in California? I wondered, my heart pounding wildly in my chest. Or is it just Vallejo?

When he looked back up at my window, I giddily pushed aside the curtain before I knew what I was doing. I bent over to slip off my boxers, then straightened up, naked and hard for his viewing pleasure, somehow certain he was as aroused as me.

He squared his shoulders and put his helmet down on the bike’s fuel tank, his eyes never leaving me.

When he gave me an encouraging nod, I lost my mind. I furiously jacked off. I closed my eyes and imagined him sliding off his motorcycle to march across the street and run up the stairs to my bedroom.

His blue eyes never left mine, as he wordlessly stripped out of his clothes to stand naked and rock hard with me. He was a head taller and very muscular. He looked more than twice my age and was hands down the most handsome man I’d stood in the same room with.

He noisily tried to catch his breath, while I ran my hands over his hairy abdomen and chest. His red nipples fully erected under my swirling fingertips. He obligingly flexed his biceps, while I ran my hands over them. I was delighted by his hairy forearms and the coarse thicket of hair in his armpits.

He turned his head to watch over his shoulder, as I walked around him to draw my fingers over the rippling muscles of his back, over the twin globes of his pale ass. I traced my finger along his hairy ass crack to touch his anus a moment before he turned around to face me.

He kneaded my shoulders in his fists and stared into my eyes.

I took him by the testicles, exploring his heavy scrotum with relish, and watched his rigid, uncircumcised cock jounce this way and that. Now most certainly a connoisseur of cock, I had no trouble appreciating the veins crisscrossing his thick shaft, the shapeliness of his very red, very shiny crown. I found his surprisingly large piss slit so appealing, I wanted to lick it to coax out his pre-cum.

I tightened my grip around his testicles at the same time I ran my other hand through his dense, unkempt triangle of pubic hair.

He lowered his hand to make a fist around my throbbing erection at the same time I closed my hand around his member.

We furiously jerked each other off.

As he leaned forward to kiss my lips, I felt the powerful contractions of his orgasm, felt his semen spurt in rapid fire against my belly and chest.

I let out a moan, feeling my load rising fast.

I opened my eyes wide to watch him hunch convulsively over his motorcycle, his chin straining toward his chest, as he pounded his fist against the bike’s handlebar.

“He’s really coming!” I nearly shouted at the bay window, ejaculating while doing my best to catch my load in the palm of my other hand.

I was rocked by one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Some time later, when the euphoria swirling around my brain had ebbed away, I looked at the pool of semen in my hand, then down at the man now sitting calmly on his motorcycle.

He was staring up at me in the window.

As if reading his mind, I somehow knew he wanted me to come downstairs and open the door. He wanted to march into the foyer and lick my hand clean. He wanted to shuck his jeans and boxers to his knees, so I could lick his load off his genitals. As profoundly as I wanted to taste his sperm, his cock, his scrotum, his butthole, he was ten times more undone by his desire to kiss me, taste my lips, roll his tongue over mine. He wanted to be naked with me in my bed. He wanted to hold me in his arms. He wanted to whisper in my ear about the coven.

Coven? I thought, suddenly reaching for the gauzy curtain, as I shook my head at him. Vallejo is turning out to be crazier than me!

I jerked the curtain across the window, then held my breath, until he slipped on his helmet and started his motorcycle.

I didn’t leave the window until he had turned onto Montgomery Street and disappeared toward Georgia.

I walked down the hallway. I didn’t turn on the bathroom light while I washed my hands.

I then returned to my room, slipped into bed and stared at the decorative medallion where the overhead light dropped from the ceiling. I wondered what connection, if any, the motorcycle rider had in Grandmother’s disappearance. Why had he been idling his bike outside her house? Had a Tarot-card reading gone horribly wrong? Was he her stalker? Her kidnapper? Nothing was making sense, especially my having an intense sexual encounter with him via a crazy-as-hell mind meld. The more I doubted any of it had actually happened, though, the more vividly I recalled every detail of my bizarre psychic connection with him.

I’m losing my mind, I thought, squeezing my member now throbbing in my fist. I again felt the surprising intensity with which he had wanted to be naked with me in my bed, holding me in his arms, as he told me about the coven.

I fell asleep while playing over and over in my mind how earnestly he’d stared into my eyes while kneading my shoulders.

Very sexy! I see you’ve written a few gay erotica books now; how has the process of writing and publishing changed for you over the years?

I wrote by hand my first gay erotic story, then made front and back covers for it and carefully bound it all together with red yarn. I later wrote stories with a word processor that had a tiny viewing screen. Then, at long last, I bought a laptop in the 1990’s, which made writing a snap. I used to write in Word. Now, I prefer writing in a Text file, which is easy to edit, then transfer into whatever formats are required.

I wrote my first gay erotic short stories in the 1980’s and 90’s, when the only outlets for such stories were gay skin magazines and a handful of book publishers. It took time to research how to properly submit stories to each one, then several stamps to mail them off. Weeks and months would pass before I knew if any had been accepted. The payments were typically just okay. And in the decades before the internet, my stories in magazines and books were almost immediately destined for oblivion if I didn’t promote them while submitting new stories to publishers.

The internet has changed everything, of course. My Tumblr and Twitter accounts promote my stories and make me personally available to fans and potential publishers. Sites like Goodreads introduce even more readers to my work. Over the last two years, I’ve self-published four books on Amazon, which is so easy to use, I wish I had started self-publishing ten years ago. I like that I can track in real time how each book is selling, which promotions had an impact, etc. And I enjoy being paid at the end of every month.

I’m curious about the cover for Pyewacket, Pyewacket – can you tell us why you chose a photo of butterfly wings?

For that cover, I chased butterflies around my backyard for several weeks, taking 101 photographs before I had enough images I liked in order to assemble the cover image. Grant is baffled for much of the story by the clouds of orange butterflies that assemble around him. The reader will have to follow Grant’s adventure to discover alongside him, at his darkest hour, why the butterflies appear.

What have you found to be some of the upsides and downsides of self-publishing?

Upsides: I approve the final version of the book; and all of the royalties come to me.

Downsides: I must do all of the promotion, which includes Twitter, Tumblr and reaching out to reviewers on their blogs and at sites like Goodreads; and I approve the final version of the book (which means all the typos are my fault–and which furthermore means I generally revisit a published book at least once for another round of edits). I like that publishers have their own promotional operations set up and their own editors. I dislike that my royalties are much less with publishers than if I self-publish on Amazon.

What’s next for J. Phillip Elwes?

I have in mind an idea that could be the sequel to Pyewacket, Pyewacket, but it’s not yet fully formed.

In the near future, I intend to return to the gay erotic novel I was working on before Pyewacket, Pyewacket suddenly took center stage. That story will bring back many of the characters from my gay erotic stories prior to Pyewacket, Pyewacket, and is told over twenty years from the point of Liam, who is the photographer’s assistant in my gay erotic short story, “Anything But Everything.”

I also plan to write a gay erotic detective series set in Vallejo, California. The main character is Jason Morgan, who is the love interest in my gay erotic short story, “The First of the Month.” More than twenty years have passed since we last saw Jason. He’s now recently widowed and becomes a reluctant detective in the first book as he comes to the aid of friend accused of murder.

These projects are definitely on the burner, though I am finding myself increasingly distracted by photographs of a professional athlete covered in tattoos. I wonder if another novella or novel is about to announce itself.

It was fun talking with you, Cameron. Take care and happy reading!

And thank you for stopping by!

Pyewacket-Pyewacket-by-J-Phillip-Elwes-smallPyewacket, Pyewacket is available on

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Interview with Max Vos

Greetings, blog-readers!

Today, I’m thrilled to have Max Vos as my guest!  Max is an author of gay erotica and gay erotic romance books — and his newest, My Hero: The Olympian, is out today!

Let’s jump into this interview…

Tell us about My Hero: The Olympian.

My Hero: The Olympian is a continuance of the story of My Hero. The two main characters, Johnny Milloway and Rich Miller, move on from just dating to being partners, learning more about each other and evolving into mature men, while dodging the pitfalls of being gay and star athletes.

Do we need to read My Hero before My Hero: The Olympian? What can those who did read My Hero look forward to seeing in the sequel?

No, you don’t have to read My Hero to enjoy this book but it would help. There’s a lot of history that makes it a better story.

If you had read the first book, then you’ll see these two move ahead as a couple, maturing as they grow and evolve together.

What inspired or motivated you to write the My Hero series?

I never intended to make this a series. I wrote the first one after having watched the summer Olympics and it was the start of football season. The story pretty much wrote itself. The next one took more time. It’s a much larger book also. There was a lot more of their story to tell and readers really wanted more.

Can we hope to see a third entry in the series?

Oh hell no. This one nearly killed me.

Hehehe… 🙂

What was the hardest or most difficult scene to write?

The epilogue.

What’s the most difficult part of writing a sex scene?

Keeping up with whose leg or arm belongs to who.

What’s your favorite part about writing a sex scene?

Sex scenes for me are pretty easy, they seem to flow for me.

What kind of research went into this book?

A lot of research went into this book. Places, times and diving techniques as well as training for Olympic athletes took a lot of time.

Describe your writing routine.

I wake up, have coffee, check email and then I start. I write best early in the morning and typically write four to five hours a day.

What made you decide to write this genre?

It’s what I know.

Where do you like to write? Home? Coffee shop? Subway ride to work?

I typically write best when I am home. No distractions.

Somewhere else? I have written next to the sea, which was nice. Not sure I could do it all the time.

What was your most favorite scene to write?

There is one particular character in this book that I love. Any scene she is in makes me happy.

What’s your most favorite book you’ve read? Why?

So many… I still think To Kill a Mockingbird is still one of my all-time favorite reads.

What’s your most favorite book you’ve written? Why?

The V Unit. I wrote it on a dare/challenge. I swore I’d never write a vampire book, and then did. There are a lot of characters in that book that are so different.

What drew you to this genre?

When I first retired I was looking for something to read, something to help take up some of all this time I suddenly had. I also wanted something that had gay characters in it. I was, once again dared… by the same person, to start writing. I’d complained about what rubbish there was out there.

Why did you decide to self-publish?

I decided to become an Indie author when I was totally screwed by a publisher.

How did you feel when you heard a publisher wants your book?

Ecstatic. Thrilled.

(I guess that was before you got screwed…?)

Are you writing anything now? Can you tell us about it?

I am. I’m about halfway through another book. The two main characters each have PTSD for completely different reasons. It’s a book about learning and moving on.

Do you have any upcoming releases?

My Hero recently came out on audio, which is fantastic. The V Unit will be coming out in January on audio and then of course, My Hero: The Olympian will be out on the 15th of this month.

Of the covers you have for your works, which one is your favorite?

Going Home. I think it is one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen. I use only one cover artist who seems to be able to nail every time.

Can you describe the editing process? Was it difficult?

The editing process is the most difficult and important part of self-publishing. Once I’m done with the manuscript, I send it to a select few beta readers who tear it apart and then I get to put it back together. That’s all before I send it off to a professional editor. Before a book is released, I’ve gone over it at least five times, often a lot more.

Do you like music while you write? Or do you prefer total silence?

First thing in the morning, I’m listening to the news and then music.

Which of your characters is your favorite? Why?

I think Johnny Milloway is my favorite at the moment. He goes for what he wants and once he makes up his mind, it is done.

Which of your characters was the hardest to write? Why?

Sam Stone was the hardest I think. (P.O.W.) He goes through a lot physically and mentally.

Do you have any advice for writers who want to try this genre?

Stay away from the drama.

Which of your characters would you like to meet in person? What would you say or do with that character?

Sarge from P.O.W. He’s just so damned hot!

Thanks for stopping by, Max!  If any folks would like to learn more about Max, click here to visit his website.

And, blog-readers, don’t forget to stop on by Amazon and pick up your copy of My Hero: The Olympian, which releases today!


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Captured on Video by FJ Smith

UPDATED May 14, 2015: Captured on Video: The Complete Serial is now available on Amazon!

Captured_Front_Cover It’s a busy week here on the good ol’ blog, with lots of hot guests and their scorching books!

Today, we’re joined by FJ Smith, author of the Captured on Video series.  The first four entries in the series have been released and the fifth (and final) entry will be released soon!  And when the fifth book is released, FJ Smith will also release The Complete Serial.

UPDATED: May 14, 2015 — Captured on Video: The Complete Serial is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Check out the blurb for Captured on Video: The Complete Serial:

Kyle Spencer, owner of the aptly-named Captive Studios, has a unique method of recruiting fresh talent for his extreme gay porn videos. He identifies likely candidates from their internet porn viewing habits, stalks them online, and then whisks them away to his basement video studio for proper training. His current acquisition, a shy closeted college-age virgin, turns out to be very special indeed. Exactly how far will Ryan go to prove his devotion to his new master, and will Kyle be able to release him when the time come for a new star to be recruited? ***For adults only, this 22,000 word complete m/m BDSM erotica serial features all five previously published Captured on Video books for one low price.***

And his author bio:

F.J. Smith is the author of the “Captured On Video” m/m BDSM erotica series. He enjoys writing stories that explore both sides of the D/s dynamic.

And now, let’s sit down for our chat and get to know a little more about FJ Smith, Captured on Video, and the inspiration behind it all.

You’re a first-time author, right? What made you decide to write this story?

I’ve written as a hobby since I was in grade school, but this is my first professional publication. The idea for this story started with internet porn, as many good things do. I was thinking about how the people behind porn sites know more about viewers’ kinks than those closest to them in real life. That led to the character of Kyle Spencer, a gay porn site operator who finds fresh talent for his extreme videos by cyberstalking young men who log into his site. The story revolves around the different stages of training his latest prize, a closeted college-age virgin named Ryan.

This serial includes some unusual kinks, especially the later books. How did you come up with the different scenes?

I originally drafted many of the scenes as part of a private correspondence with an interesting young man from New Orleans.   He’s a French Créole quasi-aristocrat who blogs on a number of topics under the name gascon-en-exil. It got to the point we were trying to see who could write the kinkiest scene.

Who won?

I’d say it was a tie. 🙂

So do you see this book as primarily as a BDSM fantasy?

Yes, although that’s true of any BDSM fiction. Anyone interested in trying this lifestyle needs to do the research first and not rely on fictional stories. However, I think that the core of Kyle and Ryan’s dynamic, and how they complete each other, is true to life. They each give the other what they really need.

You make it sound like a love story.

I think it is a love story. Granted, it’s a twisted love story involving gimp masks, gang bangs, frozen cum dildos, and body modification, all of which is captured on video, but a love story nonetheless.

That sounds like my kind of love story! So any more adventures in store for Kyle and Ryan?

The Captured on Video serial completes their story arc, but they will likely pop up as secondary characters in my follow-on serial, currently titled Initiated on Video, which will take place in a college frat house.

Awesome! How can readers keep tabs on upcoming releases?

They can follow my tumblr at or contact me at to be added to my mailing list. Captured_Box_Set

UPDATED: May 14, 2015: Captured on Video: The Complete Serial is now available on Amazon!

To find out more about FJ Smith and the Captured on Video serial, click here to visit FJ Smith’s Amazon author page.  All of the books are in Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a KU subscriber, you can read the whole thing for FREE!

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Ten Inch Stepbrother: First Time Gay Erotic Romance by Phoenix Blair

Today I’m thrilled to have gay erotic romance author Phoenix Blair stopping by the blog!  Phoenix just released Ten Inch Stepbrother and took a few minutes to talk to us about his book, the inspiration behind it, and a little more about him.  Read on for all the dirty deets!ten inch stepbrother

Ten Inch Stepbrother: First Time Gay Erotic Romance

Phoenix Blair

Senior year of high school was a horrible time for Jeff. After he came out as gay, everyone treated like he was some kind of freak. Everyone except for his only advocate: Jeff’s sexy stepbrother Danny Rocks.

Danny was the hottest guy in high school and everyone knew it. He was the high school quarterback who got all the girls he wanted. Even though Danny defended Jeff from all of the high school bullies, Jeff knew that Danny was straight as an arrow.

But when Jeff returns home from his first year at high school to see his stepbrother Jeff, something has changed about Danny. Something that Jeff can’t quite put his finger on.

When the boys have a few extra beers on a hot summer night outside in the hot tub, it turns out that maybe Danny wasn’t quite as straight as he thought…

It turns out that Danny has a BIG surprise for his stepbrother Jeff.
This is short erotic yet cerebral romance, one that blurs the lines between the romantic, the sexual, friendship, and fantasy. Even where you try to ignore it, the reality is that every plot has an intricate story of attraction and sexuality behind it.

Is it erotic but deep? You decide!

*Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.*

And, as promised…

Interview with Phoenix Blair

So tell us about yourself, who are you:

Hi! My name is Phoenix and I’ve been around the block quite a few times. I’m 28—and I know so many closet gay guys that I decided to write about it.

Wow! Where did you meet all these closet gay guys?

I’ve been fortunate enough to live abroad, and I’ve lived in some very old fashioned cities and small towns where homosexuality was unfortunately still extremely taboo. I feel lucky to have grown up in the United States. Even though I have heard some bad blood, it’s nothing like in these small towns where you could would not hear the end of it for expressing love.

That sounds like a pretty crazy experience. How did it impact your book?

I started writing when I was abroad in South America. I’ve been back for a couple of years now, but still, I sense that there is an underlying theme of hypersexuality that does indeed color everyone’s experience.

So what does Ten Inch Stepbrother have to do with your experience?

Ten Inch Stepbrother is a thoughtful erotica project. It marries the sexual and the close friendship, the sexual fantasy and the hopeful reality. I, as well as many people I’m sure, hope for a visually and erotically stimulating experience from my relationships. Yet, in an era of grindr and tinder and easy hookups, sometimes that depth of friendship is more difficult to find now. I like to think that Ten Inch Stepbrother is an extension of that thoughtful curiosity of what could be, if you had both the erotic and the depth going for you.

Wow. Okay. So we are talking about a very sexual book that has reality to it?

Basically, I took a fantasy that I had, and that many people I know had, and that may or have not actually happened to someone…and wrote it down. Hopefully this is a book that gets you worked up, but at the same time, I really hope you identify with the characters.

Sounds pretty interesting. Anything else you want to tell us about it?

Yes, Danny is a real character from my life, and this kind of stuff does happen. Maybe people aren’t always there to chronicle it, but this kind of action is happening in real life more than you think. I wish I had a dime for every straight guy who asked me curious questions.

Thanks! Can we sign up for a mailing list or anything to stay on top of your book releases?

You can email me at and I will put you on my mailing list as soon as it’s active, probably in a few days.


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out Ten Inch Stepbrother for yourself when you have a minute—a hot cerebral erotic romance!

Cool — thank for stopping by, Phoenix!

And click here to check out Ten Inch Stepbrother (or Phoenix’s earlier work, The Ten Inch Massage), both of which are in Kindle Unlimited and FREE for KU subscribers!

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Erotic Voices: Victoria Sue

Pure Final (1)

This week, I’m excited to have m/m erotic romance author Victoria Sue as my guest!

Victoria’s novel, Pure, was released earlier this month. Check out the blurb:

Callum hasn’t time to take on a new sub for training. He has his BDSM club, Pure, to remodel and open on Friday. He certainly doesn’t have the time to train Lee in all the nuances of submission, even if Lee seems to be a natural.

But someone else wants him. Another Master who has no limits and doesn’t believe in safe words.

If Callum doesn’t wake up and accept the gift of Lee’s submission, someone else will take it – forcefully.

And now, let’s chat with Victoria!

Tell us about your book.

Hi – Thanks Cameron for having me on here, and being able to talk about my favorite subject – Hot Guys (sigh) I have a feeling we may have that interest in common!

I originally wrote PURE last year as a male/female romance – It was utter crap!

That was shortly after reading (and devouring) m/m romances. I think my kindle is groaning from the amount of books I have on there. I changed Pure to m/m and it just clicked.

Yeah, the original light bulb moment!

Pure is termed ‘light BDSM’ meaning the setting is based around my MC Callum renovating the BDSM club he has just bought, but most of the action takes place during the remodel so they don’t get to try out a lot of the equipment (just yet – I can feel another sequel coming on lol)

Lee is a total novice to BDSM –

“To be honest, I’d really like to get a better look at the club. Apart from the other night, I’ve never been in a BDSM club before.” Lee smiled shyly.

“That was your first time?” Lust slammed into Callum. He cautiously put an arm around Lee’s shoulders and pulled him close.

“No, not my first time. I’m just a BDSM virgin.” Lee smiled coyly and leaned into Callum. Callum could have sworn he was actually batting his eyelashes at him.

Callum, well – isn’t. A novice, that is – in any way, shape or form. Lee throws Callum for a loop. We’ve got this big bad Dom, ex-forces, bad ass – totally taken down by an inexperienced young guy. Yeah, toe-curling, heart-fluttering. (Cue sighs)

I notice you classify your book as m/m. Why don’t you call it gay romance?

This is something I’d love your readers’ opinion on. To me – M/M romance is gay romance written for women. Gay romance is written for guys.

Wow – a huge generalization there? (I can hear readers shouting at me)

So, don’t shoot me yet. I feel that there is too much pressure these days on writing a female heroine as a kick-ass/dominant/independent/never rely on a guy for anything, to the point at which authors who don’t write that can be seen as weak, or same-old, same-old etc.

Two guys are just so refreshing. No labels. Nothing to prove. Most have enough shit to deal with from bigoted assholes without worrying about is cooking and cleaning as valuable in a relationship as paying the mortgage.

So take that out and you can really play with your characters. I don’t have to see being submissive as weak. In fact Lee is anything but. He has Callum wrapped firmly around his little finger for most of the story.

Aren’t you worried about the Dominant/ submissive cliché?


(Sorry, were you wanting a longer answer?)

Back to writing what I like to read. When all is said and done, falling in love and happy ever afters are the biggest cliché on the planet. And one, I, and thousands of other people are never going to get tired of.

I judge the biggest success of a book is someone reading the end and saying Awww…. (Sniffing/smiling/crying also acceptable)

What are you writing now?

I’ve just submitted Pure – Indulgence. Set in the club, and for those readers who know the characters, this is Joe and Adam’s story. All I’m saying is the fireworks are caused by the fact that Joe isn’t gay.

So do you believe in Gay for Me?

Cameron, exactly how many arguments would you like your readers to have today?

I honestly don’t know – but I will quote Joe here, who struggles with this very thing.

He was straight. Okay, he might be straight but being unsuccessful in all his straight relationships didn’t suddenly mean he had picked the wrong sex. It just meant he was a bastard to live with. Maybe this weird thing he had for being needed was too cloying. He’d never fought against getting married either time. In fact, the only relationship he’d fought against was with Adam.

And that’s the beauty of being an author – you can just make shit up!

Hee hee!  Thanks for stopping by, Victoria!  I found your thoughts on gay vs m/m to be interesting — I hadn’t thought of the angle of a “traditional” m/f romance being dismissed as weak or same-old-same-old. 

If you’d like to purchase your copy of Pure, you can find it at Amazon and All Romance eBooks.

And if you’d like to check it out a little more — here are a couple excerpts:

Shit, what a day.

Longest day of his life, but God it was worth it. The club was finally his. Callum closed his eyes in relief and leaned his head on the smooth smoked privacy glass taking up the whole of one wall of his new office. Nickelback hammered out of the music system, and the glass vibrated. Later—yeah, later—he’d turn it down some, but now…now he needed it to drown out the pounding in his head.

He flicked the switch on the speaker so he could hear the sounds from the dungeon. Screams battered his ears, whips sung, and metal chains clanged. He breathed them in. Sex. He could nearly smell it. So, why was he up here in some stuffy office on his own, and not down there celebrating? He’d finally got what he’d worked so hard for, hadn’t he? There were bound to be a few subs down there that would love to help him do just that and normally he would be able to take his pick.

Callum opened his eyes. He looked for orange vests that should have stood out like beacons. Where the hell were they? Part of the purchase agreement for Pure was letting the old owners use the premises tonight. The old owners had two clubs and the other had some stag night going on, so they wanted somewhere for their regular members to go. He didn’t like it, but they had sweetened the deal, promising a cash bonus that he could use for new equipment, and it gave him a chance to organize his own people for how things were gonna go down starting next week.

The former DM’s from Spanks were supposed to be patrolling the dungeons tonight. His sigh frosted the glass in front of him. Patrolling? Yeah, more like checking out the bar. Who ever heard of an open bar in a BDSM club?

Spanks had no rules, no control. Which was why their little lawsuit problem had opened up the club for purchase and Callum had dived straight in.

There’d be no more dumb bachelor parties. No more Spankseven the name had no class.

Lee arched and shouted again. Hot sticky ropes of cum shot out of him, painting his abdomen and Callum’s hand. Callum let go and pulled him close. Shaking, Lee pressed his lips to the arm that Callum held him tight with.

“My Boy.” Callum smiled against Lee’s hair. “Mine.” He wanted to stamp his ownership.

“Y-Yours.” Lee’s husky voice was back.

Callum listened. He hoped he heard satisfaction. He didn’t want to hear fear; it hadn’t sounded like a question.

Lee snuggled back against Callum’s chest. “I’ve picked it. My safe-word. I know what it is.” He shuffled and Callum smiled.

“What is it, beautiful? I told you, it has to be something no one else would use.”

Lee’s breath hitched. In that second Callum knew what it was going to be before Lee said anything.

“Pure. It’s gonna be Pure.”

Of course it is.

When he re-opened on Friday, he was naming it Pure.

And it would be.

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