Returning to Normal

After a family emergency in late November, followed by a houseguest, followed by being a houseguest, followed by the holidays… it’s been a little bit busy lately.  As of this week, I’m finally regaining some sense of normalcy in my daily life, so that means I’m writing, reading, and thinking about blogging.

Amongst it all…

  • I’m hard at work on the part three of the Go-Go Boys of Club 21, tentatively titled Boys in Heat, and hope to have that out in late January or early February.
  • I’ve got five or six books waiting to be reviewed here on the blog.  My Star Trek obsession dominates those books, but there are a few things of kinky interest that will pop up, too.
  • I’ve got some ideas to do some minor renovations (more like sprucing up) this blog and my smutty Tumblr.

So I’ll no longer be an abandoned blog!  Things are coming back!


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