Erotic Voices: Joey Jameson

For this edition of Erotic Voices, I’m thrilled to present Joey Jameson, author of the new gay erotic thriller, Twisted!

Check out the interview below to learn more about Joey and his great new book!


Tell us about your latest release.

My latest release is called “Twisted” and it’s probably my favourite piece that I’ve written to date. Since as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of twins. And not just any twins, but identical ones. It probably stems from the fact that I’m an only child I suppose! Anyways, the idea of two people looking exactly alike; mirror images of the other, has always intrigued me.

When the idea started to fester in my head, I started to think about ‘gay identical twins’ and the likelihood that they exist or if they’re something of a ‘gay urban legend.’ But after doing some research I found that it’s more likely for both twins to be gay than it is for just one.

And that’s how Twisted was born!

I wanted to take this idea of two people looking so alike, but polar opposites of each other on the inside and really explore what that would mean for them growing up. How would they cope? What trouble would they get themselves into? How would they approach social situations? That’s what this story is about. The two main characters, Everly and Hadley couldn’t be more different. One’s a hedonistic-loose-cannon-party-animal, and the other is definitely the quiet-studious-never-gets-his-hand-caught-in-the-cookie-jar kind of guy. The fun in the story happens when both twins meet this guy who they fall head over heals for. The problem, which becomes clear to the reader quite early on, is that you don’t want to make these twins angry…

Let’s just say it breathes new life into the idea of a Good and Evil twin…


What’s the most difficult part of writing a sex scene?

The tricky thing about writing good sex scene, is not getting so excited writing it that you end up coming in the process! (I’m only half-serious!) No, in all honesty the ‘hard’ part of writing a sex scene is that you have to be in the mood to do a really hot one. Sometimes a good sex scene will take me all day to write; I need to begin and end the writing session with describing the sex and then pick up the story again the next day…It’s that exhausting! I also need to be surrounded with sexy images while writing and I won’t deny that I’ve scrolled through the odd porn site to get inspired, let’s say! To me, it’s got to flow to be believable, which is why I like to write it all at once. If too much time has passed then I lose the momentum and it falls apart. But I suppose I’ll leave that up to you and your readers to judge how well I manage!


What’s your favourite part about writing a sex scene?

My favourite part of writing a sex scene is the feeling I get while writing it. It’s hard to explain, but there’s a little bit of a personal fantasy that goes into every good sex scene I write. Whether it’s from personal experience, or simply something out of the deepest, darkest reaches of my mind. They all have a little bit of ‘me’ in them. And that is the most liberating feeling I have ever felt. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and being able to share and describe my nitty-gritty fantasies with the world in the utmost of detail is so freeing! I literally can’t get enough. I also love the idea that when I’m writing, no one can judge me. I can be as filthy as I want to be, and describe things that no author has ever described before…and no one can stop me! I won’t give too much away, but there is one scene in “Twisted” that even I felt I may have gone overboard with…But once again, I’ll let your audience be the judge…


Tell us about the characters in the book.

As I said previously, Everly and Hadley are so alike yet so different as well. They are identical looking, but represent both sides of a coin; one’s blonde and cute and funny and smart, the other has black hair, does drugs, parties way too hard and can’t hold down a proper job. Anyone who knows me will be able to spot parts of me and my personality in both the twins. Really, they represent both the light and dark of life; the yin and the yang, the sweet and the salty. I love that idea that both are so different yet balance each other so perfectly. They seem like they’d be mortal enemies to the other, being that they’re so different, but they couldn’t be any closer! It’s this bond between brothers that I wanted to really explore in this book, but then turn it on its head and really make the reader wonder who’s turning tricks in the book and is each one really who and what they pretend to be…Let’s just say that things get a bit ‘twisted’ as the story progresses. It’s a story of intrigue and obsession and of the power behind the brotherly bond, and just how far you can stretch it before it breaks.


What’s your most favorite book you’ve written and why?

It may sound contrite that I say this one, being that I’m trying to promote it, but I loved writing “Twisted” more than any of my previous pieces. It’s the one that I really took the time with the most and put 100% of my mind, body and soul into. The idea came to me over a year and a half ago and it took me that long to perfect it. The story jumps between the different perspectives of the twins and is told from both their different points of view, giving the reader a feeling of slight schizophrenia as they read. I love messing with my reader and twisting their perspectives on things. I guess you could say I had the most fun writing this book because I got to really show both sides to my own personality (in a slightly narcissistic manner) and really get down and dirty with the story line. It’s shocking, mysterious, surprising, naughty and utterly perverse. You’ll walk away a different person after reading this book, and probably never look at twins the same way again…


Hmm… That sounds super interesting, Joey!  I’ve just started reading Twisted — it’s off to a great start.  I haven’t hit a sex scene yet, but now you’ve got me really intrigued…

If you’d like to connect with Joey to learn more or to purchase your copy of Twisted, you can…



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