A General Update of What’s Happening

Hi blog readers!

You’ll notice a few small changes around here — if you haven’t noticed them already.

Namely, a few things:

  • I will no longer do book reviews.  With the rate I read books, I find reviews too time consuming to do.  Also, being an author, it puts me in a difficult situation when I read a book that really just wasn’t good.  As well, I’m not really sure how often my book reviews are read — they generally get a few likes within a few minutes (making me think people are automatically liking things without reading them, as that is far too quick to read the whole post), and then no action after that.
  • You may have noticed that twice now I’ve linked to the Oh Get a Grip! blog.  I’m a biweekly poster there, and every fortnight we have a topic to discuss, with each of the ten erotic authors taking a stab at it.  You can find my Oh Get a Grip! posts here.
  • I want to get in the habit of writing more Sex For Money posts.  These are blog posts about the writing and self-publishing business from the POV of the erotic author.  I’m going to try to get in the habit of doing these biweekly, on the alternate weeks from Oh Get a Grip!  You can read the previous Sex For Money posts here.

And for writing:

  • I’m working with fellow erotic author Sandra Claire (whom I know in real life) on a series of short novels about forbidden relationships.  These are relationships that are slightly taboo or involve a questionable power dynamic.  (We’re steering clear of pseudo-incest, though it’s a hot seller, as these are very risky on sites like Amazon and Kobo.)  This non-numbered series will be called Forbidden Desires.  Each entry will be entirely stand-alone, the series is just to tie them together thematically.
    • We just finished the first Forbidden Desires story, about a father who takes his son and his son’s best friend on a camping trip.  There’s an erotic relationship that suddenly develops between the father and the son’s best friend.  We’ve sent it off to our editor and hope to have it out in a month or two.
    • We outlined our next Forbidden Desires story — about a priest and a confessor and the illicit sexual relationship that develops between them.
  • To accompany the Sex For Money posts mentioned above, I’ve also recently completed my first draft of a non-fiction book about how to write, self-publish, sell, and promote erotic short stories and novels.  It’ll also be titled Sex For Money. I hope to have it out by the new year.

Well, that seems to be about it for now — watch this space for all the latest exciting developments!


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