New Interview on Jamie Lake’s Blog!

Hey all!

I was just interviewed by Jamie Lake!  Check it out:

Cameron D. James is best known for his novels Go Deep and Autumn Fire. His characters take on a life of their own, bringing readers along for the ride. No matter what he writes next, the pages will fly!

What started your interest in writing m/m fiction?

I’m actually a sci-fi writer at heart. I’m a Trekkie through and through. I’ve got a sci-fi novel that has a lot of potential, but needs a lot of work. After something like the sixth revision, I was in desperate need of a break… and with my university courses at the time, I couldn’t dedicate the energy to do a complete overhaul of a 100,000 word manuscript that needed whole plot points excised and other new plot points added in.
So, I decided to take a break. But, being a writer, I couldn’t just take a break from writing, period. I ended up just taking a break from that genre. For a few years I’ve had a back-of-the-mind nudge to give gay erotic fiction a try. I did a little research, emailed a few people, talked to a few others, and then, tentatively, put my fingers to the keyboard.
I quickly found that I loved it. This genre was a whole new way to approach storytelling from what I’d been doing before. That also meant the learning curve was steep. I had to write compelling fiction that essentially revolves around two people exploring feelings with each other – with no ray guns, aliens, spaceships, planetary catastrophes, or dictatorial governments. I had to write about two young men who fall in love. It was a total shift, and I know that exploring this genre is making me a stronger writer.

Click here to visit Jamie Lake’s blog and see the rest of the interview!

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