Promote Your Book

Are you an author or a publisher that is looking to promote your book?

If that book is gay erotica, gay romance, or somehow centred on gay sex, then maybe I can help you out with that.

I offer two services for FREE on my blog — book promo and author interviews. A book promo looks like this. (It includes a cover, blurb, excerpt (optional), author bio (optional), author photo (optional), and buy links.) An interview looks like these. (Ignore any guest blog posts you see on the interview link, as I do those infrequently. However, in the remaining posts, you’ll see a lot of similar questions — I’ve got a form with about 20 questions and you can pick a handful that you like, or even write your own questions as some of these authors did.)

If you would like to have your book promo or interview appear on my blog, then drop me an email at camerondjames “at” hotmail “dot” com and let me know. I’ll fire the form back at ya and we’ll get it under way.

I prefer to have no more than one post a day, so sometimes I might not be able to post your stuff on the day you want, so I thank you for your flexibility.

My rules about how frequently you’re on my blog are fairly loose. I prefer interviews to only happen once per author, but you could send me a book promo as frequently as you’d like (though only one promo per book please).

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