Seven Perspectives on Author Branding — Sex For Money Post #14

Sex For Money is a semi-regular blog series about my experiences in writing, publishing, and marketing gay erotica and M/M erotic romance.  All of this information is from my own experience, so your experience may differ.  It’s hoped that sharing this information might be helpful to new and aspiring erotica and erotic romance authors, as I see a lot of questions and a lot of misinformation out there.  To read more Sex For Money posts, click here.


As you have have noticed here on the good ol’ blog, I’m now part of the Oh Get A Grip! blog, in which ten erotic authors tell it like it is.  The topics each fortnight cover pretty much every area of life possible, only sometimes returning to the actual topics of writing and self-publishing.

This past fortnight, the topic was “branding,” which could be taken multiple ways — the author brand, marks on your skin, or whatever way branding speaks to the author.

Most of the contributors spoke about the author brand, which is an important consideration for the erotic author (or authors of any genre, for that matter).

Here are links to the author branding posts:



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