Men In The Hot Room: The Complete Series — Now in Paperback!


I’m so excited to show this to y’all!

I just got these in the mail — paperback copies of Men In The Hot Room: The Complete Series!

This was my first attempt at self-pubbing in print (via Createspace) and I’m really pleased with the outcome!  I’ll definitely be using them again when I’m ready to publish the complete Go-Go Boys of Club 21 collection this summer.

If you’d like to pick up your paperback copy (or ebook copy for less $$), click here to visit the Men In The Hot Room page on my website.

BUT!!! Maybe wait… I’m setting up a Goodreads Giveaway for three signed copies.  As soon as it’s approved by Goodreads, I’ll announce it here.  If you’re the type that loves giveaways, you’ll probably want to enter that before you go and buy your copy.

And here’s the blurb for Men In The Hot Room: The Complete Series:

A wall of heat rolls through the hot room and sweat beads on Simon’s hard nipples. He contorts his body in all the right ways, intent on seducing his instructor, Brad. And Brad, a man twice Simon’s age, is unable to resist, no matter what the consequences might be. This simple act of seduction soon leads to weeks of scorching hot sex as Men In The Hot Room raises the mercury.

Originally released as separate stories, the bestselling Men In The Hot Room series is now available in one delicious book. Follow the steamy encounters of Simon and Brad that begin in Go Deep, continue with a hot threesome in Go Deeper, and reach a light BDSM climax in Going All The Way.

This collection will have you gasping for breath and reaching for a cold glass of water…or some tissues.


Bump and Grind, the start of the Go-Go Boys of Club 21, featuring the exploits of horny young men in New York City’s coolest gay club.

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