Word Choice in Sex Scenes

My editor keeps hammering home his point that “shit” is not an acceptable exclamation during sex scenes. But I still put them in there. You can only use “fuck” so many times and the occasional “damn”… you need that extra word option, right?

Since my editor has been hammering this home so much, I’ve been paying more attention to word choices that authors make in sex scenes. I have to admit, in a few pieces I’ve read, a character will exclaim “Shit!” during the moment of penetration. My mind instantly wondered — “Was that an exclamation uttered in the heat of sex? Or was there an unfortunate discovery in the bedroom?”

Another book I recently read had a line during the moment of penetration that went something like, “CharacterName let out an explosion of “shit” at the top of his lungs.” It was written much better than that, but there was definitely the “explosion of shit” line in there… and my mind went in the wrong direction for a moment. That would be a very messy sex scene.

I’ve now learned the error of my ways.

To a reader of erotica, the word “shit” can create a very wrong mental image at the worst possible time.


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