Let Me Catch You by Kent Deron

Hi blog followers! Author Kent Deron stops by today to share a hot excerpt from his book, Let Me Catch You. I love the slow, tense build-up in the excerpt — sounds like it’s a great book! (Excuse me while I go buy my copy…)


Some paths in life lead us to take a leap of faith

Self-conscious, Inver Murray has come home to Clifton to bury the father he barely knew. Staying with his father’s former boss, Stephen Davis, provides a distraction from his mess of a life, and a face that continues to haunt him. Soon though, awkward interactions with Stephen, and strange happenings in the night, begin to rattle Inver who is unaware his handsome host intends to make him pay for the sins of his father.

It’s 1995 and cocky womanizer Stephen has returned to the family farm to inherit a responsibility that was never meant to be his. Feeling bored and trapped he develops an unlikely friendship with social outcast Shaun Munro. As lines between mates are crossed, Stephen begins to question what he stands for. The true spirit of their friendship betrays those around them, leading to severe consequences in a town rife with secrets, and forces Stephen to choose which path in life to take.

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“There isn’t a piece of you that’s bad, no part I wouldn’t touch.” Shaun’s words lingered like a deep confession, as if he had just exposed a piece of himself.

Stephen gulped. He was nervous at where this might be going, his heart thumping wildly in his chest. He was aware of the vibe attached to this territory and, in an instant, the destination was revealed delicately by Shaun’s lips kissing him ever so gently on the nape of his neck. Stephen sat there frozen before another kiss landed, this time a little lower on his shoulder. Shaun’s mouth slipped out a faint groan as he let his hands roam over Stephen’s slick back.

Stephen closed his eyes and uttered in little more than a whisper, “Are you a fag, Shaun?”

Shaun’s hands stopped moving, cemented in place by the question. “No,” he responded stiffly before sucking in a deep breath. “Well, maybe for you I am.”

Stephen opened his eyes. “Okay…”

The heat off Shaun was radiating, spawning a potent sexual tension that demanded to be known. He placed a hand on Stephen’s bare knee, slowly raising it higher, exploring the flesh of his leg ‘till his fingers got to the fabric of Stephen’s shorts. His hand stopped moving as if waiting for permission to climb higher.

Stephen looked down at Shaun’s slender fingers resting under the hem of his shorts, waiting for Shaun’s next move, bracing himself for the impact. With no response interpreted as Stephen agreeing to its path, Shaun’s hand slowly disappeared up his shorts. The warmth of his palm glided along Stephen’s thigh ‘till his fingertips reached his groin, tickling against Stephen’s cotton briefs. Shaun’s fingers gently squished his balls through the material, evoking a doubtful breath from Stephen who looked down, unsure of what to do. Shaun rested his hand there, familiarising itself near his most private of areas. Time stood still as Stephen struggled with the obscure thought, he’s about to know what I feel like… down there.

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About Kent Deron:

Kent lives in New Zealand under the shadow of a mountain where it rains… a lot. He enjoys music, sharing ghost stories, road trips and talking a wide range of effluent over coffee with friends and family.

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