Book Review: The Dick Book

The Dick Book: Tuning Your Favorite Body Part

Micah Schulze and Christian Scheuss

More fun with your dick — for you and your partner(s).

The Dick Book is the ultimate gay guidebook that gives you the answers to all your questions about your “little willy.” Did you know that sperm flies out of your cock at an average speed of twenty-five miles per hour? And that you can maintain a boner for four hours while asleep?  Competent advice, facts and trivia worth knowing will help you get your cock in top shape.

The Dick Book is open-minded, and of course it’s richly illustrated. And don’t forget: If you really want to have fun, you should know what makes your dick tick.

I picked this book up out of curiosity (and because of the pictures).  It’s sort of an owner’s manual for your dick.  It’s full of health information, tips, suggestions, myth-busting, jokes, pictures, and more.

It was a quick read, but full of great info.  Some of it I knew, some of it I didn’t.  I enjoyed the pictures.

Like the other gay sex books I’ve read from this publisher, the content is a little heavy on sexual health (specifically, STDs and STIs).  However, many people need reinforcing with these topics, so the inclusion is not a deterrent at all.  And it’s nicely accented by pictures.

Oh, and there are pictures.  Did I mention the pictures?

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