Brand New Audiobook!

Hi Booklovers!

My first ever audiobook is now live on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes!


Gay Love and Other Fairy Tales by Dylan James

(My young adult fiction pen name)

Narrated by me!

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The Demon Design by Dorian Flynn

Greetings, book lovers! We’ve got a hot new release over at Deep Desires Press that I’m excited to share with you!


In a dangerous world, Mason Kane knows what it’s like to lose everything.

There’s no interview to become a hunter—mercenary drifters who deal with monsters and dark magic the average person can’t handle. Those who have it in their blood show up when the bounty is posted and claim the rewards only when the job is done.

Mason Kane couldn’t imagine any other life for himself…until his last job, one which left him alone and injured beyond natural help. Lost, he moved to the city to drink away his retirement and wallow until his eventual death. That is, until an enigmatic millionaire approaches him with a job offer—someone, somewhere is practicing one of the forbidden arts, devilurgy, and only Mason can stop them. What’s more, the stranger is willing to offer the ultimate reward: a cure.

With the help of a handsome and charming magician, Toma Shigomina, Mason has to learn not only who’s selling the mysterious sigils, but how—and why. But, when it comes to dark magic, nothing is as it seems. Will Mason be able to solve the mystery and keep the people he cares about safe? And what, exactly, are his new employer’s motivations?

Purchase your ebook copy now:

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The Pyre Starter by Jaimie N. Schock

Greetings book lovers!

Today we’ve got a great MM adult fantasy series by Jaimie N. Schock! Check it out!


Exhausted with life, Dakota Crossley tries to end it all—only to be saved at the last moment by his disabled friend, Terrell Redline, who convinces him that supernatural forces exist. He then drags Dakota into a world of magic and intrigue that’s always been right there, hidden beneath the surface. But Terrell is hiding a mysterious past, his cousin Eleanor is less than pleased at including an outsider, and Dakota still doesn’t know if he wants to live. Meanwhile, powerful magic users, including a fire-obsessed killer, are steadily dragging the planet into a violent war, and evil forces will stop at nothing to take the talismans possessed by Dakota and his newfound adopted family. Dakota soon finds himself deeply in over his head—with love, with family, with fighting for all their lives. He doesn’t know where he will end up or how he’ll get there, but he knows he’ll do whatever it takes to protect the people he cares about.

Buy your copy now:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | JMS Books

…and there are more books in the series, available HERE.



A clanging noise at the gate snapped him out of his fantasy. While the ranch’s main entrance was chained shut, climbing it wouldn’t be too difficult, even in the snow. The wind howled, but not strong enough to shift metal. Someone moved it.

Dakota called up to the house for help, though he knew his voice wouldn’t carry that far. He waited but heard nothing in return. If he tried to hurry back on worn-out legs, the stranger might make it there first. He decided the best thing to do was to intercept. Make a stand. With two guns and two talismans, maybe he had a chance.

He sprinted through the snowdrifts and down a hill to the gate.

The silhouette of a person stood on the other side. When he saw Dakota coming, he backed away a little. But even at a distance and partially cloaked by the manufactured weather, the intruder’s glowing crystal discs announced his identity. The torturer. Dakota moved closer. He observed icy blue eyes, skin as pale as a corpse, and red hair. A long gray trench coat. A black scarf wrapped tightly beneath his pointed chin. The look of someone who might try to outsmart a hero detective—or shoot up a school for no reason.

The figure raised one hand toward Dakota, and with a commanding voice that practically echoed, he pronounced the name and commands of a new talisman. “Na’fenn eta ma!”

To Dakota’s horror, the area around him burst into flames despite more than adequate snow coverage. Fire flared up in every direction. He could feel the heat of it as he crouched on the ground and tried to cover his face.

But it didn’t hurt.

Maybe the fire killed all the nerve endings, Dakota thought. It wouldn’t really cause any pain, right? He could think of worse ways to go.

In the next moment, the flames stopped. When he opened his eyes, expecting to see charred ash in place of skin, he found no damage. Not even singeing of his clothes. Nothing at all looked out of place, except a circle of melted snow around him. Astounded, he quickly scrambled to his feet. The attacker appeared equally shocked. His head tilted to one side as he stared at the only talisman Dakota wore openly. It wasn’t activated. So, what protected him from spontaneous combustion?

What, indeed. Terrell’s necklace had to be the culprit. It protected him from the fire. With only seconds to react, Dakota readied his rifle and pointed it at the man. He tried to aim as best he could, but he’d only shot the thing a few times in practice, and he never hit anything. This guy stood a lot closer than the cans, however. He’d have to be completely inept to miss.

He squeezed the trigger. The kickback dug the wooden butt of the weapon deeply into his shoulder, and he let out a yelp. When he looked to see what damage he’d inflicted, he found the figure completely unharmed.

“Fuck.” How could he miss at such close range? Movies always made it look so easy. With a shaking hand, he worked the bolt handle up, back, forward, and then down again, releasing the spent cartridge and pulling a new bullet into place. The gun’s capacity was four rounds, and Dakota carried another four on his person, but he didn’t think he could successfully reload the thing quickly enough.

The eight-pound gun felt so heavy in his hands, which went numb from the cold. As his opponent selected a new talisman to use in attack, Dakota tried to aim better this time. He moved the barrel to the left a little, gulped, and fired. The sound rang in his ears, and pain shot up from his shoulder.

A grazing hit—just above the man’s collarbone—forced him a few steps back. A bigger caliber, and much of the area would be missing, but Eddie feared Dakota would accidentally hurt himself with something bigger.

Probably. His shoulder already felt like hell, and he’d only fired the gun twice.

The injured attacker gripped at his wound and swore, but it wasn’t even remotely life-threatening. In the next moment, he raised his hand and evoked another talisman.

Buy your copy now:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | JMS Books

…and there are more books in the series, available HERE.

About the Author:

me 060219Jaimie N. Schock is an author, editor, and journalist with more than a decade of professional experience. She has been published in newspapers and magazines and has begun releasing her adult fantasy series The Talisman War.

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It’s Boxing Week and the Indie Erotica Collective is putting a bunch of our books up for sale! Check ’em out!

All discounts are valid only on Smashwords until December 31st!



DYLAN JAMES (Cameron D. James’s young adult pen name; no sex in these books)









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The Lamar St. Jon Experience by Eliza David

Greetings book-lovers!

Here’s another super hot book to keep you warm on these cold winter nights!



This third installment of The Follow series chronicles the journey of one of its’ most enigmatic characters, celebrity heartthrob Lamar St. Jon.

And he is saying goodbye to stardom for good…at least, he hopes.

Boasting a successful career in modeling, television, & film, Lamar leaves the glitz of celebrity behind to find his own way – without the paparazzi and online buzz surrounding his elusive persona. Then he meets Giovanni ‘Gi’ Hughes: a self-proclaimed ‘Renaissance Negro’ by day and a strip club bartender by night. The unconventional Gi shows quiet Lamar a side of New York the reluctant star never experienced as a national heartthrob.  Lamar finds himself immersed in Gi’s bohemian scene, enamored with his carefree spirit and defiant nature.  Soon, the two handsome creatives find themselves tangled in a passionate affair.

The moment Lamar starts forgetting about his turbulent superstar past, his estranged parents come barreling back into his life after coming into financial ruin.  When they beg him to step back into the spotlight for a quick buck, Lamar has to choose between stepping back into his old role for his family and forging a new life for himself with Gi.

The Lamar St. Jon Experience releases on December 25th! Preorder your copy on Amazon!



Need to catch up on The Follow series before jumping into The Lamar St. Jon Experience? Start here!

About the Author:

Eliza David is the contemporary romance author of twelve self-published novels, including the Cougarette and Followseries. She was born and raised on the noisy South Side of Chicago, but now lives in quiet Iowa City, one of the renowned Cities of Literature. Eliza also maintains a local literary presence; she currently serves on the Iowa City Public Library’s Board of Trustees, moderated The Scarlet Boudoir romance writing group at The Writers’ Rooms, and served as an annual headlining author at the Iowa City Book Festival.

In addition to writing the naughty words, Eliza is a blogger as well, having served as a contributing writer for The Good Men Project and Thirty on Tap. Eliza is featured in four anthologies: Best Women’s Erotica: Volume 4, The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30: Volume 3, Cleis Press’ Erotic Teasers, and Camden Park Press’s Love Is Like A Box of Chocolates. The third installment of The Follow series, The Lamar St. Jon Experience, will be released on Christmas Day 2019.

When she’s not writing, working full-time, or raising two children with her loving husband, Eliza enjoys reading throwback Jackie Collins, acting out on Twitter, and indulging in the occasional order of cheese fries.


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Gay Love and Other Christmas Magic



“This is the perfect Christmas story to get you into the spirit and one you don’t want to miss!”


Gay Love and Other Christmas Magic

Dylan James

Can Christmas magic reunite two sets of young lovers before the night is over?

It’s been six months since Benjamin finally came out and publicly declared his love for his long-time best friend Jordan. And in those six months, so much has changed. They’ve both moved out, living in the university dorms, and they’re both overloaded with homework.

Although heading home on separate flights for the holiday, they still plan to spend this Christmas—their first as a couple—together, making up for the months of limited boyfriend time. But, when the snowstorm of the century hits New York City, Benjamin is stranded at the airport, with Jordan trapped at school. Unable to get in contact with each other, this very special first Christmas seems destined to be the worst one ever.

While Jordan is devastated, believing Benjamin to have already left the state, Benjamin is determined to get back to the dorms and into the arms of his boyfriend. The perilous trek through New York City is beset with obstacles all along the way, and he worries he’ll never make it back to Jordan. Yet, a little Christmas magic, and help from a few strangers, teach Benjamin not only is the impossible within reach, but that his relationship with Jordan is the best Christmas present of all.

This very special holiday follow-up to the bestselling Gay Love and Other Fairy Tales is a heartwarming journey that uncovers the true meaning of Christmas.

Purchase your ebook copy now:

Purchase your paperback copy now:

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A Reanimated Kind of Forever by Frank Feliz

Greetings, book-lovers!

Check out this great gay young adult book from Frank Feliz!


Adam’s first love, Zeke, is dead. However, Adam is soon given a proposition: a mysterious elder will bring Zeke back to life if the two of them participate in a Big Brother-esque study on the interactions between reanimated corpses and humans. While Adam is overjoyed to have Zeke back, Zeke is devastated by his new state. He can’t be seen undisguised in public, especially not by his grieving family.

Adam must decide whether to keep the agreement and continue the experiment without knowing when it’ll end, or to break it and face losing Zeke a second and final time.

Buy your copy:

Amazon | Everywhere Else



My hand was still on the gravestone, and I couldn’t remove it if I wanted to. I released a series of clipped gasps until I burst into heavy sobs. “I loved him with all my heart.” I barely said it in mumbles. Why was I breaking down in front of a stranger? I’d never done such a thing before. Mom and Dad had been the only ones to witness any tearful outbursts, and because I had no siblings, I’d never had to worry about anyone else making fun of me for showing such private emotions. I’d also cried in front of Zeke numerous times, and he’d never judged me. If I were still living at home, Mom and Dad would coddle me in their arms at this moment, regardless of my age. But that’d been the point of moving out fresh out of high school. I needed to be the adult I’d barely become. And just when I was on my way there, Zeke couldn’t have joined me on the journey of a life I’d longed to share with him.

“There, there, now.” But the elder said it so apathetically. The only emotion he seemed to have was intrigue. “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you go home, get some rest, and clear your mind, all right?”

I gave him a headshake and sniffled. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can, and you will. Because I have a special birthday gift for you.”

I arched my eyebrows. “How did you know it was my birthday today?” Who was this person?

“Your parents told me that as well.”

Oh. Right.

“Go home now. The only way you can receive the gift is if you do as I say. Go and rest for
at least three hours—no less. That’ll give me enough time to prepare it.”

I wiped my eyes and nose, letting out a few whimpers of emotions with continually
mumbling lips. “What is it?”

“And spoil the mystery? No, no. The only thing I will say is that you’ll be quite surprised,
and in the most pleasant way.”

But why a gift? We didn’t know each other.

I shifted my eyes to him. “What’s your name?”

“Just call me Granter. I like to grant things to those who deserve them. Now run along and do as I say. I promise you’ll no longer be in sad tears when I give you your gift. And I never break promises.”

I didn’t know why I nodded so obediently and left in a rush when Granter wasn’t an authority figure to me. Maybe I wanted to believe him. Maybe I was desperate to cure the sudden crying spell I’d had for days. If only Zeke could be alive again. That would be the greatest gift of all.

Buy your copy:

Amazon | Everywhere Else

About the Author:

FrankFelizI’ve been writing passionately since I started high school, but I dabbled with it here and there before that. I’ve written stories in various genres to see where my writing best fit, both contemporary and fantasy, and mostly young adult and new adult. I also do graphic design, make music, study languages, and of course, read. My biggest love of all, however, is writing. Writing is simply my life and always will be.

Author Links:

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