Book Review: How to Write Erotica: 50 Authors Share Their Best Advice

How to Write Erotica: 50 Authors Share Their Best Advice

Brock Wilder, Editor

How To Write Erotica: 50 Authors Share Their Best Advice gives you an inside look at 50 erotica authors and their process for writing erotica. By no means a step by step guide, this book gives you their best tips, how they start, their writing routines, tips on how to promote, and finally, they share their biggest mistakes.

Edited by Brock Wilder, who spent months collecting the advice from the 50 different erotica authors. Each author shares valuable insight into the lucrative genre of selling erotica. Most how to guides features merely 1 author sharing their perspective. This ebook gives you 50 different paths to choose.

Read each chapter and select the advice that rings truest for you. Follow one author throughout the whole book or take advice from many of them. It’s completely up to you how you interact with this one of a kind opportunity.

This was a great book — and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the 50 authors featured. 😉

Wilder had asked 50 authors to answer a short series of questions on writing, publishing, and marketing erotica, and then complied the answers as a series of quotes in each chapter (and the chapters are divided by the questions asked).  The wealth of information crammed in this one book is immense.  There are authors from all areas of erotica, both genders, and many orientations… and there are pretty much as many pieces of advice as there are authors.

It really goes to show how there is no one set path to writing and publishing.  Every person has their own path, their own habits and routines, and their own process.  One particularly helpful section is the chapter on mistakes — the authors share what they have learned through what they’ve done wrong.  My answer was paid advertising — rarely does it ever work out, and free advertising works just as well… which is to say, not very well at all.  😛

It’s a quick read and really is a must for anyone who wants to write in erotica — or even for those who already write it, but are looking for little tidbits from their peers.  I certainly learned a few things.

(PS: Brock Wilder was a guest on this blog a while back — check out his interview here.)


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