Book Review: Riding the Big One

Riding the Big One

Ken Smith

It’s all hands on ‘dick’ for 18 year old Sandy in this naughty, nautical novel.  School’s over for our young hero and a new life in the Navy introduces this horny virgin to outrageous night-time adventures and man-on-man fun.

Riding the Big One was definitely a flat-out erotica novel.  Each chapter revolved around a big sex scene.

I found the first and last chapters to be a bit weaker than the rest of the book — but the first chapter is what sets up Sandy’s erotic adventures in the Navy, and the last chapter is when he gets his final conquest.  (And, really, the final chapter is intensely hot, it just features different characters than the rest of the book, so it’s a bit of an outsider for that.)

Sandy is a horny young twink who wants to get fucked by the biggest dick possible.  He makes daring moves, such as biting another man’s crotch during a sports game, and takes big risks… but the rewards are big, too.

While I found the first chapter a bit weak for getting into the character, I did find that with each subsequent chapter I grew to love Sandy more and more and enjoyed his voice and his erotic adventures.

Riding the Big One definitely got me hot and bothered many times while reading it — Ken Smith crafts his sex scenes effectively so that it is easy for the reader to visualize them and really get into the moment.


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