Book Review: Hormone Pirates of Xenobia and Dream Studs of Kama Loka

(Sorry about the shitty picture – it was the only one I could find online.)

Hormone Pirates of Xenobia and Dream Studs of Kama Loka

Ernest Posey

Pages of alien sex, erotic intrigue, and the adventures of lunarian superstuds will leave the reader gasping till the last page of Hormone Pirates of Xenobia. Dream Studs of Kama Loka chronicles the lusty explorations of a graduate student who takes part in his professor’s kinky dream project.

Those of you who follow my blog and book reviews probably know by now that I like books that are (a) sci-fi and (b) full of kinky sex.  I found this book, which is the best of both worlds.

Hormone Pirates of Xenobia is a fun sci-fi novella about cock-milking and mega-hormones.  You can imagine where that might go.  It was a fun romp through an alien marketplace/factory.

Dream Studs of Kama Loka is a lucid dreaming piece in which the main character goes to visit the dream world of Kama Loka, which previous lucid dream test subjects have all reported visiting.  This one is full of bizarre and fun-filled sex acts.

Both novellas are very quick paced and fun to read.  And since this isn’t science-fiction that takes itself seriously, the scenes can get outlandish, providing both a chuckle and a stiffy.  Normally, I’m not a fan of “silly” sci-fi, but this is a definite exception since the silliness was carried out very effectively and, in my mind, didn’t go too far over the top.


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