Book Review: Wrestling With Jesus


Wrestling with Jesus

Stephen Osborne

Bookstore owner Randy Stone is smitten. His new boyfriend, Kyle Temple, is sweet, hot, attentive, and great in bed. But introducing Kyle to his family takes courage, because Randy’s parents can be a little judgmental, and Kyle is ten years younger than Randy, a small-time pro wrestler, and dumber than the proverbial sack of hammers. Needless to say, Randy’s parents aren’t exactly thrilled, and even his best friend is skeptical.

Despite the challenges, Randy is determined to tough it out for Kyle. After all, enduring a few scornful comments from his mother is nothing compared to what Kyle’s going through trying to quit smoking for Randy. When a hypnotherapy session designed to help with Kyle’s cravings leaves him quoting Jesus Christ—in Aramaic—Randy’s parents are suddenly the least of their problems. Once word gets out, their privacy is destroyed. News crews follow them everywhere, and everyone who knows Kyle seems determined to make a buck. It’s a mess that could make Kyle’s dreams of wrestling in the UWE come true—but what about his dream of being with Randy?

Wrestling with Jesus was absolutely freakin’ adorable!  There!  That’s the entire review summed up in one sentence!

Kyle is unbelievably cute as the not-so-intelligent but oh-so-caring wrestler who somehow quotes Jesus when put under hypnosis.  Without Kyle written as such a cutie, this book would have still been good, but Kyle is what makes it so adorable.

When the news of Kyle’s ability to quote Jesus — in Aramaic — when under hypnosis hits that papers… well, a National Inquirer-style tabloid… it all goes crazy.  This book was hilarious in both how it depicted the exuberant wrestling fans merging with religious folk and in how every time Kyle tries to refute his link to Jesus, he just seems to offer more proof that he just might be the reincarnation of Jesus.

All of the characters are so wonderfully crafted that they only add to the delight of this novel.  I loved the other wrestlers, Randy’s family, and Randy and Kyle’s friends.

Really, I just can’t describe how much I loved this book.  I had a huge grin on my face while reading the whole thing.




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