Changes to my Book Review Policy

As many of you have noticed, I do book reviews here on my site.

I basically review everything I read.  And this is starting to be a problem, I think.  My most popular post of all time is a review of Peter and Wendy (aka Peter Pan).  I highly suspect that I’m getting hits from kids googling for help on their book reports for Peter and Wendy… and then they come to the blog of a gay erotica author.  Seriously, I get about five hits a week.

So, I’ve deleted that book review and will no longer review YA books, which is a bit of a shame because I’m reading the Gone series by Michael Grant and it’s abso-fricking-mazing.  I’ll probably have a round up every once in a while of books I read but didn’t review, just in case some of y’all are curious.

As I said above, I review what I read.  So, I’m not a professional book reviewer.

However, every once in a while, I do receive a request from an author, asking if I can read and review their books.  I thought it was about time to have a policy about that.

So here it is:

  • I will consider review requests on a case-by-case basis.  Part of the consideration is genre/content, and this is the ranking I currently have:
    • Gay erotic fiction
    • LGBTQ erotic fiction
    • Straight erotic fiction
    • Anything else
  • I’ll probably say “no” if your ebook file is full of inconsistent formatting.  There are some pretty terribly formatted books that get sent my way. You have to appear professional if you want me to read your book.
  • I can’t guarantee any sort of time line.  I’ve got a full time day job and my evenings and weekends are filled with writing and editing.  So my reading time is growing smaller and, well, I already have a list of things I really want to read.
  • For information’s sake: So far, I’ve received six read/review requests and I’ve turned down two of them.  I’m probably going to be stricter in the future as most of those requests were back when I had more time.
  • You can find my contact information on my website —

So, there ya go.  If you think you might have something of interest to me, you can send me an email.

Or… you can also do the easier thing and request to be an Erotic Voices guest author…


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