Erotic Voices: JT Hall

For this week’s Erotic Voices, we have gay erotica author JT Hall!

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Tell us about your latest release.

I’m trying to put out short fiction as I work on longer projects. Out on September 1 my first gay erotica short fiction will be published, entitled “The Foreman.” This story features a young man, Tim, who has a hopeless crush on his boss at the construction site where he’s just been hired. Tim worries that if the man finds out, he’ll be fired. What he finds instead, however, is that the foreman knows how to fix more things than just houses. There is an element of domination and submission in this story along with some light BDSM, but overall it’s a fun read.

I also have heterosexual and lesbian short fiction already out there.


What’s the most difficult part of writing a sex scene?

The weird thing is that I never had trouble writing sex. This may be because I’ve always felt very comfortable with my sexuality. I’m bisexual and have been in all kinds of relationships, including polyamory. The most difficult thing is not to make it boring or laughable with flowery language. I like making it realistic, complete with first time mistakes, humor, awkwardness as well as steamy lust. A sex scene should never just be about sex. It’s also about the relationship. And it should move the plot along as well.


What’s your most favorite book you’ve read? Why?

 I have too many to choose from! Overall, I’d have to rate J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings as my all time favorite book. But if you want to narrow it by genre, for gay romance I think my current favorite book is “Strain” by Amelia C. Gormley. That was a fantastic book that kept me on the edge of my seat. The emotion between the characters, hot sex, and the action is what makes me rate this one so highly.


Are you writing anything now? Can you tell us about it?

I have a couple projects in the works right now, which is typical for me. I’m writing a gay paranormal mystery/romance novel which will be the first in a series. The title is “Murder One,” and it’s about Derwin, a bounty hunter who feeds on pain to gain extra strength and stamina. He’s searching for the man who killed his boyfriend two years ago. Then he meets a young rent boy named Elliot Leed, who can read objects by touching them with his bare hands. Derwin hopes that with Elliot’s Oddity, he can unravel the mystery.

The other project is a het BDSM novella entitled “Juliet’s Orders” about a geeky college girl who is secretly a female dominant. When a frat boy who’s been pestering her for a date makes a bet, she takes full advantage of him. And I do mean full advantage.


Do you like music while you write? Or do you prefer total silence?

If I could always have music, that would be fabulous. But I pretty much write any second that I get a chance, which includes during breaks at work, during boring meetings, and at home when everyone is asleep. I built a playlist for my mm romance which includes stuff by MCR, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Evanescence, P!nk and more. I tend to like punk, but I also like a lot of other stuff as well. The music just has to fit the scene or the character.


Thanks for stopping by, JT!  Both The Foreman and your upcoming Murder One sound really interesting!

If you’d like to learn more about JT or pick up a copy of The Foreman, you can find JT here:

Back Camera


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