The Masked Master: The Complete Series Bundle by Marco May

Good morning again, book-lovers!

Over at Indie Erotica Collective, it’s New Release Day for The Masked Master: The Complete Series Bundle by Marco May!

Eighteen-year-old Adrian is a virgin twink with a thing for older men. Particularly older, dominating men that require Adrian to submit.

Deciding to just go for it when an anonymous BDSM opportunity arises online—the kind of opportunity that is likely to fulfill every sexual desire Adrian has ever had—he ventures into Sir’s house.

There are a few important rules: Adrian must always obey Sir, Adrian must give his virginity to Sir, and Adrian cannot know Sir’s identity. Sir is always wearing a mask or these encounters happen in total darkness. While for some submissives, this masked rule might stoke fear in their hearts, for Adrian it just makes him want Sir even more.

But as Sir takes Adrian ever-deeper down the path of submission and experiences pleasures he never thought possible, he breaks the most important unspoken rule between him and Sir.

Don’t fall in love.

The Masked Master: The Complete Series Bundle is a 25,000-word collection that of the five previously-published stories in this series, including The Lustful Lie, The Painful Punishment, The Rapturous Release, The Video Voyeur, and The Contractual Commitment.

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His Curious Mate by Charli Mac

Good morning, book-lovers!

Over at Deep Desires Press, we’ve got a sexy new series starting at only 99 cents! Check it out!

His Curious Mate

His Mate #1

Charli Mac

Anna is sensible, staid, and single—and sick of it. She wants excitement; she wants to be tied down and spanked! When she meets Callum on an online BDSM forum, she’s drawn to confess her fantasies to him. When he invites her to meet with him, do some of them for real? She can’t say no.

Callum is a shifter with a problem. His wolf is tired of random hook ups, it wants to settle down with his mate. Both of them are intrigued by the curious little morsel they meet online, and when she walks into the bar they’ve arranged to meet at, Callum immediately understands why. She’s his mate, and she’s walking willingly into his arms, hoping he’ll show her exquisite pleasure. How’s a shifter supposed to say no to that?

Things go exactly to plan—for both of them—until the morning after. Because Callum might have forgotten to mention exactly what happens when a Shifter meets and claims a human mate…

His Curious Mate is a 15,000-word novella and part one in a six-part series.

Purchase your ebook copy now:

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It’s time for Smashwords’s semi-annual Summer/Winter Sale and wow do I ever have deals for you!!

Click here to find all the deals from Indie Erotica Collective, which includes books from me, Sandra Claire, Master Dominic, Ethan White, Cherry Chase, Rod Rey, Caspian Sireno, Marco May, and RJ Ridge! Discounts range from 50% to FREE!

Looking for even more?

Click here to find all the deals from Deep Desires Press / Deep Hearts YA, which includes books from a bunch of authors and discounts ranging from 50% off to FREE!

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L.I.F.E. by Felyx Lawson

Greetings, book lovers!

Over at Deep Hearts YA / Deep Desires Press, it’s New Release Day! Today’s fantastic new book is L.I.F.E. by Felyx lawson. L.I.F.E. has absolutely smashed — more than doubled — the previous pre-order record at Deep Hearts YA! Pick up your copy to see what all the buzz is about!


L.I.F.E. #1

Felyx Lawson

Rider Williams is your typical high school student. He has classes, hangs with friends, plays video games, writes for the school paper, plays guitar, collects comics, and is gay. Okay, so he’s not your typical high school student.

Rider is trying to finish his senior year of high school while struggling to accept himself and hide his secret. It’s difficult and he might have succeeded if not for two challenges in his way. The first, an assignment about the one thing he doesn’t understand and hasn’t experienced: love. The other, Cameron Walker, a transfer student who looks like a stereotypical jock, but seems to be so much more.

Can Rider survive the weight of his secret?

It’s only the start of the school year but Rider already knows L.I.F.E. isn’t as easy as it seems.

Purchase your ebook copy now:

Purchase your paperback copy now:

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Struck: The Lightning Project by Victoria Kinnaird

Greetings, book lovers!

I’ve been a bit behind on the good ol’ blog here lately, so this is me catching up!

Check out this great new release from Deep Hearts YA, the LGBTQ+ young adult publisher I run.

Struck: The Lightning Project

The Lightning Project #1

Victoria Kinnaird

Ethan Thorn is a lot of things. The heroic type isn’t one of them.

A hacker with a tendency to self-isolate too much, Ethan is desperate for something different in life, something more exciting than the sleepy town of Orchard Side. Being “Struck” and waking up in a secret government facility in a New York skyscraper certainly wasn’t what he had in mind.

Against his will, he’s now part of The Lightning Project, a government program to turn average teens into crime-fighting superheroes. As much as Ethan hates it, there’s one thing he secretly loves about it: Adam, the project leader. He’s a sweet, shy, boy-next-door type, certainly not someone Ethan should be interested in. Nonetheless, Ethan finds himself drawn to Adam.

Faced with a devastating secret from The Lightning Project’s past, Ethan comes up against the most difficult choice of his entire life. Does he take his place as a member of the team, accept his destiny as a superhero, and bury the part of him that questions authority at every turn? Or does he go back to the life he hated in Orchard Side?

Purchase your ebook copy now:

Purchase your paperback copy now:

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A Gay Polyester High School Romance 2 by S.W. Ballenger

Good morning, book lovers!

This morning over at Deep Desires Press / Deep Hearts YA, we’re publishing A Gay Polyester High School Romance 2 by S.W. Ballenger! Check it out!

Haven’t read book one? It’s on sale for 99 cents right now at all major ebook retailers!

A Gay Polyester High School Romance 2

S.W. Ballenger

It’s 1973 and fifteen-year-old Shawn Stuart is looking forward to the two best Christmas presents he could ever ask for—spending the holidays with his boyfriend and a visit from his lookalike cousin Will.

For Will, this holiday visit to Shawn’s family is a much-needed break from his work on the family farm. It’s a chance to get to know his cousin better and to just relax by the pool at Shawn’s fancy house.

But tragedy strikes and Shawn and Will go in search of a long-buried family secret that will forever change both their lives. As they get closer to the truth, they start to realize that seeking that answer will only raise new questions, questions that no one wants to answer.

As the secret unravel, Shawn’s love for his boyfriend is strengthened, but Will’s faith in love is questioned. For Will, his solace may be found in Weston, a mysterious boy who’s suffered his own tragedy.

This is a journey of love, friendship, and discovering that even in tragedy, there is hope.

Purchase your ebook copy now:

Purchase your paperback copy now:

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One Task by Geneva Gordon

Greetings, book lovers!

It seems I’ve been negligent here on the blog of late — I missed our Deep Desires Press new release from two Fridays ago! Here it is! Enjoy!

One Task

The Warrior and The King

Geneva Gordon

Tig is a woman of many talents. Her proficiency at martial arts has gained her celebrity status, she’s a former special operative, and she’s looking to ride the wave of her popularity and land a career in film.

None of this, however, fully prepares her for when she is transported to the distant past in the strange land of Moregane.

In this new land, she is given one task: kidnap Simon Lassiter, the King’s brother, and return him to Moregane for execution.

If she completes it, she gets to go home and return to her normal life. If she fails, she dies.

Determined to regain her life, she again finds herself unprepared when she develops feelings for her target. And the questions she asks herself could change her life forever. Is there a future for her and Simon in Moregane? Could she give up returning home in order to be with him?

Buy your ebook copy now:

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A Merman Owned by Two Wolves

Greetings again, book-lovers!

It’s been an exciting time over at Indie Erotica Collective — the smutty home of myself and a handful of other smut authors! Today is the launch of Caspian Sireno, a new MM paranormal erotic romance author with a keen interest in mermen!

His first book launches today! Check it out!

A Merman Owned by Two Wolves

Caspian Sireno

When Jordan was born, his parents feared he’d go to the sea. So, they made a request to the sea witch to have him stripped of his merman abilities, leaving him with just his DNA, their last name, and a magical pendant known as Mermother’s Tear. Now at twenty-two and a recent college graduate, Jordan longs to live life underwater. Sure, he’s had memorable experiences as a human, but he yearns to return to his destiny.

He’s not alone in being a nonhuman creature trapped in human form. He connected online with twin wolves Rowdy and Roar, and tonight is the night to finally meet in person. Though both twins are attractive, something about Roar captivates him more than Rowdy, and Roar seems to feel the same way. But little does Jordan know what they have planned, particularly Rowdy who’s the Alpha of his pack.

Roar gives Jordan so much hope for something special he’s never had before. Equally so when Jordan later meets Rumbly, another wolf like no other. These two wolves aren’t just hot, sexy, and loving, but they could become the start of a foreign journey for Jordan. After all, not all wolves are evil. Some just want what Jordan wants: true love.

Others want something else entirely, such as Jordan’s Mermother’s Tear.

But all Jordan wants is to return to the sea. And that’s the problem. He’s been stripped of his abilities, so he can never do so.

Or could he?

A Merman Owned By Two Wolves is a 17,000-word novella.

Purchase Your Copy

Amazon | Smashwords

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Tales of Monsterotica: Anthology Collection Book Two

Greetings, book lovers!

Today is New Release Day over at Deep Desires Press with the launch of the audiobook format of Tales of Monsterotica: Anthology Collection Book Two by Justin MacCormack and narrated by Hedge T. Haiden!

Need to catch up with book one? Find it here.

Tales of Monsterotica

Anthology Collection Book Two

Justin MacCormack

Jonathan Woodcock’s homecoming is in for a sticky end!

Travel beside Jonathan Woodcock, our veteran monster-shagger, as he continues his arduous journey of sexual discovery! Watch poor Jonathan experience the leather-clad discipline of the muscled Queerwolf alpha daddy. Shriek in terror as young Mr Woodcock is seduced by the Phantom of the opera and learns that his only escape is to bend over and take one for the team. And, finally, marvel as our hero returns home to England, only to find an especially thirsty vampire Count waiting for him, eager for a different sort of life fluid!

This frightening collection of gay erotic comedies includes “Bite of the Queerwolf,” “The Drag-Queen of the Opera” and “Revenge of Count Shagula,” all in one volume.

Available as an audiobook, narrated by Hedge T. Haiden!

Prefer eBook or paperback formats? You’ll find those here.

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It’s Read an Ebook Week over at Smashwords and there’s a giant sale going on for March 7-13!

Over at Indie Erotica Collective, we’ve put all of our bundles on sale for half-off for this Smashwords sale! New Indie Erotica Author Rod Rey doesn’t have a bundle yet, so we’ve put one of his books for free and the rest half off!

Check out all the deals below (sorted by author):

Cameron D. James

Sandra Claire

Master Dominic / Dominic Leblanc

Ethan White

Cherry Chase

Rod Rey

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