Book Review: Boys on the Prowl

Boys on the Prowl

John Patrick, editor

In the tradition of the best-sellers Barely Legal, Juniors and Pleasures of the Flesh comes a huge new collection of saucy erotic tales, plus two thrilling bonus books.

(Sorry for the blurry cover pic — I could only find two images on the internet and one was super duper tiny.)

This was a massive collection of short stories… like over 500 pages.  So, it took me a while to get through it.  Like any collection of short stories, there were some highlights and some lowlights.  However, unlike most collections of short stories, the lowlights were still actually pretty damn hot.

Since this was so massive, and the nature of a short story collection lets me put it down for long periods between stories, I unfortunately do not remember enough to give a detailed review since I don’t remember most of the stories in the first two-thirds of the book.  But I do remember that I was not disappointed by it.  It was hot, steamy, sweaty, and sexy.

The book also has a collection of nude photos on the cover and throughout the text.  The guy on the front isn’t exactly my type, but the boys in the pages of the book, as well as the one on the back cover, all definitely turn my crank and add to my reading experience.

I must also commend the editing.  I find a lot of collections are riddled with typos, especially if they’re from smaller presses (which I believe this one is), yet Boys on the Prowl had no more than a handful of typos.  So, while not perfect, the editing is far superior to a lot of collections.

Overall, this was definitely an enjoyable romp.

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