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My birthday is coming up on March 10.  How old I am will remain a secret.

On my birthday, I want to give YOU a gift!

On March 10, all newsletter subscribers will receive a promo code to download a FREE copy of Gaymer from either Selz or Smashwords.

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I wrote Gaymer in 2013 in honour of the local comic con, full of all of those cute nerds.  It’s a quick story, but it got a great review from the Sex In Words blog:

“Really though, who knew that a little plumber video game action, what with all it’s pipes and going into holes could possibly lead to a smokin’ hot good time? With this simple trope, James has crafted an excellent short, erotic fiction. There is tension, a bit of suspense, an entirely plausible backstory and set-up and, I’ll say it again, an amazing sexual encounter between Carter and Zack.”


Since start of term, Carter has been secretly lusting after Zack, a quiet twink with smooth arms, geeky charm, and enticing proportions. When Zack invites himself over for retro video games, Carter waits and hopes, but the dreaded “game over” approaches. He has to do something — anything — to get a shot at tasting this delicious young man.

Out comes a strategy to save a gaming disaster. If Carter’s wrong, he might get a black eye, but if he’s right, then this session’s about to level up to something better than his wildest fantasy.

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