The Omega’s Missing Mate by Penelope Peters

Greetings book-lovers!

Let’s kick off the weekend with a sexy read! Check this one out!

Eric Calhoun was looking for a date. 

Eric Calhoun defies all omega stereotypes – most of the time. He’s adventurous, determined, independent… and desperate for a date that will actually go somewhere. When he meets Rashad Abboud, he immediately falls for Rashad’s good looks and sweet, considerate behavior. It’s obvious that Rashad likes Eric just as much – at least, if their short and probably ill-advised liaison in the back alley is any indication.

But fast forward one month – and Rashad’s not only ghosted Eric, but he’s left him a souvenir. Newly pregnant and determined to the right thing, Eric gives Rashad one more chance – only to discover that Rashad hasn’t just stopped returning his texts. He’s disappeared.

And after Eric asks the right questions in the wrong places – he’s about to disappear, too.

Rashad Abboud was looking for answers.

Rashad Abboud isn’t the macho, unattached alpha he might seem. And he definitely didn’t mean to ghost Eric. He only wanted to follow the latest lead on his missing mother, who fled the country after her husband’s death when Rashad was just a toddler. Rashad’s questions clearly have caught someone’s attention, though: one minute he’s walking down a D.C. street, and the next he’s waking up on the other side of the world.

Maybe for some people, finding his family would be a dream come true: but for Rashad, the combination of family politics and leaving Eric behind is a personal nightmare! And just when he’s convinced the only way out is to accept it – he finds the surprise of a lifetime waiting for him in the next bedroom over…

Neither of them were looking for an international adventure.

Eric never wanted an adventure quite this big – and Rashad never wanted to find family this cloying. There’s no reason in the world why they should trust each other – but it might just be the only way they’ll ever make it home.

The Omega’s Missing Mate is a stand-alone m/m mpreg romance with an HEA ending. It features over-the-top bedrooms, the slowest car chase ever, and family members who really need to learn the definition of “boundaries”. 

Get your copy at Amazon!


(Setting the scene: Rashad and Eric are on their first blind date – and it’s going really well. And then Eric makes a startling discovery about just how much he likes Rashad…)

Rashad looked impressed. “You’re a chef?”

“Not according to the head chef where I work, but I try.”

“Where do you work?”

“Paleo, it’s downtown—”

Rashad’s eyes widened. “Two Michelin star Paleo?”

Eric blushed and looked down at the table. “Yeah.”

“I’ve eaten there, it’s delicious. They catered an iftar for my grandparents a few years back, it was amazing. Perhaps you were the one cooking my food.”

Eric squeezed his hand, knowing full well that his face well on its way to being as red as his hair. “If it was a few years ago, it’s more likely I was chopping the veg. Now I’m working the fish station; we don’t usually provide the food for catering, since it’s hard to make fish travel well. I hope it was a good party, though.”

Rashad chuckled. “Iftars are the meal eaten after a day of Ramadan fasting. So I guarantee, we enjoyed the food immensely.”

“Oh.” Eric ducked his head. “Sorry, I don’t know much about Islam. We’re not exactly religious ourselves.”

“Nor am I. I’m the Muslim equivalent of people who celebrate Christmas and Easter but very little else. I fast during Ramadan, but for me, it’s more a psychological challenge than a religious endeavor.” 

Eric thought of the Arabic he’d heard Rashad say. Maybe it wasn’t religious, though – the way some Yiddish and Hebrew words had snuck into the vernacular and no longer held their original religious overtures. Before he could ask, Rashad continued. “What’s your favorite cuisine to make?”

The change of subject was almost a relief. “Hoping I’ll say Middle Eastern?”

Rashad rolled his eyes, but Eric could tell he was amused. It was something about the crinkles in his forehead. “I wouldn’t mind. Though Alnurian food is closer to Indian in style than typical Middle Eastern.”

“Alnuria – that’s where you’re from?”

Rashad nodded. “My father’s parents immigrated as children. It’s also where my mother was born. It’s a very small country, on the Gulf of Oman between Iran and Pakistan. Most people have never heard of it.”

“Have you ever been there?”

Rashad shook his head. “My work has never taken me to Alnuria, unfortunately. I wouldn’t mind the chance to see if my mother has any living relatives, but…” He shrugged, as if it wasn’t exactly a priority. “Work keeps me busy. And… I’m not always sure I’d like what I would find. Or that they would like being found. My grandparents always gave the impression that my mother left Alnuria for a very good reason. She kept her secrets, my mother. I don’t even know her maiden name.”

“Wow.” The way he said Alnuria wasn’t anything like how Eric had pronounced it. Eric leaned closer it. “Say the country’s name again?”

Rashad smiled and leaned closer. “Al-nooriyeh.”

The vowels were drawn out, almost a whisper. It sounded exotic and beautiful, as if Rashad was speaking an entirely different language.

“I’ll have to look up the cuisine,” Eric promised him, sitting up a little. The motion made his hand pull a little at Rashad’s, as if he was about to slip away.

Rashad’s hand contracted so quickly, almost violently, that Eric’s breath caught in his throat. He almost whimpered at the sudden pain of it, even if it didn’t really hurt very much.

“Sorry,” whispered Rashad, his eyes wide with what Eric suspected was his own shock. “I didn’t mean—”

“It’s okay,” said Eric, shaking just a little bit. It wasn’t the pain of Rashad’s hold on his hand so much that surprised him.

It was the way he liked it. The way his body clearly liked it, if his reaction was any indication. He felt strangely light, every nerve and cell waking up inside of him, focusing its attention on the man sitting across the table.

“Ah,” said Eric, his voice strangely bright. “Your tea’s going to get cold.”

Rashad’s eyes were focused squarely on Eric. “I couldn’t care less. You’ve kept me talking.”

“Did I? Sorry. You should drink it. Nothing worse than cold tea. Unless it’s too-hot tea and you burn your tongue and then you can’t taste anything—”

“You’re babbling again,” said Rashad.

“Oh damn,” groaned Eric, closing his eyes. “I’m completely fucking this up.”

Rashad laughed softly. “No. You’re not. I’ve been on enough terrible dates, I can assure you that you’re doing just fine.”

“Yeah?” Eric opened his eyes. “How many?”

Rashad’s smile was soft and secretive and it felt to Eric like it was meant solely for him. “I have four cousins who are very determined to see me bonded.”

Eric laughed softly. “Which is why you’re on a dating app?”

“They are wonderful cousins. And terrible matchmakers,” said Rashad darkly, but his eyes twinkled with humor. “I think I’ve dated every Alnurian omega and possibly every suitable Muslim omega in the entire DMV. They finally gave up on me.”

“Are you that difficult?”

Rashad shook his head, still smiling. “I wouldn’t say that. But the types of omegas that interest me aren’t the types my cousins meet very often.”

Eric felt his heart squeeze a little. “What type is that?”

“The surprising sort,” said Rashad, pitching his voice low.

“I’m surprising,” said Eric, sitting up a little.

Rashad leaned closer, eyes still squarely focused on Eric, so dark and smoldering that Eric could feel the warmth cascade down his skin, into his bones and the very deepest parts of him, which twisted and gaped and wanted.

Every part. Eric felt the thickening in his cock, and he was suddenly aware of his body in a way that he wasn’t usually aware of it. The way it was beginning to feel warm, present, and above all – empty.

“Have you been on many dates?” said Rashad, his nostrils flaring.

Eric nodded. “First dates. Not many second ones, though. Guess I’m not the type of guy people want to see twice.”

“I don’t believe that,” whispered Rashad.

“True,” Eric told him. “You might not like me much, either.”

“Try me,” Rashad challenged.

Eric took a breath. “I’m stubborn. Willful. I like working. I don’t want to stop. I mean, I get how working in a restaurant isn’t exactly good for family life, but I want someone who’s willing to figure out how to make it work, or support me while I figure out what else I can do with what I’ve got. I don’t like being put in a box or told what to do.”

“You want independence,” said Rashad.

“Yeah, exactly,” said Eric, brightening a little.

“That makes sense to me – you’ve been independent so long, I can’t see easily giving that up,” said Rashad, so reasonable that Eric squeezed his hand reflexively. “Why would that scare me off?”

“It always has before,” whispered Eric, his heart pounding in his chest.

Rashad shook his head. “Not this time.”

The feeling came on so strong – or maybe it’d just been building so deep in Eric’s mind that he wasn’t willing to pay attention until Rashad said those words.

An urge, a deep longing in his stomach to tighten his grip on Rashad’s hand and yank him right out of the chair and out of the café and down the street to somewhere where they could….

He realized he’d forgotten to breathe when his lungs began to protest, and when he sucked in a breath, he caught it.

A familiar sort of taste to the air, something that was more scent than anything else. Something rich and thick and yeasty. Something that reminded him of…

Eric sat up and quickly moved his hand to his neck, fingers at the slim bit of skin behind his ear, right where his omega scent would be the strongest.

Pheromones, thought Eric with horror. He stared at Rashad, who was still looking at him, though looking a little more startled now.

Oh shit – maybe Jane wasn’t joking. She always said the only reason she didn’t jump Lucy in the library that day was because she couldn’t find a broom closet and was too scared to use the stacks. I’m kicking out pheromones like no tomorrow. And if they’re strong enough for him to notice…

“I think,” began Eric, trying to keep his voice even. “Rashad, are you… can you tell if…?”

Rashad nodded, staring at him. “Your scent,” he said huskily. “It’s… stronger now. Yeah.”

Eric swallowed. It was a lot harder than it’d been ten minutes ago. If just touching him has kicked off an impromptu estrus… I can’t stay here. People are going to start to notice.

“I…” Eric stammered. “I should probably go.”

Rashad nodded briskly – but he didn’t let go of Eric’s hand. Instead, he stood up with him. “Let me walk you at least part of the way. You shouldn’t go out like this unprotected.”

Rashad was probably right – but beyond that, just knowing that Rashad didn’t want to leave him was a complete relief, enough to settle the shakes that were threatening to take over Eric’s entire body.

“Okay,” he said. “A little ways.”

Get your copy at Amazon!

About the Author:

Penelope Peters has spent a considerable percentage of her life waiting in international terminals around the world; she may or may not have ranked her favorites. She’s never flown on a private plane, but she did get bumped into business class once. It was awesome. Having driven in two Middle Eastern countries, she assures you that Dupont Circle in DC is cake. She has, to the best of her knowledge, never been involved in a high-speed car chase involving a moped.

Penelope is greatly indebted to HL for her expertise and patience in being a sensitivity reader for this book and the Muslim characters within. Any remaining mistakes or misconceptions are Penelope’s.

Penelope no longer lives in the Middle East. As much as she misses the taste of shawarma, the scent of oud, and the hauntingly beautiful call to prayer, she has greatly enjoyed experiencing cold weather again. Her husband and sons also enjoyed the colder weather, or at least the sports that came with it. The cat has other opinions.

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Where Evil Begins by Matt Converse

Greetings book-lovers!

We’re getting a little spooky this Friday! Check it out!

Tyler is a sexy young newbie to the New York City leather scene. When he eyes a muscled, masked stranger, his hunky best friend Andrés warns him to be careful due to the string of recent murders in the leather community.

The masked stranger hides more than his face, and that is revealed when you go back far enough. True evil is made, not born.

Get your copy at Amazon!


Tyler looks him up and down and loves every inch of him, all the way down to the huge motorcycle boots he’s wearing. He wonders…damn, what size are those? Just then the hunk turns his head and looks over at Tyler. It instantly gives him a unique, exhilarating chill. It’s an intoxicating combination of sexual attraction and danger. His eyes burn right through him. Tyler gulps. Damn, he thinksIt’s uncanny the way the guy turned and looked at him right when Tyler checked him out; it’s almost as if he has eyes in the back of his head. The hairs stand up on Tyler’s arms in reaction to the super stud’s steely stare. He’s cruised a lot of guys in his days, but he’s never had a reaction quite like this. He isn’t sure what to think but he knows he’s turned on.

Get your copy at Amazon!

About the author:

Matt Converse of San Francisco is the bestselling author of the three book series #1 LGBT Horror bestseller Obsexsion, Strip Shot, and Behind the Velvet Curtain, erotic horror shocker Leather Head, LGBT thriller Window Watcher, horror shocker I’m the Last Face You’ll Ever See and his latest release Where Evil Begins, the prequel to Leather Head. He aspires to bring diversity to the publishing world.

Like his idol Alfred Hitchcock, his books are sexy, smart and full of suspense but told in a style one reviewer called “a new kind of writing, like he was speaking just to me.” Another said of Leather Head, “the suspense tried to kill me.”

A Matt Converse book is simply one you cannot put down.

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Tales of a Wicked Boy Slut by JA Martin

Greetings book lovers!

Today’s book promo post is Tales of a Wicked Boy Slut by JA Martin — check it out!

Exotic male dancer Jordan Matthews has two rules. He doesn’t do married, and he doesn’t do men. When his boss asks him for an illicit favor, he refuses but plays into her hand as the intrigue around newcomers Max and Cherie grows day by day. What makes Jordan break his rules, and fall for a wanted man?  

Get your copy:

About the Author:

Originally from Chicago, JA Martin moved to the wilds of South Florida in the early 90’s, settling in Broward County. Inspired by the old magazine Penthouse Forum and the stories of passionate and erotic trysts, she decided to try her hand at erotica, finding it more satisfying than crime thrillers. She doesn’t always put her characters into orgies, but when she does, she drinks Dos Equis.

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Missing Porn Star by Samer Bo

Greetings book lovers!

Let’s jump into the smut with this morning’s book promo post for Missing Porn Star by Samer Bo!

Detectives Ana and Jake are faced with a critical case: where is the missing porn star Sam Cummings? The investigation takes the detectives through Sam’s diaries in order to get to know him better and to check out his previous relationships. There were a few suspects who had motives to harm him, but who would want to harm such a nice guy as Sam? With erotic content, follow the investigation of the missing porn star, and examine the issues that have been part of his life.

Get your copy:

About the Author:

Samer Bo was born in Egypt, a country where it is illegal and unacceptable to be gay. However, he became an essential part of the gay community in Egypt. He is currently an activist for equality in Egypt, Arab countries and the Middle East. In his spare time, Samer writes erotic stories mainly based on his own true stories or stories that he had heard from other Arabs. His Stories range from Romantic love erotic stories to hardcore extreme erotic ones.
Follow him on Twitter:

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A Gay Polyester High School Romance by SW Ballenger

Greetings book lovers!

Today’s book promo post is dipping over into gay young adult with a retro twist. Check it out!

A Gay Polyester High School Romance

S.W. Ballenger

1973 is a time of social change. Are 15-year-old Shawn Stuart and his best friend Brad ready to accept something that goes deeper that friendship, or will they follow in the path that society expects them to?

The year is 1973. It’s the time of Watergate and the E.R.A. Social change is in the air, and for 15-year-old Shawn Stuart, that means coming to terms with feelings for his best friend, Brad.

Brad has been his best friend since preschool. The two have always been close, so it seems natural enough that, as a new term of high school begins and Brad begins questioning his sexuality, he decides to show his feelings for his best friend…by laying a kiss on him.

Shawn is a straight boy, with eyes on a girl who seems to have eyes on him too, but after the kiss with Brad, he’s not so sure of his sexuality. As the big school dance comes up, and Shawn goes steady with his girl, he wrestles with the question: how can he like girls and like guys the same way? The answer isn’t obvious in a society where such things are not talked about, even between the closest of friends.

Shawn and Brad must hide behind the veil of their secret, yet might there be a way for their future to be defined by the calling of the heart? And, in the winds of social change, can Shawn be true to himself, while also fitting into the expectations of the world?

Buy your ebook copy now:

Buy your paperback copy now:

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Southern Faer Lust by John Luke Maxwell

Greetings, book lovers!

I’ve got quite the backlog of books sitting in my inbox for promo here on the blog — so prepare yourselves for a book a day for the next week!

Let’s start off this fantastic book week with Southern Faer Lust by John Luke Maxwell, published by my company, Deep Desires Press!

Southern Faer Lust

The Whatley Reports #1

John Luke Maxwell

Fifty years is a long time to spend without a home, but Liam Barthélémy still looks hardly a day over twenty-one. Liam is one of the faer—beings of the forest known as “fair folk”.

Liam makes his money doing what he does best: using his body to tempt mortals away from their wallets. Beguiling as any knavish sprite, he uses a mixture of temptation and glamour to pry lonely tourists away from their cash. Then, he lures the men to his bed for a night of unbridled passion in order to steal a part of their tie to the material plane, keeping himself anchored in the mortal realm.

Cast out by his people, punished for a crime he did not commit, Liam has wandered the Earth so that mortals will not grow suspicious of him. And his one rule remains the same:

Mortals are for lusting, not loving!

That is, until Liam arrives in the woods of the Deep South, where he crosses paths with Mitch, a lusty and thrusty bear of a trucker who is newly out of the closet. Sparks fly instantaneously, but Liam’s past soon catches up to him, forcing a wedge between the two lonely souls.

A dark creature stalks him, seeking revenge. Human children are being snatched from their homes. The very fabric of faer existence is in jeopardy, and Liam might be the only hope for the people who cast him out long ago. Can love blossom between an immortal creature and one of the humans he has—until now—used only for food?

Maybe, but in Liam’s world, not all fairy tales can have a happy ending…

Buy your ebook copy now:

Buy your paperback copy now:

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Upcoming Changes to What I Do

Hi folks,

I’ve been struggling with this decision for a while and I think I’ve come to the point where I need to stop trying to balance too many things and focus my time and energy where it’s most useful and gets the most return.

This sounds ominous but it’s really not.

If you’ve followed my blog or you follow me on other social media, you likely know that I branched out into gay young adult fiction a couple years ago. The plain and simple truth is that, for me, young adult fiction sells far better than my erotic fiction.

My bestselling erotic story is Seduced by my Best Friend’s Dad, with a lot of my other good-selling stories coming in close behind. Sales still climb, but very slowly.

My bestselling young adult story is Gay Love and Other Fairy Tales. This book has sold almost five times as many copies as Best Friend’s Dad. And it still sometimes has three-figure sales months.

My next bestselling young adult story is Thunder, which after being on sale for a little under a year, has almost matched the sales of Best Friend’s Dad — and Best Friend’s Dad has been out for four years. It will surge far ahead by the end of the year.

After that, my next bestselling young adult story is Gay Love and Other Christmas Magic, which astounds me in its sales numbers because it sells every month since release. In other words, a Christmas novella is selling in the middle of the summer. The sales of this story are climbing far slower than the others, but it’s still at a faster rate than any of my erotic stuff.

It’s a little too soon to comment on the sales of Frankenstein Builds a Boyfriend, but if the month or so it’s been on sale has been any indication, it will perform similarly to Thunder.

So what does all this mean?

It makes complete and total sense that I should put more of my energy into young adult fiction and less of it into erotic fiction.

I will not give up erotic fiction entirely. There are simply too many stories to write, including New York Ice, the sequel to New York Heat; the frequently-requested sequel to Seduced by my Best Friend’s Dad; a novel based on my free short story Dominated in the Hot Tub; as well as volume two of Sexy Shorts. I have a dozen other things on my to-write list too.

But, while I’m not giving up on erotic fiction, I will be writing it much slower (not that I was being speedy with it to begin with).

I will still be very much involved in erotic fiction and you’ll see and hear a lot about it on this blog. After all, I co-run Deep Desires Press and I still run Indie Erotica Collective. There’s still lots of smut to be had — just less from me personally.

What’s on the horizon for young adult fiction?

I did say I want to put more energy here, right?

On the docket are:

  • Drag Queens, Emo Teens & Big Dreams, a novel about a young man who’s a “straight” football player and son to a strict military man, while secretly leading a double life as a drag queen and madly in love with his boyfriend. This book comes out in August or September. I’ll be getting edits back from my editor soon, but she’s already told me she absolutely loves it.
  • Gay Love And… Book Three — I’m working on this one right now and the title is still TBD. It picks up with Jordan and Benjamin a year after they officially got together as they start to encounter the first real bumps in their relationship. After all, every fairy tale has a dark side.
  • Fangville High Book Two — this is the sequel to Frankenstein Builds a Boyfriend. In this one we follow Serge, the “villain” in the first book, and learn a lot about him. While Frankenstein was loosely based structurally on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, I’m looking at mapping this new book on the structure of The Jewel of the Seven Stars by Bram Stoker. Jewel is where we get the undead mummies from. Yup, Bram Stoker brought us Dracula and mummies. (If you’ve read the first book, you’ll know Serge is an incubus — the mummy aspect will come in via his love interest.)
  • Drag Queens, Ripped Jeans & Movie Scenes, the sequel to this summer/fall’s Drag Queens book, will follow Andrew, one of the secondary characters in the first book.
  • Fangville High Book Three will follow Bram, the vampire from the first book. This will be loosely mapped on the structure of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

All of this is subject to change. If a book tanks I might not do a sequel. I may also be super inspired to jump to a book out of order. I might also be taken by a new idea and feel I have to write it right away — which is common with writers. If I can think of a fourth Gay Love And book, I’d probably jump into it. I’d also love to revisit the boys from Thunder, but I need a good western storyline to make it worth the reader’s time.

Still with me?

I hope you like where this is going. If you were here just for the smut, I understand entirely and hope you’ll still stick around. After all, there will be plenty of smut from other authors and I will eventually get some smut done.

If you’ve been hesitant about trying my YA out, why don’t you head on over to My first three books are all half off on Smashwords until July 31, 2020. If you’ve never read one before, I’d suggest starting with Gay Love and Other Fairy Tales since it’s the most popular.

Thanks for hanging out with me — I’ll be back soon with more exciting books!

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Greetings, book lovers!

It’s time once again for the Smashwords Summer Sale! This year, it’s running for the entire month of July!

Check out what me and my fellow Indie Erotica folks have on sale below! We’ve got all our bundles on sale for 50% off and a few other special deals!

Looking for more? Click here to see what we’ve got on sale (and FREE) at Deep Desires Press. I’ve included my books from Deep Desires below, but there are so many more at this link!

And I would be a bad husband if I didn’t mention that my husband’s fantasy novel — A Thousand Roads by John Robin — is currently 75% off on Smashwords!

I may be a little bit biased since John is my husband, but A Thousand Roads is a fantastic epic fantasy novel!

Uh-oh, I’m in trouble…

John asked me a few times if I posted a review of A Thousand Roads and I swore up and down that I’d done it already… but looking back through my posts, I can’t find it. So… I guess I never did it.

Hopefully this’ll get me out of the doghouse:

A Thousand Roads, the epic fantasy debut by John Robin, features a richly-developed world with very real characters. Jak Fuller, the protagonist, is on a life-long journey of trying to find home. An orphan, he moves from place to place thinking he’s finally found where he belongs, only to have it inevitably brutally ripped away from him. This leads him to make some questionable choices and follow some less than reputable characters, which ultimately leads him to damnation and torture, the clutches from which it seems he’ll never escape. This is a dark read, and a long one, but it’s definitely worth your time. I am not a fantasy reader and I enjoyed this one immensely (and I would have still enjoyed it immensely if I wasn’t married to the author!).

And, like I said, A Thousand Roads is on sale this month on Smashwords!

Do you prefer to get your ebooks from Amazon or Kobo or B&N? Or do you prefer to read an epic tome like this in a paperback? I’ve got all the buy links and an excerpt over on this blog post.

And now the smutty stuff that’s on sale:

Cameron D. James:

Dylan James (my young adult pen name, so no sexy stuff here):

Sandra Claire:

Ethan White:

Cherry Chase:

Master Dominic:

Even More Deals!

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Cole Got Cucked Hard by Jack Hornwood

Greeting, book-lovers!

If you’re like me, you’re heading into a hot and sticky July weekend with nothing to do because everything is cancelled.

Can I recommend cranking the AC, grabbing a cold beer or wine, and picking up a copy of Cole Got Cucked Hard by Jack Hornwood?

Cole is oblivious to the fact that his hot, handsome boyfriend Kenneth is cheating on him a whole lot behind his back. But when he finally catches him out, Cole’s reaction isn’t the one he’s expecting.

Told from the perspectives of both Cole and Kenneth, Cole Got Cucked Hard follows their relationship as Cole starts to come to terms with, and love, his new role as a cuckold.

It’s available on AmazonSmashwordsKoboBarnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks. Or check it out at


Jack has two excerpts posted on his site, check ’em out!

About the Author:

Jack Hornwood is a gay erotica writer from New Zealand.

His writing focuses on m/m sex, in particular cuckolding, humiliation and other fetishes. His first book, Cole Got Cucked Hard, was released in May 2020.

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Spring Frost Romance by Johnny Miles

Greetings, book lovers!

Today we’ve got a brand new release over at Deep Desires Press — Spring Frost Romance by Johnny Miles! Check it out!

Spring Frost Romance

A Yuletide Knights Novel

Johnny Miles

A 30-year-old failed business man fights to hold onto the love of a mysterious and magical man named Jackson Frost, whose presence in his life will only last a season.

Spring is coming, and under the melting frost, desire stirs…

Jackson Frost is youthful and charming, even if he can come off as a bit cold at times. Griffin Kloss is a gruff, 30-year-old failed businessman in need of nurture as he licks his wounds. When the two meet, it’s love at first sight. And there’s something about Jackson that’s magical.

And mysterious.

Jackson has secrets, and with the spring thaw coming, it’s harder for him to keep them from his lover. As Griffin deals with an ailing mother and a life that seems to slip away, he longs to hold onto Jackson, even if it means denying the worst of his fears.

Some things are not meant to last, but Griffin is determined to find the one exception, even if he must learn to believe in a new kind of magic.

The magic of the heart…

Purchase your ebook copy now:

Purchase your paperback copy now:

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