Sexy Vibes — volume two of the Go-Go Boys of Club 21 — is out now!!  Sexy Vibes follows up where the All Romance eBooks bestselling Bump and Grind left off.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s been one week since go-go boy Liam met porn star Ryan—a week filled with mind-blowing sex. And with that week of sex, feelings have grown in Liam, feelings he isn’t yet ready to acknowledge. Finally, it’s Saturday night again and time for Liam’s next dancing shift, but that also means Ryan has to fly back to L.A. in the morning. Before he leaves, Ryan has a proposal for Liam, one that threatens to change his life—for better or for worse.

Go-go boy Lance has been crushing on Liam for months, since before he started working at Club 21. It’s been torture sitting on the sidelines, watching Liam and Ryan’s evolving escapade.  With Ryan leaving New York and heading home, Lance sees his opportunity to take the leap and make Liam his, but will he take it? Or will he end up living in regret over a love that could’ve been but failed because he was too scared to believe in it?

Ken, the slut of the group, is on the prowl, but tonight’s quest for domination will take him by surprise when a stranger helps ignite a new spark in an old relationship. The lights go down, the music throbs, and the heat rolls off a crowd of leering men. For Liam, Lance, and Ken, this is a night when everything they thought they knew about love and lust will change.

Click here to read a sample on my website.

Sexy Vibes is now available for purchase on All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Google Play, Selz, and Smashwords.


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