Prison Pleasures by Angelo Biggs (Book Blitz)


Good morning book lovers! Today I’m excited to feature Prison Pleasures by Angelo Biggs! Read on for the blurb, cover, and sexy excerpt!


Matteo is a reformed criminal currently serving a long prison sentence. When twenty four year old Billy, a new arrival, starts asking him for commissary loans, Matteo realizes that the young guy is purposely trying to get in over his head. Although Billy has a tough demeanor, he lets Matteo know in his own cryptic way that he’s gay and eager to explore some ‘prison pleasures’. Before long, Matteo and his muscular Brazilian friend Luiz both find themselves heading towards sizzling encounters with the sexy young man.

‘Prison Pleasures’ is the first entry in ‘MM Inmate Desires’, a new series of gay erotica ebooks.

Purchase at: Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK)



Our eyes locked. I let my hands run down his chest, tugging at his shirt then smacking him lightly against his modest but firm pecs. “Strip.”

For the first time since we’d met, I saw a hint of fear melt into his smug expression as he removed his tank top. Then he pulled off his pants and socks, leaving his underwear on. I dropped my head and rolled my eyes at him. After a short hesitation, he squiggled out of his undies then stood up straight.

I reached out and cupped his package, grabbing it just tightly enough to drag him flush to my body. “Did you clean your hole like I told you?”

“Yes,” he said, the fear now fully outpacing his ability to front any coolness.

“Good.” I tightened my hand around his warm junk. “Now this is your last chance to say no. I’m going to back away from here. When that big Brazilian fucker comes in, he owns you until he’s good and done. You understand?”

Billy nodded.

“Let me hear you say it.”

“I want this.” The way he said it, I knew Billy was through playing games.

I stepped away from him.

Luiz gave me a cocky grin as he passed by. I grabbed his bicep and pulled him near. “You gotta work him open,” I whispered, then handed him a clean pair of socks with a tube of lube stuffed inside.

About the Author:

Angelo Biggs loves reading erotica so much he decided to start writing some of his own! MM Inmate Desires is his first series. The characters in all of his ebooks will evolve in interesting ways while also having epic erotic encounters! (Warning: You might need a shower after reading a Biggs book!) When he’s not in Miami, or traveling to sunny vacation spots, Angelo resides in San Francisco.


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