Erotic Voices: Brock Wilder

This week on Erotic Voices, I’m excited to have gay erotica author Brock Wilder!

And make sure you read through the interview, because Brock will share some coupon codes to get some of his dirty titles for dirt cheap!

Let’s jump right into this:



Tell us about your latest release.

My latest release is How To Write Erotica: 50 Authors Share Their Best Advice.  It was a thrill to spend the months that it took to complete this project.  It involved connecting with a ton of authors and thankfully, 50 authors (including this site’s very own Cameron D. James) agreed to be a part of it. They were so forthcoming with their advice and I really believe that it will help other erotica authors towards having more success.


What kind of research went into this book?

This book took the longest for me to research. I put together a survey and then tested it with some erotica author friends. I wanted to ensure that it wasn’t too time consuming and was easy to use. After this, I began the process of connecting with a number of erotica authors. I likely wrote to over 200 authors, many agreed to participate, but unfortunately, didn’t pull through in the end. Thankfully, 50 authors did take the time!

From there, it was about reading through the entries, determining a good flow for the final book, and also editing for purposes of brevity. So many authors had great advice, but if I included every word, then this book would’ve never ended.


What’s your most favorite book you’ve written? Why?

This one is tough, as I’ve written 10 erotica ebooks and now just released my first non fiction book. I think I’m most proud of my erotica series, From Work Colleague To Leather Slave.  Not only was it my first release, but I was shocked that it warranted enough interest to add another two books (The Initiation and Obey Your Master).

It’s a lot of fun to watch the journey of a shy closeted virgin become a naughty sexual leather slave take place over 3 books. Plus, it’s the one that most of my Twitter followers write to me about and request for more books.


Are you writing anything now? Can you tell us about it?

After releasing 10 erotica ebooks, I opted to take a break from writing fiction and am now focused on releasing some naughty non-fiction titles.   I have two upcoming books that will focus on gay sex tips and gay men’s fantasies. Both of these follow the similar format of my How To Write Erotica release. I have interviewed hundreds of gay men about their sex tips and fantasies and am putting them together into two separate naughty releases.

I’m quite excited about both of them, as I think that while gay men love to joke about sex and fantasies, we don’t really talk in detail about them with our friends and lovers. As well, there’s so many shy and/or closeted folks out there that I think will benefit from both of the books too. The book on gay sex tips will hopefully give gay men new tips on everything from masturbation to oral sex to anal. The fantasies books will serve two purposes: a) let gay men know that other people share their fantasies and b) provide some insight as to why we’re not fulfilling our sexual fantasies.


Do you have any advice for writers who want to try this genre?

Shameless plug, but I’d definitely pick up my new book, How To Write Erotica: 50 Authors Share Their Best Advice. Or if you don’t have the funds, then simply contact erotica authors on twitter. The erotica community is quite friendly and many of us are here to help out others to find success.




If you’d like to learn more about Brock or pick up on of his sexy titles, check out these links:


And, as promised, Brock has some special coupon codes to share with you!  Both of these coupon codes expire September 30, 2014, so make sure you take advantage of them now!


Thanks again, Brock, for being my guest today!


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