Bump and Grind — Part 1 of the Go-Go Boys of Club 21

Wow — more than a month since I’ve posted to this blog!  I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been!

Well, I’ve been elbow-deep in the creation of a hot new world and cast of characters, in writing lots of hot and dirty sex and tantalizing storylines.

I present to you, Bump and Grind, the first entry in the five-volume series Go-Go Boys of Club 21!


Bump and Grind

Go-Go Boys of Club 21 #1

Liam loves the life of being a go-go boy—dancing, partying, constant adoration from hot clients.  The only thing he has to worry about is if he’s using the right moves as he grinds to the beat to win the affection of the highest tippers.

But tonight, there’s a new patron at Club 21—Ryan, a dream hunk and former porn celebrity—and he’s got eyes for Liam, and Liam alone. A private dance is a no-touch affair, but when Ryan rents Liam for half an hour all for himself, the experience forever changes how Liam sees his life in the club.

Click here to visit my website to read an excerpt and find out where to purchase your copy!


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