What’s Coming Up!

As you might’ve noticed, I’ve been a bit absent from the blog lately.  Like all part-time writers, non-writing-life had to take over for a bit.

I might have mentioned along the way that I am a university student, working on completing my masters.  I think I handed in my final draft of my final paper yesterday.  *fingers crossed*  I have no fear of failing because I’m confident going into this.  It’s more of a worry that my prof will ask for more revisions to my paper — I’m so out of school mode that the last set of revisions, which should have taken about three hours, stretched out to four torturous days.

Anyway, enough about school!

Here’s what’s coming up in the coming months on this blog and in the writing world of Cameron D. James!


Book Reviews

This year has started with my reading slowing to a snail’s pace.  This is partly because I’m mired in two thick books — Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, which I’ve been reading for months and months and am now about a third through, and A Dance With Dragons by George RR Martin, which I’m also about a third through, though the reading of this is going faster.  I’m also a little over halfway through White Fire by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child — it’s damn good, one of their best.  After I finish White Fire, I’ll probably whip through a bunch of shorter gay romance books — it’ll help up my reading count and diminish my to-read pile.  It would probably also be a good idea to read/review some gay romance books since, you know, I write that stuff, too.  (I’m also about to review a Star Trek book I read recently, if I have time to do it before I head out to work.  If not, it’ll be done tonight!)


Silent Hearts

Part of my long blog silence was due to my edits of my second novel, Silent Hearts.  (My last few months were taken up with edits to Silent Hearts, then writing my paper, then edits to Silent Hearts, and then edits on my paper.  Yeesh.)  It had been quite some time since I’d read through the book and with the editing process, I fell in love with the story and the characters all over again.  I’m really excited about this one.  Silent Hearts comes out in March.  Click here to view the cover and blurb.


Go Deeper

My hot yoga / hot sex story, Go Deep, that I released last year was intended to be a one-off stand-alone short story.  But I just couldn’t stop thinking about the characters (and the sex).  Yogi twink Simon and hot older daddy-type yoga teacher Brad return in Go Deeper, which should come out in March or April, depending on how fast the editing process goes.  (The editor for this is ruthless, but it means I get a super hot story in the end.)



After some research, consideration, and discussion with fellow authors, I’m going to give audiobooks a try.  I own the audio rights to my short stories (but not my novels), so I will work my way through those.  First up will be Go Deep, then likely Go Deeper, and then Gaymer.  I’ve got a friend with a sexy voice who has volunteered to be my narrator — work on that project begins this coming weekend.


Future Stories

I’ve got lots of plans for future short stories and a couple novels.  I think for the foreseeable future, I might focus a bit more on short stories.  For those, I’ve got a sequel to Go Deeper (and the Go Deep / Go Deeper / Untitled Sequel series is now titled “Men in the Hot Room”), and I’ll kick off a new short story series called “The Go-Go Boys of Club 21,” which will be feature dancers in a gay club and the sexy shenanigans they get into.


Sexy Saturday

My Sexy Saturday weekly interview series returns this Saturday, February 15!  I’ve got mega gaps in the calendar, so it might be a bit spotty for the next while, but I’ve got a second guest scheduled for the end of March.  (If you’re an author of m/m romance or m/m erotica and you’d like to be a guest, comment below or send an email to camerondjames (at) hotmail (dot) com — and I’m looking for authors of any publishing stream — big house, small house, micro house, self-published… it’s all good to me.)  Click here to check out previous Sexy Saturday posts.


Keep an eye on this blog for all the latest news!

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