Book Review: The Young and The Hung

Book Cover

The Young and The Hung

Edited by David Laurents

* I read this a couple months ago and am catching up with reviews — thus my memory of this book is a little fuzzy and this review is super short. *

The cover of this book is pretty.  So very pretty.  Yummy.  Though I don’t know what a shirtless twink is doing in the middle of a field of wheat… especially as it has nothing to do with any of the stories that I can recall.

The cover was so misleading.  I was expecting something sexy and twink-filled.  The Young and The Hung suffered from a lot of passive writing.  For many stories, I was either growing bored or confused about what, exactly, was happening in the scene.  The one and only bright spot in this book was the story written by David Laurents, the editor.  That was well-written, engaging, and sexy.  The rest was largely uninteresting.

I would imagine that the success of an anthology is largely dependent upon the quality of stories submitted.  Laurents’s story proves that he knows what makes a good erotica story — he knows how to write, he knows what’s sexy, and he knows how to keep the reader engaged.  But if he is not given great material to work with, there is only so far that he can take the anthology.  I applaud him for the work he did — as it was still a readable book and enjoyable at times — but I would have loved to have seen this with Laurents getting submissions of the strength and quality that matches his own.


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