Erotic Voices: A.L. Wilson

Welcome to the first post of the new Erotic Voices series, in which we meet an author of erotic romance or erotica.  Today’s guest is A.L. Wilson!

A.L. Wilson is an author of M/M erotic romance with some super interesting book available and soon to be released!  Check it out!


Tell us about your latest release.
Currently I am in the final stages of a book called ‘Isle of Illusions.’  It’s set in 1954 and the main characters are those from my first full-length, ‘Phoenix Heart.’  In ‘Isle of Illusions’ Cyrus and Lorenz are living and working with the aftermath of World War II fresh on their minds.  They’re a new couple with all that that entails.  They both suffer from combat PTSD and Lorenz’ alcoholism is starting to worsen.

The plot itself is just one paranormal case that the two of them work, but it’s a big one and a very significant one…especially for Lorenz.  It takes him to a dark place and really digs deeply into his psyche for better and for worse.  You see the beginnings of his dissociation and learn a lot about his past that is not in my first book.

This book is gritty, emotional, and I hope a little bit scary.  They travel to what locals claim is a ‘haunted’ island and have no idea who or what to trust.

What was the hardest or most difficult scene to write?
There are some ‘gory’ scenes in this book and while I do not describe the blood and such in detail, the reactions from the characters are somewhat overwhelming.  I remember stopping and starting a few times because of how upset Lorenz was getting.  This is very emotional for him.
You get see the tough military man from my first book in a different light.  He’s not this emotionless husk anymore.  It was difficult for me to dig deep and wrench out his pain.  It’s very raw and I teared up every time he cried.

What kind of research went into this book?
The book is set in a real place called ‘Poveglia’ which is famed as the ‘Most Haunted Place on Earth.’  I did a lot of poking around about the story of Poveglia.  It has a gruesome history.  The ghost stories about Poveglia are even worse than what I describe.  I tried to stay true to the tales about mass graves, a ghostly tolling Bell Tower, and of course the creepy asylum, where a lot of the action in ‘Isle of Illusions’ takes place.

I really wish I could visit.  Maybe I will be able to one day and see if the way I describe the heavy foreboding feeling is accurate.

In addition, I reference a battle from WWII that is also quite real.  Lorenz and Cyrus met during the Battle of Anzio.  This took place in Italy between January 22nd, 1944 and June 5th, 1944.  I chose this particular battle, both because of the location and because of the nature of the battle.  This was a very long and bloody battle that the United States did eventually end up ‘winning.’  A huge volume of soldiers met on Italian soil and the Allied Troops worked their way Northward eventually recapturing Rome.

I decided that if there was an actual lab meant to study supernatural creatures, it would have made sense that it was located near Rome.  In addition, during the Battle of Anzio, thousands of German soldiers were killed, but an even greater number simply went missing.  This was a great opportunity for Lorenz to slip away from a place that was never supposed to exist during a battle that history recounts as chaotic and scattered.

What was your most favorite scene to write?
Sticking with this book, there is a scene where Lorenz finds himself locked inside an illusion.  It’s a very powerful illusion for him because he’s drowning.

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but if you read his journal that I post for free; Lorenz drowned when he was a child.  Despite that traumatic event he remains fascinated by water and the sea.  In ‘Isle of Illusions’ that hasn’t changed and so here he is with water everywhere and it’s so strong and oppressive—I just found it breathtaking to write.  No pun intended.

Are you writing anything now?  Can you tell us about it?
I recently made the decision to push back the release of ‘Isle of Illusions’ just a bit, but it’s still coming soon.  It will drop August 25th.  This marks the official announcement of the release date.  Woohoo!

In addition I’ve already begun the next book in this series.  The series is called ‘The Haunted Case Files’ and it follows Cyrus aka Shorty and his lover Dr. Lorenz Meissnerbefore the End-of-the-World scenario in my book ‘Phoenix Heart.’

The second book of ‘The Haunted Case Files’ is called ‘Summoning Doll’ and involves a rash of murdered of witches.  When Cyrus and Lorenz catch up with the killers they are given a doll by a dying witch and told to flee with it.  This spirals into a much larger case than just a few dead witches and a band of supernatural creatures has to consider the possibility that a militant group of humans is taking up arms with intent to destroy anything ‘inhuman.’  But then here’s this doll.  Clearly it is significant and our heroes have to figure out why.

Awesome!  Thanks for being my guest today, A.L.!
You can find out more about A.L. and her books by checking her out at some of these links:

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