Book Review: Lucifer’s Lunatic

Lucifer’s Lunatic

Marc Alice & Destiny Blaine

With a name like Manson, it was no great surprise when Manson Angola ended up in the pen. Some believed he’d been doomed for such a fate since birth. Others thought he was guilty as charged and still others believed he just downright deserved what he had coming to him.

What he had coming was shackles and chains, solitary confinement, and numerous attempts to make his life a living hell. Until one day, in walked a man who could’ve been the devil’s child, but in fact, had a more befitting name—Lucifer.

Dolled up in deception and as pretty as any man had a right to be, Lucifer—or Luke for short—stood about six-foot-two and weighed around two hundred and twenty-two pounds to be exact and he was as real to Manson as the guards who made a habit out of throwing him to the real wolves—the fellows who seemed to have a thing for a young fellow serving back-to-back life sentences for murders he didn’t commit.

Most men should’ve been afraid of someone like Manson. Then again, most men in the maximum security prison knew why he’d been sentenced.

He belonged to Lucifer. And the other prisoners were just doing their jobs by breaking him in.

Lucifer’s Lunatic was a hot read.

This is definitely a darker erotic romance.  Because, one, it’s set in prison, two, the main protagonist is in there for being a serial killer (though he claims to be innocent), and three, his love interest is supposedly the devil.  This is one of those novels where there’s not a clear romance element, which means there’s no lovey-dovey stuff, and I think the novel is all the stronger for it.  Would a dark jail-set novel populated with murderers and the devil be believable if it featured flowery language punctuated with hearts and warm embraces?

What I found particularly appealing about Lucifer’s Lunatic was the sex scenes.  Alice and Blaine portray the sex as dirty, sometimes dub-con, rough, and raw.  The writing in the sex scenes was of a level I don’t often see in M/M romance — it was more on par with gay erotica.  (And I see this as a huge plus.)  The setting, scenes, and characters almost bring to mind gay porn (the jail-set stuff).  Hmm… perhaps this wandery paragraph just goes to show how hot I thought the sex was.

As for the devil — I enjoyed the ambiguity throughout much of the novel.  Is he really the devil?  Or is he a master manipulator with mental illness?  The uncertainty of which is true is carried through most of the novel and leaves the reader questioning exactly what is happening and why, but in a good way.  I was almost disappointed to find out the answer to if he is really the devil or not, as I enjoyed the ambiguity.  However, in hindsight, if the answer was never revealed, then it probably would have been a less satisfying read.

This is a tale of forbidden love.  Even Manson knows it, despite falling for this guy that everyone thinks is the devil.  I thought the use of making Manson’s cock grow hard against his will an interesting device I don’t see too often — it’s true that the cock can betray a man.  A guy can be so set against something, but his cock can have a mind of it’s own and get really horny.  And then the cock can control him.  This may be partly what’s behind Manson’s infatuation with this dangerous man — he seems to know to stay away, or feels that he should stay away, but he can’t help but grow hard in his presence and then that clouds his thinking.  I think what I’m getting at here is that Alice and Blaine used the male anatomy effectively, and in ways that I don’t often see in M/M books.

In summary, definitely a hot read.


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