Piper Kay


September is National M/M Month! To celebrate, I’ll be featuring a few extra guests for interviews — and the first special guest to join us is M/M author Piper Kay!


Invicta Cover


Tell us about your latest release.

My latest releases are books one and two of the Invicta Series. Invicta Salvation was released at the end of May. Invicta Sanctuary was released as part of the Naughty Box 2 set, but will go solo on its own on October 15th (with additional chapters added in).


What was the hardest or most difficult scene to write?

For me, it was the scene in book one, Salvation, where Holton is being kicked out of his home, by his homophobic father at age eighteen. It was just very emotional to write that little part of it. I guess because I write in first person, I have to sort of make myself feel the way the character does, and I was a blubbering mess after that one. lol


What’s the most difficult part of writing a sex scene?

Hahaha! Keeping track of body parts and which character they belong to. lol


What’s your favourite part about writing a sex scene?

The build-up, foreplay, and the balancing act of emotions. I try my best to have the sensual parts of it: caresses, nibbles, kissing and touching, etc, blended in with the want and need, the aching to rip into each other fulfilling the lust factor of it as well.


What kind of research went into this book?

Invicta is a male Go-go club, so I had to first learn what the moves were called. That took a lot (I MEAN A LOT) of time watching youtube videos for the dance moves. (I know, horrible right? Poor me-it was just awful-lmao NOT) I also had to check through google to make sure the lingo is still the same today versus five or ten years ago.


Are you writing anything now? Can you tell us about it? Do you have any upcoming releases?

I do. Currently I just finished writing a non-erotica story for the LGBT charity anthology called Love and Hope. It’s about a teenage boy dealing with coming out. That releases the end of Sept. I’ve also finished up the additions to book two of the Invicta Series, Salvation which releases Oct 15. And the final book in The Passion Series, called Passion’s Pride releases on December 5th.


Do you like music while you write? Or do you prefer total silence?

I have to have music blasting through the headphones to connect, and block out everything else. It sets my mood and balances the emotional level for me. It’s kind of like valium, only not. lol.


Invicta Santuary cover


Sounds hot, Piper!  (And I looooove the covers!)

If you’d like to pick up some of Piper’s books or connect with her online, you can find her here:


And be sure to check out these links:

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