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Casting Couch

Slave to Beauty #3

Tim Bartholomew

Catapulted out of his comfort zone and into the torrid atmosphere of a Moscow film studio, can a guileless and irresistible young man escape erotic possibilities with a clear conscience, or must he risk everything?

When artless Cambridge academic Andrew Billingham is beguiled into playing the handsome prince in a Russian TV commercial, he and gorgeous wife Bryony decide it’s too good an opportunity to miss.

Filming in the stifling heat of a Moscow summer, however, irresistible Andrew is accosted by studio folk—men and women alike— who jostle for his sexual favors. The evident adoration of Emilia he would reciprocate, were he single; director Jonny’s advances he would find not unappealing, were he gay; although, Bryony did allow her husband carte blanche should he find himself desiring another.

Conflicted between keeping his conscience clear and his urges to cave in to the many erotic possibilities presented, it’s only when Andrew’s private anxieties take on a more public dimension that he begins to wonder whether alluring make-up artist Emilia is all she pretends to be. There is, after all, political unrest in Russia—and Emilia seems closer to it than Andrew ever expected.

The tumultuous final instalment of the Slave to Beauty series where a good man does battle with the twin demons of disloyalty and temptation.

Purchase your ebook copy now:

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New to the Slave to Beauty series?

Books one and two — Body Language and Love Knot — are both half off on Smashwords and Amazon until September 23rd! Click the banner below to find out more!



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Interview with Hadrian Temple

Greetings, blog followers!

Today we’re going to do something a little different. You might remember that last week I featured a book called Leather God Descending by Hadrian Temple— well, something really caught my eye when I checked out Hadrian’s website to find out more about him. Hadrian genuinely identifies as a Leather Dom, as well as a FinDom, and writes fiction that accurately portrays the gay Dom/sub lifestyle, based on lived experience.

I invited Hadrian back to the blog to have a quick chat about Dominance, leather, FinDom, fiction, and more.

CDJ: Hi, Hadrian! Welcome back to the blog! Let’s jump right into this — how should I be addressing you? Should I be using “Sir”? Or is that only necessary for submissives?

HT: Should you call me Sir? It depends. Do you want to submit to me, boy?

Flirting aside, no. Hadrian is fine. In general, I only expect ‘Sir’ from guys who want to be submissive to me. Calling a dom ‘Sir’ is one of the easy ways to indicate that you’d like some level of power exchange with him, even if only socially.

CDJ: I see from your bio that you’ve identified as a Dom for about the last ten years. However, it also sounds like you’ve known this about yourself for a while before, if perhaps you didn’t acknowledge it. Can you tell us a little more about that journey of self-discovery?

HT: Looking back over my life, I can see all sorts of ways that my dominant side tried to emerge when I was younger, but for some reason it just didn’t click with me that I was kinky. I remember with my first boyfriend, early in the relationship there was an incident where we were kissing and I just said, “Get on your knees.” I don’t know why I said it, but it felt right to me. He freaked out and that was the end of any exploring of power exchange with him, and I think it discouraged me from exploring those instincts for a really long time.

When I was 40, my partner of 8 years suddenly dumped me in a pretty shitty way. That was a really shattering event for me, and it broke me out of all sorts of patterns I had been in. In a way, it cleared the ground for me to make a lot of changes, and recognizing I was kinky was one of the most important of those changes. When I had that realization, I got lucky in that one of my friends was friends with a very experienced bondage dom who agreed to mentor me. So I didn’t have to explore gradually; I got to jump into the deeper end of the pool with someone to keep my head above water. He taught me a lot about bondage, leather traditions (at least as he knew them), and power exchange. It was sort of like taking an accelerated course in kink.

I particularly remember the first time he dressed me in his leathers. It was like a home-coming. It just felt right. A real ‘where have you been all my life?’ moment. He looked at me and said, “You look more comfortable in that in 5 minutes than a lot of guys look in 5 years.” He was a uniform fetishist too and dressed me in a cop uniform. I’d always fantasized about stuff with cops, but when he did that, I suddenly thought, “Holy crap! You mean I get to be the cop? Hell YES!” I’ve never looked back.

CDJ: How does leather fit into all of this for you?

HT: For me, there is something remarkably powerful about leather. It’s a total sensual experience—it looks sexy, it feels sexy, it smells sexy, it tastes sexy, it even sounds sexy. Good leather is slightly restrictive, so it takes a bit more force to move in, which encourages me to be more aggressive. I have a 1950s German police leather trench coat. It weighs about 25 lbs, so I really have to move assertively. It’s like wearing pure sex. But at the same time, some leather is really revealing. When you put on chaps, your crotch and your ass are totally exposed. You can’t not feel sexual in chaps. So wearing leather has this performative element to it. Put it on and you’re on-stage as a kinky, highly sexual person. The question is what role you want to play, the dom or the sub?

CDJ: And about the FinDom aspect of your role… can you first tell our readers what FinDom is? And how did you discover your place as a FinDom?

HT: Findom is Financial Domination. The sub gives the dom money in exchange for things like verbal abuse, humiliation, and control. It’s sort of like flogging the sub, but the pain is financial loss rather than physical impact. Depending on how you frame it, it’s essentially a form of sex work, but one that doesn’t necessarily involve actual penetrative sex. Like many other forms of kinky sex, it’s about power exchange. The usual rhetoric is that the sub is serving an obviously superior dom by giving them money. So the dom can be extremely demanding. And for me it’s incredibly arousing to receive a finsub’s ‘tribute’. It’s not the money itself; it’s what the money symbolizes.

I started exploring it because I had a couple guys contact me through my dating profiles (which make it clear that I’m kinky) and offer to be finsubs for me. The Findom scene is huge on Twitter, and when I started actively promoting my erotica, I set up a Twitter account and it just seemed natural to explore findomming more than I had previously.

CDJ: From your bio and from following your Twitter stream, I’ve noticed you talk a lot about ethics, particularly when it comes to FinDom. Can you tell us a bit about these ethics and why they are important to you?

HT: When you’re doing BDSM, a lot of the things that happen raise ethical questions. How can I justify hitting my partner? Isn’t that domestic violence? I just told someone he’s a worthless faggot. How is that ok? The answer is consent. It’s ok because my sub consents to receive that treatment and in fact actively wants it from me. So answering these fundamental questions forces you to start thinking about ethical issues. BDSM is sort of confusing by nature—we hurt the ones we love. Without an ethical foundation, it becomes really easy to get lost in a hall of funhouse mirrors where up is down and cruel is ok. It’s very easy for doms to do really harmful things to subs, and unless they understand the principle of consent, a lot of subs wind up injured or worse. I’ve heard some absolute horror stories from novice subs who didn’t realize they could say no to a dom.

So I put ethics front and center in my writing—both my erotica and my blog posts—because I want to help kinksters who didn’t get the really solid grounding that I got when I found kink. Porn almost never shows things like consent and safety practices, because that’s not seen as sexy. I’ve read a fair amount of erotica on Amazon that was obviously written by people who don’t know much about BDSM, because it shows the characters doing things that serious doms and subs would never do because they’re dangerous or emotionally destructive. 50 Shades of Grey is the really famous example, but it’s far from alone.

Findomming is a good example of the ethical dangers. It has a bad reputation among kinksters in part because in the past few years a whole lot of people discovered that you could make money by advertising as a findom, and these people often don’t stop to think about the responsibilities doms have to subs. I’ve seen findoms talk about pressuring their subs to take out loans, which is wildly inappropriate. Not long ago, I saw a video some idiot findom posted in which he was encouraging the finsub to smoke meth, because it would get him high enough that he wouldn’t control his tributing to the findom. That really infuriated me. It’s absolutely wrong and shit like that makes things worse for everyone else. On the other hand, the ethical findoms genuinely care about their finsubs. They offer the subs emotional support, guidance, and affection. One findom I know banked some of the money he was given by a finsub and after several years gave it back to the sub to help him achieve a goal they had set together. To me, that’s exactly how an ethical findom should act.

One of the basic rules of being a dom is that the more control you have over what’s happening, the more ethical responsibility you have for whatever negative consequences might arise. As a dom, if I actually harm my sub in some way, I’ve done something really wrong. So it’s the dom’s duty to know what he’s doing and to stop the play before damage is done. If I agree to accept a finsub, I discuss his finances and set a limit to what he’s allowed to give me. Typically, I require his tribute to come out of his entertainment budget, so there’s no risk of him not being able to meet his rent or something like that. In other words, his dynamic with me takes the place of going to a movie or other discretionary spending.

CDJ: Now for the big nature versus nurture question — one I acknowledge may not have an answer. Do you feel that people are born to be naturally Dominant and/or submissive? Or is it a learned behaviour based on sexual desire? Or is it a bit of both? What do you think?

HT: This is the great question of kink, isn’t it? Why do we like the things we like? I don’t know that there really is an answer to that.

A lot of findoms declare that they are just naturally superior and that gives them the right to demand money from finsubs. In my opinion, that thinking logically leads to fascism. Nazism is rooted in the idea of a biologically superior ‘master race’ after all. So I pretty strongly reject the idea that dominance and submission are something inherent. I only become superior when a sub agrees to be inferior to me. It’s the concept of consent again—the sub has to want to be my inferior.

That said, I can’t tell you exactly why I enjoy being dominant and some other guy enjoys being submissive. I can point to very deep parts of my personality that are related to being dominant—a desire to teach people, for example. And there definitely are a lot of subs who feel very profoundly that they were born with an inherent inferiority. They feel like they’ve always known they were supposed to serve.

If I have to give an answer, I’d say that it emerges from things deeply rooted in childhood. I was the youngest of four siblings in my family, so I didn’t have a lot of power growing up. That might have made me more receptive to the idea of having a lot of control. But why it comes out sexually, I couldn’t say.

CDJ: If someone thinks they might be a Dominant or a submissive, what would you recommend as their first step in discerning if this is who they are?

HT: I would suggest doing a lot of reading about BDSM. Like I said, BDSM is sort of a hall of kinky funhouse mirrors, and it’s easy for newbies to get confused unless they have a grounding in the basic ethical issues. My blog has a Bookshelf page where I list a whole lot of basic works that offer a good introduction to BDSM. I blog about various issues like why honesty is fundamental to kink or how to frame verbal abuse so it’s less likely to be psychologically damaging to the sub.

CDJ: Let’s switch to your writing! How does your lived experience get reflected in your writing?

HT: One issue is my concern for ethics and safety. In most of my longer fiction, I try to include references to safety practices. If my character ties someone up, he’s probably going to check to make sure the ropes aren’t too tight or something like that, because that’s what a good dom does. In my novel Leather God Descending, the main character, Adam, negotiates scenes with two different subs. He finds out what the sub does and doesn’t want to experience and sticks within those guidelines. I liked the idea of showing a novice kinkster what they should be doing before they actually start playing.

Another issue is that my characters have sex pretty early on. There’s a lot of M/M romance written by women, and in that genre, the gay characters often take ¾ of the novel to actually have sex. This stuff frustrates me because that’s just not the way most gay men have sex. Most gay men that I know will engage in sex very quickly if they think the other guy is hot. When I meet a sub, I almost always meet for coffee first. That’s when I negotiate. I’ve had guys get really frustrated that I wouldn’t just instantly hook up with them—that’s how fast a lot of gay guys will have sex. So a lot of the M/M romance I’ve read just feels unrealistic, as if the characters were monks trying to decide if they should break their vows of chastity. Straight people often look for emotional compatibility before having sex—they want to know that the other person could be relationship material before they move to having sex. Gay men, at least in my experience, look for sexual compatibility first. They want to know that the other person is sexually well-matched before thinking about relationship potential. So that’s how my characters generally do it. They have sex and then they try to figure out whether they want a more serious relationship.

A third way my lived experience comes out is that I write from the dominant perspective, because that’s what I know best and what really appeals to me. The vast majority of BDSM erotica is sub-centric. It’s all about the novice sub meeting a highly experienced dom who takes control and initiates them into submission. The emphasis is on the sub’s emotional journey, their fears and desires, and the things they have to overcome to be happy as a sub. My novels are much more about the dom’s emotional journey, his doubts and fears, and the obstacles he has to overcome in order to take charge of another man.

I started writing this stuff in part because I got frustrated that my own experiences weren’t being reflected in the erotica I was finding. It would have been easier for me to really embrace my dominance if I had seen other doms struggling with various issues. So I hope that my novels can show novice kinksters that it’s ok for us doms to have doubts and confusion.

CDJ: What’s your most favourite scene that you’ve ever written?

HT: There are a lot of scenes I like. Almost all of them are sexual fantasies I’ve had, except for some that were based on scenes I’ve actually done. Claiming the Slave is based very heavily on a series of real encounters I had with a sub I really clicked with. There’s one scene where the narrator breaks through an emotional barrier by doing a very aggressive play session with the sub—erotic torture, verbal abuse, and very rough sex. That was a very important moment in my own life, so that’s probably the most meaningful scene I’ve ever written.

In terms of the one I find the most arousing, it would be the climax, in a literary sense, of my novel Bull and Cuck. It comes when the bull Brady has sex with the cheater Tyler on Tyler’s wedding night, while Tyler’s new husband David just watches, feeling both humiliated and aroused by what’s happening. There’s something about it that just trips my trigger in a really intense way. I’ve had a number of cucking enthusiasts tell me that the scene just blew them away. They felt that I had really captured a key facet of what cucking means to them, which I feel is a huge compliment.

CDJ: If someone is new to Hadrian Temple books, and perhaps new to genuinely-depicted gay BDSM books — which of your books would you recommend a newbie start with?

HT: Leather God DescendingI really tried to explore kink ethics in that one. Adam, the dom, talks about healthy kink at several points. He screws up a couple of times, which illustrates why the ethics matter. Adam and Riley, his novice sub, are trying to build a genuine Master/slave relationship, and I explore issues that have come up in my own relationship with my slave.

In the fantasy, being a slave is all sex all the time. In reality, being a slave is 95% stuff like domestic chores and paying bills. So there’s a scene where Riley doesn’t want to do his chores and Adam has to decide whether to cut him some slack or push him to submit. For a dom, that can be a much harder question than it sounds like. These are things that real doms and slaves run into a lot more than which size dildo to use or how long to keep the sub in chastity. There’s still a lot of sex in the novel, but hopefully you’ll come for the sex and stay for the education about kink.

CDJ: For the readers of this blog who are also writers, particularly the ones who write (or want to write) gay BDSM fiction — what would be your top tips for “getting it right”?

HT: Part of me wants to say “try it for yourself before you write about it.” There’s a lot to BDSM play that you just won’t understand if you’ve never done it. But that’s true of a lot of things people write about, and people still write about them.

The critical thing is to realize that what kink looks like from the outside—from the spectator’s perspective—is really different from what it feels like from the inside—the participants’ perspective. I call this the Outer and Inner Layers of Kink. On the Outer Layer, it looks like the dom is being a cruel, unreasonable asshole. On the Inside Layer, the dom is very concerned with what his sub is experiencing, or at least he ought to be. He’s not just taking. He’s giving to the sub by taking. If at the end of a scene, I feel like the sub hasn’t gotten some of his needs met, I feel like I’ve screwed up, no matter how much I enjoyed what happened. The sub might not always physically enjoy what happens (although they usually do). Sometimes the pleasure of being submissive comes from knowing that you’ve given the dom what he needs, that you’ve served well. But a sub who doesn’t get something out of a session is a sub who probably won’t come back for a second session. So, basically, if you’ve written your dom as a heartless selfish asshole, you haven’t written a dom. You’ve written a heartless selfish asshole.

Also, throw away your copy of 50 Shades. Everything in it about kink is wrong. Like, dangerously wrong.

CDJ: Hadrian, thank you so much for stopping by the blog today to answer some burning questions!

HT: Thanks so much for the interview!

Thanks for reading along, blog followers! I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did and learned as much as I did!

To find out more about Hadrian and his books — or if you want to pay tribute to him as a FinDom — click here to visit Hadrian’s website.

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Daddy Bear: The Complete Series by BJ Smyth

Greetings, book-lovers!

Today I’ve got BJ Smyth here with Daddy Bear: The Complete Series! I love this series so much and I’m sure you will too!


Immaturity, Jealousy, Envy, Insecurity can Carter and Frank survive them all?

All Carter has ever wanted is the Daddy he craves, someone to love and care for him.
But will his immaturity be the downfall in this relationship or can Frank deal with his tears and tantrums?

Frank’s life is complicated, when he meets Carter, he is still confused by his feelings for his Ex-Partner and dealing with his mum’s deteriorating health.

Carter’s immaturity has always been difficult to handle. However, following an incident at Carter’s flat, Frank made the rash decision to ask him to move into his house, into his life, now Carter is around full-time.

Frank is adjusting to having Carter in his home and enjoying the Daddy \ Boy games they play.

However, when Carter’s jealousy takes hold after seeing Frank with his Ex-Partner his insecurities and jealousy may just be the end of this relationship.

Will this Daddy & Boy make it from that first heated attraction at the swimming pool to a long-term relationship?

Buy your copy at Amazon



We walk down the corridor past the showers into the pool area. Getting into the water, we swim along together, not speaking much, but there still seems to be a connection between us. Once we finish the thirty lengths, we get out of the pool, grab our towels, and head to the showers.

Standing next to each other under the showerheads I can almost feel the heat of his skin against mine. He pushes down on the button and water cascades from the shower onto his body. I do the same, sneaking looks at him when I think he is distracted by the shower. I remove my trunks first today, sliding them down my legs to the floor, I kick them to the side and give my cock and balls a squeeze.

He removes his trunks and his cock is hard, causing mine to stiffen more. Taking a handful of body wash, he rubs his hands over this chest, the soapsuds running over his abs and dripping into his pubic hair. He is only a foot away from me; the thought of feeling his gorgeous hairy body in my hands sends shivers down my spine and my skin tingles. I’m too shy to make a move like that, though, the fear of his reaction if I have misinterpreted things makes me keep my hands to myself.

I watch his hands glide over his chest, then down to his abs as he massages the body wash into his skin. Licking my lips as his cock stiffens, his foreskin pulls back away from the head as it raises towards his body. Lathering up my chest, my hands soon slide down and grasp my cock. I close my eyes and lean my head back as the pleasure of my hand sliding along my shaft flows through me. Opening my eyes, I look back at Frank; he is now massaging his balls and stroking his shaft. His eyes connect with mine.

Time seems to stop as we stare deep into each other, I can see the desire within him as his eyes search mine, trying to read my thoughts. My lips part as my tongue pushes out, licking along my lower lip, giving him the sign he has been searching for.

He moves closer and my body tenses as I feel his hand slide over my arse. I stop stroking my cock and turn to face him, our bodies covered in soap bubbles. My acceptance of his touch gives him a green light. Pulling me into his body I feel his cock slide against mine as they become trapped between us. His other hand grabs my arse and crushes my cheeks with his strong grip. The coarse hair of his beard brushes against my face as I feel his breath warm my lips.

Any thoughts or worries of where we are drain from my mind as his lips meet mine. The thick hair on his chest makes my nipples stiffen as it rubs against them. His mouth, rough and raw, kisses me, my body giving into his strong, muscular hands, his tongue pushes into my mouth, searching for mine. He moves me back onto the shower wall, grinding his rock-hard cock into me as he continues exploring my mouth. I have been yearning for this all week, wanting to be in this daddy’s arms. Sliding my hands over his back, tracing along his spine, down to rest above his arse, I pull him tighter into me as I grind my cock between our wet, soapy bodies. The showers switch off as we lose ourselves within each other. His hands grab my arms as he bites my lower lip, then softly nibbles his way down to the nape of my neck. All the time we continue grinding our cocks together, I can feel my balls tightening, preparing to release the frantic pleasure building inside me. Our thrusting gets faster as we both edge towards the point of no return.

Buy your copy at Amazon

About the Author:


B.J. enjoys writing gay romance weaved with hot action to tease and entertain his readers. Having experienced some of the situations in real life he brings these into his books. Preferring to have mature characters in the stories, escaping the cliché of college boy romance.

His books have been described by many as short but scorching hot so be warned you may need a cool shower after reading them. Remember the old saying it’s not about the length but what you can do with it lol.

I hope you read and enjoy his books as much as he enjoys writing them.

If you already enjoy gay romance books or are just curious about gay love. Why not have a browse of the books, you may surprise yourself.

Follow the rainbow to your dreams.

You can stalk him here:


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Leather God Descending by Hadrian Temple

Greetings book-lovers!

Interested in exploring your kinkier desires? Hadrian Temple’s got just the book for you!


Adam Fassbender is an experienced leather dom living in San Francisco, but there’s something missing from his life, a permanent slave. When he meets a police officer who’s curious about submission, Adam realizes that Riley might be the slave he’s been looking for. But can Adam teach Riley how to overcome his fear of submission and help him become the slave Riley craves being?

Buy your copy:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble



As I stepped back from the door, he stepped in right away. He knew this was what he wanted.

“So let’s get the unsexy part over right away. I’m neg, got tested a couple weeks ago. I don’t bareback, unless I’m training the boy and know where he’s been. You?”

“Uh, neg. I got tested a few months ago, but I haven’t been with anyone since then.” There was something he wasn’t saying, but I was pretty sure he was telling me the truth.

“You know what a safe word is, boy?”

“Yes, sir. I heard you explaining it today, and I’ve read about them online a little.”

“Good. Tonight’s safe word is ‘red’. If you need me to stop what I’m doing, you say that, and I’ll stop and make sure you’re ok. Understood?”


“Say it right, boy. Yes, sir.”  It’s important not to let the little mistakes slide the first time.

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s better. Because if I don’t hear that word come out of your mouth, I’m gonna do whatever I fucking want to you, and I’ll get pissed off if you don’t follow my orders. Understood, faggot?”

He hesitated and then agreed.

I pointed toward the living room, just to the right of the entryway. I’d moved the coffee table out of the way so there would be a good space to work in. “Get in there and stand on the rug, facing the fireplace.” That put him with his back to me. I just stood there watching. He stood on the rug, let his hands hang anxiously at his sides, and then after fidgeting uneasily he hesitantly pulled them up behind his back. I waited a few more moments and then slowly circled round him, looking him over but not saying a word. That made him nervous. I enjoyed watching him worry. Finally I came to a stop in front of him, looking into his face.

“Look at you, the big bad cop. A real fucking stud.” I suddenly reached up and batted his cap off, hard enough that it hit the couch. He flinched. I’ve always wanted to do that to a cop, and it felt every bit as powerful as I’d thought it would.

“Now, let’s see what I get to work with.” I began to unbutton his shirt, not the easiest thing to do when you’re wearing gloves, but they were skintight police search gloves, so I knew I could do it. His torso slowly came into view and it was every bit as nice as I expected it to be. He was tall and lean. His pecs weren’t huge, but they were perfectly defined. His abs were similar. He must have shaved his chest a couple of days ago, because there was just a hint of stubble across it. I smiled my Predatory Dom smile.

“Very nice, boy! You work out a lot. I’ll bet you get lots of looks at the gym, wearing your tight Under Armour workout gear, don’t you?”

His dry mouth made it hard for him to respond for a moment. “Yes, sir.”

“And you like it that way, don’t you? You want the other guys checking you out.” That wasn’t a hard guess to make. Almost every gay guy who hits the gym that often likes being checked out. But again, it’s all about the illusion of mind-reading.

“Yes, sir. I do.”

Time for the educated guess. “And you know deep down in your heart that you’re supposed to look sexy for the real men all around you. You know you’re a sex object, a pretty boy for the pleasure of others.”

His eyes widened. “Y-yes, sir.” What he didn’t ask was, how does he know that?Because at least half of the buff subs I’ve played with think exactly the same way. Mind-reading established.That always made getting to the real interesting stuff easier, because now he thought there was no point in trying to hide it.

“Take off your gun belt, boy. You won’t need it.” It took him a bit to process the command, and then he started fumbling with it, unsnapping the belt keepers that held it attached to the belt on his pants. When he took it off, I motioned with my head and he dropped it near the couch. “Now the shoes.” Done. “Now the pants.” Done. He was wearing dark blue boxer briefs underneath, my favorite kind of underwear. He was hard.

I circled around him, admiring the way his boxer briefs snuggled his ass. I squeezed one cheek and leaned in. “Nice ass, boy. Perfect for fucking.” He got real still, always a good sign in a sub; it meant that he wanted me to go further. I reached around and spread his shirt open with my hands. The feeling of his tight, lean body pressed against my chest was very satisfying. Then I started running one forefinger over each nipple. He started breathing hard. “Yeah,” I whispered into his ear breathily. “You like that, don’t you, boy?” He started to answer but I cut him off. “Shut the fuck up. I don’t need an answer because I already know it. You faggots are all the same.”

I let go of him and then yanked down his briefs, and ordered him to step out of them. Then I moved around to the front. His cock was hard and wet. It was a nice cock, just about 6 inches long, straight, cut, with a clearly defined head. I ran my fingers over it, knowing that he was certainly enjoying the feeling of the leather on it. I stroked it gently, getting it nice and wet with his precum. Then I reached up and smeared it on his lips. He opened his mouth and I slid my fingers in. “You’ve got all the right instincts for a bitch. When something is put up to your lips, you just open up and take it in. Look at you, all turned on, with your cock sticking up unable to hide it. You’re not a real man, are you, boy?”

“…No, sir. I’m not.”

“You’re a pussyboy, aren’t you?”

He was silent, his face full of reluctance. “Answer me, boy.” He opened his mouth, but no sound came out except labored breathing. “Answer the question, faggot!” I said it more emphatically but not more loudly.

“Yes, sir.”

“Say it.” It’s one thing for a boy to be told he’s submissive. It’s a whole ‘nother thing to say it himself. But in my experience, every novice boy needs to say it. He didn’t. So I got up in his face. “Say it!”

He hung his head. “I…I’m a pussyboy, sir.”

I caressed his face with my hand. “Good boy! That wasn’t so hard, was it, boy?”

“No, sir. It’s just the truth, isn’t it? I’m a pussyboy.”

I slapped him, just hard enough to startle him. “I’m a pussyboy, sir.”

“Yes, sir. I’m a pussyboy, sir. Sorry, sir.”

“I’m proud of you, boy.” And I was. I kissed him. I think he was surprised that I was being gentle with him. He reciprocated and reached out to embrace me. I pulled back, and put on my Stern Dom face. “Boy, did I tell you you could touch me?”

He snapped back to a more rigid stance, and folded his arms behind him. “No, sir. I’m sorry, sir.”

Buy your copy:

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About the author:

image4Unlike many of the authors who write about gay bdsm on Amazon, Hadrian Temple is a gay leatherman who has been exploring kink for more than a decade. He writes about sex and relationships the way gay men actually have them (with a healthy dose of fantasy, of course). He writes from the perspective of a dominant because that’s the role that appeals to him the most, and because so few other authors write from that perspective.

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My new book is out!

Hi folks!

I have a new young adult romance out in ebook and paperback! Check out the deets below!



Dylan James

Two teenage rodeo champs have to overcome their hatred for each other — and their uncertainty about themselves — to save the family ranches.

Grant Peters is sixteen and wants nothing more than to just compete in calf roping at rodeos and keep winning gold. But there are two obstacles in his path.

The first is Logan Summers, also sixteen, and also into calf roping. Logan is Grant’s only real competition and every time Logan wins, he gives Grant a smug little smirk that sets Grant’s blood boiling.

The second is Grant’s parents being close to selling the family ranch and moving to the city, away from rodeo, and away from his horse, Thunder.

So when Grant discovers evidence of a deadly cougar stalking the ranch, he decides to take it upon himself to hunt down what would undoubtedly kill the little business his family has left if word got out. Of course, as soon as he sets off into the woods, he runs into Logan, who is undertaking the same hunt to save his own family’s ranch.

Now, these two teenage rodeo nemeses have to not only overcome their uncertainty about themselves, but also their hatred for each other, if they have any hope of coming together to save their families’ businesses.

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Service to the State by Starlight Barque

Greetings book lovers!

Here’s another sexy book to load onto your Kindle or Kobo!


Brilliant surgeon Galen Jahr has given up on love and moved halfway across the world to escape heartbreak. While working at a relief hospital in Alaska, Galen meets and befriends Navojan, an alien living on Earth but hiding his true identity as a being from another planet.

Over the course of their unlikely friendship, Galen and Navojan spend their days working and spending time together, often discussing their favorite books. It never occurs to Galen that Navojan has a flair for writing himself, until one day he happens upon Navojan’s open tablet and his unfinished romance novel.

The steamy contents of the novel activate Galen’s imagination, sending his unrequited feelings for Navojan into overdrive. Could the human character in Navojan’s book be a stand-in for Galen himself? Galen is completely distracted by dreams and fantasies of his friend, whose physiology feels pain as pleasure, and whose features–among them, a tail–are so very alien.

This short read is full of passion and sensuality, exploring the relationship between pleasure and pain, and detailing an alien/human love affair that is a bit sweet, a bit strange, and extremely, delightfully sexy.

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He looks around, taking in his surroundings. Why is he alone in the hospital? Where are all the machines?

Then he notices the figure before him.

Navojan is in his ER, lying on the cold table, unable to move. His heart speeds up. The sight of his friend, helpless, almost naked from the waist down, sends a jolt right to his groin. Galen looks down, a sudden gleam in his eye. He could do anything. Anything at all.

Nav’s tail is trapped between his legs and he clearly hasn’t shaved the quills in awhile. Sitting on his tail must be very painful. Sure enough, he can see Nav twitching, tightening his buttocks in a futile attempt to keep it off the metal surface. Pushing down on his torso, Galen hears him stifle a gasp as his pelvis is rocked from side to side, scraping his ass and legs against the sharp quills, leaving bright red marks on the sensitive skin of his legs. Galen picks up a scalpel and Navojan startles, terror evident in his eyes as he squirms on the table.

“Lie still,” Galen says sharply and Nav scrambles to obey, his eyes on the scalpel.

He cuts off Nav’s shirt, blade millimeters from his exposed neck, and draws a small amount of blood. Nav shivers as his shirt is slowly removed and each thick ridge is exposed to the cold air. Galen searches the box of instruments until he finds the small hose used to suction and improve visibility during surgery. Nav gasps as he moves the suction tool across the meatiest ridge, lingering at the spots that extract moans and strangled gasps, watching as pleasure shoots through his friend’s chest. Galen’s other hand moves the scalpel slowly down Nav’s stomach, watching his scales turn a deep shade of violet.

Galen can see Nav’s cock straining against his delicate briefs and runs the scalpel over it through the fabric, the sharpened end digging slightly through the fabric. A strangled moan comes from Navojan, but Galen stifles the noise with a hand. He can’t afford to be discovered by another doctor. Bringing the edge across the elastic, Galen strips him of his undies and his cock jumps out. His body positively gleams as he lies naked on the table, scales darkened, skin turning a deep shade of crimson as blood flows to his engorged penis, and he makes pleading sounds.

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About Starlight Barque:

Starlight Barque has been dabbling in the creative arts for most of her life.  When not writing gay erotic fiction, she can be found tinkering with her impressive collection of musical instruments, stopping to pet strange dogs on the street, and pondering tidbits on tumblr such as “when robots take over the world, will the revolution be fought in captchas?“  She plays a mean game of classic 80s mario brothers, binge-watches science fiction like a pro, and is hopeless at cards against humanity. Service to the State is her first work for Carnation Books, and she is hard at work on a new femslash apocalypse romance.

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Dog Days by Marie Fox

Greetings book lovers!

I again have a couple book promos in my email inbox, so we’re powering through them this week! Starting off — Dog Days by Marie Fox (published by my company, Deep Desires Press)!


Six years after the disastrous end of the relationship that almost got him killed, James Harper is happy. He has healed most of his physical and mental scars, has amazing friends, his writing is finally getting noticed, and he loves his job at the dog kennel. And the best thing of all? He’s managed to keep his heart locked away, safe from anyone who could possibly hurt him again.

But then Aiden Cross enters his life. Tall, blond, gorgeous, and with a great pup named Clover, James can’t help but dream about putting a collar around Aiden’s pretty neck. But Aiden unleashes more than just dreams and the nightmares keeping James awake remind him exactly why he vowed to never submit to love again.

Unable to escape Aiden and his own desires, James has to decide whether a second chance at happiness might be worth the risk. And the pain.

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“James?” Aiden breathed, eyes widening at the admittance.

“God, the sound of you saying my name … the things it does to me. Do you have any idea how you looked today on your knees at the office? Eyes wide as you stared up at me from the floor. God, I wanted to kiss you right then, tangle my fingers in your hair and pull, baring your throat to me so I can mark you up. Suck and lick and bite, want to leave a fucking collar around that pretty neck of yours. I want to make sure everyone can see that you’re mine. That I am the only one that’s allowed to touch you; to taste you, fuck you, and love you.

“You drive me crazy, Aiden. You have ever since the first time I saw you walk through my office door. Your voice, your body, your lips, and your eyes … oh God, your eyes. I want to own you Aiden, want to possess every inch of you. Want to see you drop to your knees for me and beg for my touch. Tears filling those beautiful baby blues as you take everything I give you, even as those sinful lips of yours plead for more. Begging, pleading, sobbing for my cock and my cum. To mark you up and fill you full,” James growled. Now that he had started he was finding it impossible to stop the words pouring from his mouth.

“James … please…” Aiden gasped softly. Breathing in ragged pants, and his body tensing further with each word.

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About Marie Fox:

Marie Fox was born in Largo, Florida, and is an avid writer, gamer, and animal enthusiast. Marie currently lives in Tampa, Florida, with her husband, her attack cat Tecklis, and a very lazy bearded dragon named Pancake. She spends her days working as a kennel manager and her nights writing m/m romance amongst other things. When she’s not handling piles of playful pups or writing, she enjoys gaming (particularly RPGs, FPSs, and Metroidvania style games), attending conventions, and traveling.

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