Slight Changes to the Blog

Hi all,

As I continue to evolve how I engage with social media, I’ve got some upcoming changes planned for this blog.

The main change is to the book reviews.  Rather than reviewing every book I read, which takes up a lot of time, I will post a month-end round up of the books I read, along with very brief reviews.  This will also cut down on the amount of Star Trek on a gay erotica blog.  🙂  I may, from time to time, do a full review of a gay erotica or M/M erotic romance book if I particularly loved it.

The second main change is the addition of videos.  I used to share a weekly gay-themed video on Tumblr… but my Tumblr evolved into a porn site and there’s no more room for the offbeat/quirky gay videos.  So… they’ll move here.

And the third change is that I’ve signed up as a host for a few blog tour companies, so I’m hoping to start featuring a LOT more hot books on here than I’ve been doing lately.

Hope you’ll like the changes as they’re implemented over the coming weeks…



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