Stop Me Falling: Cale Fallon

Stop Me Falling

Cale Fallon

An erotic short story of about 8000 words.

Paul is a man resigned to being one of those men who sleeps around and never falls in love. Then he meets David, who’s training for the next Olympics, and things change.

WARNING – Contains graphic scenes of sex between two men.

This was a hot short story, but in many ways it was about much more than the sex.  Paul and David are two lonely and hurting men who meet in a bar and quickly fall in lust with each other.  Their hot hookup turns into a sort of intimate confessional, in which we learn about the hurts and self-revelations each man has had to face in leading up to this moment, this shared time and space.

Fallon writes in a very easy and flowing style, making the story a quick and satisfying read.  He does a good job of weaving together emotions, backstory, and sex.  I always find sex much hotter when the writer gives the reader a reason to care about the characters and for the characters to grow through sex (and not just in the dirty double-entendre way).  Sex can and should be used in fiction as an element of character development — something that Fallon very capably and carefully does.

While Stop Me Falling is a short story and a quick read, it’s a very satisfying one.  Fallon has used these 8,000 words to craft a complete story — including characters who grow and develop and a relationship that flourishes (and hits a few rocky patches) — and he does it without rushing the story.  It’s very well written.

You can find Stop Me Falling on Amazon by clicking here.  (And for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can read this one for free!)


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