Erotic Voices: Victoria Sue

Pure Final (1)

This week, I’m excited to have m/m erotic romance author Victoria Sue as my guest!

Victoria’s novel, Pure, was released earlier this month. Check out the blurb:

Callum hasn’t time to take on a new sub for training. He has his BDSM club, Pure, to remodel and open on Friday. He certainly doesn’t have the time to train Lee in all the nuances of submission, even if Lee seems to be a natural.

But someone else wants him. Another Master who has no limits and doesn’t believe in safe words.

If Callum doesn’t wake up and accept the gift of Lee’s submission, someone else will take it – forcefully.

And now, let’s chat with Victoria!

Tell us about your book.

Hi – Thanks Cameron for having me on here, and being able to talk about my favorite subject – Hot Guys (sigh) I have a feeling we may have that interest in common!

I originally wrote PURE last year as a male/female romance – It was utter crap!

That was shortly after reading (and devouring) m/m romances. I think my kindle is groaning from the amount of books I have on there. I changed Pure to m/m and it just clicked.

Yeah, the original light bulb moment!

Pure is termed ‘light BDSM’ meaning the setting is based around my MC Callum renovating the BDSM club he has just bought, but most of the action takes place during the remodel so they don’t get to try out a lot of the equipment (just yet – I can feel another sequel coming on lol)

Lee is a total novice to BDSM –

“To be honest, I’d really like to get a better look at the club. Apart from the other night, I’ve never been in a BDSM club before.” Lee smiled shyly.

“That was your first time?” Lust slammed into Callum. He cautiously put an arm around Lee’s shoulders and pulled him close.

“No, not my first time. I’m just a BDSM virgin.” Lee smiled coyly and leaned into Callum. Callum could have sworn he was actually batting his eyelashes at him.

Callum, well – isn’t. A novice, that is – in any way, shape or form. Lee throws Callum for a loop. We’ve got this big bad Dom, ex-forces, bad ass – totally taken down by an inexperienced young guy. Yeah, toe-curling, heart-fluttering. (Cue sighs)

I notice you classify your book as m/m. Why don’t you call it gay romance?

This is something I’d love your readers’ opinion on. To me – M/M romance is gay romance written for women. Gay romance is written for guys.

Wow – a huge generalization there? (I can hear readers shouting at me)

So, don’t shoot me yet. I feel that there is too much pressure these days on writing a female heroine as a kick-ass/dominant/independent/never rely on a guy for anything, to the point at which authors who don’t write that can be seen as weak, or same-old, same-old etc.

Two guys are just so refreshing. No labels. Nothing to prove. Most have enough shit to deal with from bigoted assholes without worrying about is cooking and cleaning as valuable in a relationship as paying the mortgage.

So take that out and you can really play with your characters. I don’t have to see being submissive as weak. In fact Lee is anything but. He has Callum wrapped firmly around his little finger for most of the story.

Aren’t you worried about the Dominant/ submissive cliché?


(Sorry, were you wanting a longer answer?)

Back to writing what I like to read. When all is said and done, falling in love and happy ever afters are the biggest cliché on the planet. And one, I, and thousands of other people are never going to get tired of.

I judge the biggest success of a book is someone reading the end and saying Awww…. (Sniffing/smiling/crying also acceptable)

What are you writing now?

I’ve just submitted Pure – Indulgence. Set in the club, and for those readers who know the characters, this is Joe and Adam’s story. All I’m saying is the fireworks are caused by the fact that Joe isn’t gay.

So do you believe in Gay for Me?

Cameron, exactly how many arguments would you like your readers to have today?

I honestly don’t know – but I will quote Joe here, who struggles with this very thing.

He was straight. Okay, he might be straight but being unsuccessful in all his straight relationships didn’t suddenly mean he had picked the wrong sex. It just meant he was a bastard to live with. Maybe this weird thing he had for being needed was too cloying. He’d never fought against getting married either time. In fact, the only relationship he’d fought against was with Adam.

And that’s the beauty of being an author – you can just make shit up!

Hee hee!  Thanks for stopping by, Victoria!  I found your thoughts on gay vs m/m to be interesting — I hadn’t thought of the angle of a “traditional” m/f romance being dismissed as weak or same-old-same-old. 

If you’d like to purchase your copy of Pure, you can find it at Amazon and All Romance eBooks.

And if you’d like to check it out a little more — here are a couple excerpts:

Shit, what a day.

Longest day of his life, but God it was worth it. The club was finally his. Callum closed his eyes in relief and leaned his head on the smooth smoked privacy glass taking up the whole of one wall of his new office. Nickelback hammered out of the music system, and the glass vibrated. Later—yeah, later—he’d turn it down some, but now…now he needed it to drown out the pounding in his head.

He flicked the switch on the speaker so he could hear the sounds from the dungeon. Screams battered his ears, whips sung, and metal chains clanged. He breathed them in. Sex. He could nearly smell it. So, why was he up here in some stuffy office on his own, and not down there celebrating? He’d finally got what he’d worked so hard for, hadn’t he? There were bound to be a few subs down there that would love to help him do just that and normally he would be able to take his pick.

Callum opened his eyes. He looked for orange vests that should have stood out like beacons. Where the hell were they? Part of the purchase agreement for Pure was letting the old owners use the premises tonight. The old owners had two clubs and the other had some stag night going on, so they wanted somewhere for their regular members to go. He didn’t like it, but they had sweetened the deal, promising a cash bonus that he could use for new equipment, and it gave him a chance to organize his own people for how things were gonna go down starting next week.

The former DM’s from Spanks were supposed to be patrolling the dungeons tonight. His sigh frosted the glass in front of him. Patrolling? Yeah, more like checking out the bar. Who ever heard of an open bar in a BDSM club?

Spanks had no rules, no control. Which was why their little lawsuit problem had opened up the club for purchase and Callum had dived straight in.

There’d be no more dumb bachelor parties. No more Spankseven the name had no class.

Lee arched and shouted again. Hot sticky ropes of cum shot out of him, painting his abdomen and Callum’s hand. Callum let go and pulled him close. Shaking, Lee pressed his lips to the arm that Callum held him tight with.

“My Boy.” Callum smiled against Lee’s hair. “Mine.” He wanted to stamp his ownership.

“Y-Yours.” Lee’s husky voice was back.

Callum listened. He hoped he heard satisfaction. He didn’t want to hear fear; it hadn’t sounded like a question.

Lee snuggled back against Callum’s chest. “I’ve picked it. My safe-word. I know what it is.” He shuffled and Callum smiled.

“What is it, beautiful? I told you, it has to be something no one else would use.”

Lee’s breath hitched. In that second Callum knew what it was going to be before Lee said anything.

“Pure. It’s gonna be Pure.”

Of course it is.

When he re-opened on Friday, he was naming it Pure.

And it would be.


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