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Butt Week Deals!

Butt Week — an annual celebration of MM erotic fiction — is almost over!

I’ve got three books on sale for 99 cents each, and prices go back to normal on Sunday August 25th — so pick up your copies now!

Find the buy links, and info on tons more MM books and fun, at CB Archer’s official Butt Week webpage!



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Autumn Fire is back on the e-bookshelf!

My first novel, Autumn Fire, is getting a snazzy new re-release today over at Deep Desires Press! (For those new to the party, Deep Desires Press is my publishing company for erotica and erotic romance.)

Most authors have that first novel that they really wish hadn’t seen the light of day. Not me. I love my first novel.

When I sat down to revise it (and it needed an overhaul), I fell in love with the characters and the story all over again.

Come along for the ride — I know you’ll love it!

Click here to find out more.


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My Expanded Universe

It’s … it’s … it’s all connected …

Can’t you see?


Well, maybe it’s not that much of a conspiracy.

But as I’m working on the sequel to both Go-Go Boys of Club 21 and Men In The Hot Room — a special crossover/sequel project — I’ve come to see how most of my stories are in the same universe and are connected.

Really, they’re all in the “same universe” since they’re all real world and none of them contradict each other. But I’ve come to see how those that fit in the “shared universe” will feature crossovers and characters that move about.

I’m not crazy. Really. Well, I’m a writer and we’re all a little bit crazy.

But here’s what I mean:

Writing Plans

Most of these books aren’t written yet — the single asterisk means it’s “not yet written, subject to change” and the double asterisk means “currently writing”. So almost all of this is up in the air.

However, here’s what I can tell you…

Go-Go Boys of Club 21 is getting a direct sequel, called New York Heat. However, in it, Brad and Simon from Men In The Hot Room will join the cast and we’ll see the continuation of their storyline. This book will feature Liam, Lance, Ken, Dan, DJ Heat, and Jake (the second bartender mentioned in passing) from GGBC21; Brad and Simon from MITHR; and two new characters.

Yes, it’s a BIG book. Each of the five serialized parts will be 20,000-40,000 words, meaning the whole novel will be in the 100,000 to 200,000 word range. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever written.

Ryan’s Boys is another direct sequel to Go-Go Boys of Club 21. If you read GGBC21, you’ll know that two thirds of the book takes place in New York City and the remaining third takes place in Los Angeles. This will be set in Los Angeles and feature Ryan, Francis, and Damien from GGBC21; Zack and Rachel from from the New York portion of GGBC21, as they will move to L.A.; and potentially some characters from the Bathhouse Series.

After New York Heat and Ryan’s Boys are published, I’ll figure out the next move — whether they get direct sequels, crossovers, or a mishmash.

So how do the Bathhouse Series and the Gaymer Series truly fit in?

In at least one of the not-yet-written Bathhouse Series stories, Francis and Damien will feature heavily, building relationships between themselves and the characters in that series. Thus, some Bathhouse characters will likely transition over to Ryan’s Boys.

In a coincidence I didn’t realize until yesterday, one of the male leads in Gaymer is named Zack. I’ve decided that he’s the same sex-crazed twink Zack in GGBC21 — my challenge over the Gaymer Series is to get Zack from where he is in Gaymer to where he is in GGBC21.

In other writing news…

A few months ago I laid out my writing plans for the coming year-ish. I’m mostly on track.

  • Forbidden Desires: The Complete Series was published on schedule.
  • Sex For Money, Second Edition was published in ebook format on schedule, but I’m just finalizing the print book before I announce it. So I’m a couple weeks behind, but that’s not bad.
  • Academic Discipline #1, still untitled, is done and ready to go. I just need a cover and a title. It’ll be released likely in the first week of October.
  • Academic Discipline #2: Schoolboy Secrets, is currently being written and should be released on schedule at the end of October or early November.
  • Academic Discipline #3 is not yet in process, but *fingers crossed* I’ll get it done late November / early December.
  • Academic Discipline: The Complete Series will be ready to go as soon as all three books are done — which means I’m pretty much on schedule with that, too.

But here’s where it gets off track.

  • New York Heat is far bigger and far more challenging than I expected. It’ll be quite late, but I hope to have it in mid- to late-2018.
  • Ryan’s Boys won’t be started until New York Heat is done. This will likely be a 2019 publication.
  • The to-be-written Bathhouse and Gaymer stories will likely be written and released between New York Heat and Ryan’s Boys so that we get better set-up and context for Ryan’s Boys.

All of this is up in the air and subject to change until the very moment I upload them to Amazon and Smashwords.

You may eventually see characters from other works popping in, so we can get updates on them. The leads from Autumn Fire and Silent Hearts could very well make appearances. (The characters from the Forbidden Desires and Academic Discipline series will not likely show up, as they are jointly owned by myself and my co-authors … but nothing is impossible!)

And, finally, one last note:

Even though most of my books are connected, they can all be enjoyed independently. Think of the Marvel movies — they’re all connected, but you don’t have to see them all to enjoy them. I actually don’t like superhero movies that much, so the only ones I watch are The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. I can tell that there’s some context I’m missing because I haven’t seen them all, but they’re still enjoyable and complete movies on their own. I’m striving for the same with my books.

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Upcoming Publication Schedule

Well… it’s been a while since I’ve released a book. The President And The Rentboy came out in early February. That was five months ago… that’s a long time in the world of erotic fiction. While in genres like sci-fi or fantasy, an author can release a book a year and be considered productive, erotic authors are often held to a more frequent release schedule.

While I generally don’t like to give into the pressures of this sort of thinking … this is what I’ve got planned for the next year (if a specific date isn’t mentioned, the release will happen toward the end of the month)…

  • July 2017: Forbidden Desires: The Complete Series by Cameron D. James and Sandra Claire, in both ebook and paperback. This collects Seduced By My Best Friend’s DadErotic Love and Carnal Sins: Confessions of a Priest, and The President And The Rentboy. I just saw the concept art from my cover artist and holy crap is it amazing. I can’t wait to get this book out!
  • August 2017: Sex For Money: How to Write, Publish and Sell Gay Erotica and M/M Erotic Romance — 2nd Edition. While it’s only been about a year since the original Sex For Money came out, the world of self-publishing has changed dramatically. This updated version will have much of the same content, but will expand on areas that have grown and remove areas that have disappeared (like All Romance eBooks). The revision has been written and it’s with my proofreader right now. If you bought the first edition and would like to see the second edition, I’ll share here on my blog on in my newsletter how you can get your copy for free. (Basically, you’ll have to show me that you purchased the first edition and I can email you the second edition — but those details will be sorted later.)
  • September 2017: Currently Untitled (Academic Discipline #1) by Cameron D. James and Dominic LeBlanc. This is a new school-centered series by myself and Master Dominic. Apparently, Amazon doesn’t allow Dominic to use “Master” as part of his name, so his pen name for “respectable fiction” (as he puts it) is Dominic LeBlanc. We’ve written the first draft of this book already — it’s a BDSM-themed love affair between a college student and his professor.
  • October 2017: Schoolboy Secrets (Academic Discipline #2) by Cameron D. James and Dominic LeBlanc. Like the Forbidden Desires series that I co-wrote with Sandra Claire, this Academic Discipline series is non-connected … each book is entirely standalone. Book 2 features a love triangle between an 18-year-old student at an all-boys private school, his PE teacher, and the principal, and will feature BDSM elements. We’re presently partway through the first draft.
  • November 2017: Currently Untitled (Academic Discipline #3) by Cameron D. James and Dominic LeBlanc. We don’t actually have a plot outline for this one yet … but we will soon!
  • December 2017: Academic Discipline: The Complete Series by Cameron D. James and Dominic LeBlanc. This will be a bundle of the three novellas in ebook and print format.
  • January 16, 2018: Autumn Fire. This was my very first novel, which had been published by Champagne Books. It’s currently unavailable because I’ve had the rights returned to me. I’m rewriting it (fixing a few things that bothered me and smoothing out some of the writing now that I’m a lot more experienced as a writer) and will be publishing it through my company, Deep Desires Press.
  • Winter/Spring 2018: New York Heat. This is a project I am very excited about. It’s a continuation of my two bestselling series, Men In The Hot Room and Go-Go Boys of Club 21. It will be a full-size novel in ebook and print. In a nutshell, Simon and Brad from the Hot Room stories move to New York to open a yoga studio next to Club 21, and the novel will follow all of the men as they confront the changes in their lives. It will be written so that if you have not read the previous books, you will get along just fine.
  • Spring/Summer 2018: Ryan’s Stars (might be renamed as Ryan’s Boys). This is also a sequel to Go-Go Boys of Club 21, but follows Ryan, Francis, and Damien in Los Angeles and the hedonistic world they live in. It will also be a full-size novel in ebook and print. It will be written so that if you have not read the previous books, you will get along just fine.
  • May 8, 2018: Silent Hearts. This was my second novel, also published by Champagne Books. It’s also currently unavailable for the same reason as Autumn Fire and I will soon be working on rewriting it. It will be published through Deep Desires Press.

These dates are flexible. The only ones that are absolutely firm are Autumn Fire and Silent Hearts as they are scheduled to be released through Deep Desires Press. Everything else depends on me being able to stay productive — but with a full-time day job and running Deep Desires Press, finding time to write can be difficult. I think, though, that I can do this.

Send coffee.

And cute boys.

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Load Up for the Long Weekend

The long weekend is here and soon summer will be a distant memory as the cooler temperatures and golden leaves of autumn settle upon us.  As you kick back with your eReader this weekend — hopefully on a sunny patio or sandy beach — pick up a copy of one of my scorching titles to keep you hot and steamy throughout your days off.


Men In The Hot Room – Short Stories

Go Deep - Low Res CoverGo Deep (Men In The Hot Room #1)

Hot yoga turns scorching when a twink yogi seduces his instructor.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Redvark | Smashwords

Go Deep is available as a FREE download.  If Amazon doesn’t give it to you for free (because sometimes they charge people), please visit one of the other links above.

Go DeeperGo Deeper (Men In The Hot Room #2)

Seduction awaits a jealous yoga instructor when he finds himself at the whims of two young men, each with a different idea of what it means to please.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Redvark | Smashwords



Going All the WayGoing All The Way (Men In The Hot Room #3)

Releasing Monday, September 1!

When Simon and Brad finally get some time alone, Simon wants to play master/slave, with Brad as the dirty dom.

Purchase info will be posted on this blog on Monday, September 1!



Other Short Stories

Bathhouse Nights

In the bathhouse, anything is possible, especially at night when all the studs come out to play.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Redvark | Smashwords




Retro gaming with a delicious twink levels up when a good luck strategy takes a dirty detour.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Redvark | Smashwords




Novels & Novellas

Silent Hearts_smallSilent Hearts

No matter how far Jake runs, he can’t escape from love.

All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Champagne Books | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords



Autumn FireAutumn Fire

The closet gets a little crowded when Dustin meets the man of his dreams.

All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Champagne Books  | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords





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New Interview on Jamie Lake’s Blog!

Hey all!

I was just interviewed by Jamie Lake!  Check it out:

Cameron D. James is best known for his novels Go Deep and Autumn Fire. His characters take on a life of their own, bringing readers along for the ride. No matter what he writes next, the pages will fly!

What started your interest in writing m/m fiction?

I’m actually a sci-fi writer at heart. I’m a Trekkie through and through. I’ve got a sci-fi novel that has a lot of potential, but needs a lot of work. After something like the sixth revision, I was in desperate need of a break… and with my university courses at the time, I couldn’t dedicate the energy to do a complete overhaul of a 100,000 word manuscript that needed whole plot points excised and other new plot points added in.
So, I decided to take a break. But, being a writer, I couldn’t just take a break from writing, period. I ended up just taking a break from that genre. For a few years I’ve had a back-of-the-mind nudge to give gay erotic fiction a try. I did a little research, emailed a few people, talked to a few others, and then, tentatively, put my fingers to the keyboard.
I quickly found that I loved it. This genre was a whole new way to approach storytelling from what I’d been doing before. That also meant the learning curve was steep. I had to write compelling fiction that essentially revolves around two people exploring feelings with each other – with no ray guns, aliens, spaceships, planetary catastrophes, or dictatorial governments. I had to write about two young men who fall in love. It was a total shift, and I know that exploring this genre is making me a stronger writer.

Click here to visit Jamie Lake’s blog and see the rest of the interview!

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Blog Tour: Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire is on a book blog tour!

I’ll update this post with each new stop — be sure to check out the promos, guest posts, interviews, and reviews along the way!

Also, you can win a $20 Amazon gift card and copies of my new short story, Gaymer!

Here are the stops!

  • Dawn’s Reading Nook — guest post and book promo
  • It’s All About the Romance! — book promo
  • Beauty and the Book — review
    • “A college male in the closet who isn’t ready to come out or for a relationship and finds himself on the cusp of both. The story of forbidden love, peer pressure and the fear of not conforming comes across in this novel.”
    • “Humor, tears, heartbreak and love all in one.”
  • Some Like it Hotter — book promo
  • House Millar — review and book promo
    • “The passion was perfect and the fear and growth both men endure was heartwarming even as I wanted to cry for them both. However, seeing each man overcome internalized homophobia was amazing. If you love hot sex, sweet characters, and real life journeys, then Autumn Fire is the perfect read.”
  • Literary Nook — review, guest post, and book promo
    • “I liked it! I thought the story was good and man was there a lot of UST (unresolved sexual tension) between Dustin and Kyle (CollegeJock22). … It was interesting to see how each of them come of age if you will. Came into who they are, accepting themselves and each other.”
  • Kristy Centeno — guest post and book promo
  • Book Bliss — review, interview, and book promo
    • “To start I want to say that I found Autumn Fire to be a refreshing m/m read that looked at the subject with a dignity and honesty that many m/m romances lack. This book was raw whereas many focus on forced emotions or explicit sex to tell the story. Autumn Fire focuses more on the story of being gay and dealing with it than the emotions linked to a relationship and hot sex. They were both still present, but not in the way that most m/m books are and it may have to do with the fact that many are written by women assuming what occurs and this was written by a man, with a direct connection.”
  • Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess — review and book promo
    • “Along with the numerous sexual interludes comes some truly emotional moments showing the struggle in coming out and living your life for yourself unconcerned with others’s perceptions.  This is the first time I’ve read this author but definitely won’t be the last.”
  • Crystal’s Many Reviewers — review and book promo
    • “When reading the blurb I was expecting tons of gay sex and trust me there was a lot of steamy sex but I was also surprised at the emotional connection that these two characters had for each other. These scenes were so beautifully written and in such detail as the author takes you on a road of love, trust and hot sex! As a reader my heart was breaking for these characters with the internal challenges they faced and you just want to help them to come to realize that being yourself is so much better than hiding in the closet. … I recommend this book Autumn Fire by Cameron D. James to anyone who wants to know the true meaning of being gay and what it represents and the hot sex scenes and the emotional connection between two guys!”
  • Sharing Links and Wisdom — guest post and book promo

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you win one of the prizes!

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