Book Review: Long Slow Burn

Long Slow Burn

Grant Foster

Grant Foster, one of gay erotica’s most prolific and talented creators, presents a collection of his best, hottest, most guaranteed-to-make-your-mouth-water stories. Whether your fantasy is married men getting it on or younger men feeling the first fires of lust, Foster has a story to stir your imagination. Passionate, humorous, forbidden…the words of Grant Foster will light your fire and never put it out.

I don’t have my copy of Long Slow Burn by my side right now, but I’m pretty sure my copy says “Masterful Gay Erotica” somewhere on it.  And, wow, Foster is excellent at gay erotica.  The book does get better as it goes on, so the earlier stories are weaker (but not weak) than the later stories.

This book inspired many boners for this reader. 😉

Foster has a way of drawing the reader in and not letting go.  I find a lot of erotica pulls the reader in well enough, but the tension is not sustained throughout or there is a phrase or scene that can throw the reader out — but not so with Foster.  His stories are carefully worded to keep the reader rapt. He also has a good way with the “Is he straight? Is he gay?” tension without overdoing it.  When a seemingly straight guy goes for gay sex, the narrator doesn’t stand back astonished — no, he gets right in there and starts with the sexy.

This book was a great find — easily one of the best erotica anthologies I’ve read in quite a while.


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