Book Review: Twisted


Joey Jameson

Imagine another person,
the mirror-image of you but yet different in every way…
Everly and Hadley Stone are identical twins.
Growing up the boys were inseperable, always at each other’s side and experiencing everything together as one. It seemed like nothing was strong enough to break the bond between the two brothers.
Until now…
On the eve of their birthday the twins meet a man who is literally to die-for, causing them both to fall helplessly at his feet.
But what any unsuspecting man should know, is that wherever the Stone brothers go, trouble follows.
Their story is one of secrets and lies which will have you guessing till the brutal end who’s good, and who’s very, very bad.
Light or dark? Sweet or sexy? Quiet or confident?
Innocent or deadly.
Pick your flavour.

Twisted was a very intriguing read, even beyond the erotic appeal of smoking hot twins. Everly and Hadley share what seems to be an almost X-Files-like connection. They can sometimes sense each other’s thoughts — whether they’re actually doing that or if it’s just the innate “twintuition” the boys mention is never quite clear, though the ambiguity of it adds to the mystery. And there’s the occasional instance in which one brother will suffer an injury and the other brother will spontaneously suffer the identical injury.

All of this, plus the dark cloud of tragedy that seems to follow the boys wherever they go, is laid out in a rapid-fire opening that flips through the twins’ childhood. The tension and mystery are high, grabbing the reader’s attention and holding on to it until long after that gripping opening has played out.

Following the opening, the book evolves into a rather normal m/m erotic romance, with the presence of twins being an obvious exception. Both twins are attracted to a man named Kyle, and it seems Kyle is attracted to both twins. And while it seems almost expected, given the premise, the eventual threesome with Kyle and the twins was insanely erotic.

And in the fallout of the threesome is where the sinister X-Files style plot picks up again. This last segment pulls the reader in as much, or more than, the opening. And the final pages, where the secrets are finally revealed, make for a thrilling end.

As a reader, I felt quite drawn to the mysterious, almost metaphysical, connection between Everly and Hadley, and was a little disappointed that it wasn’t explored further in this book. However, the revelations in the gripping ending leave the door open for a follow-up novel, in which the darker natures of these brothers could be more fully explored. After all, the brothers definitely have a score to settle with each other after the events of Twisted.

Joey Jameson, author of Twisted, was my Erotic Voices interview guest a few weeks back — click here to check it out!


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