Cover Reveal: Silent Hearts

Silent Hearts_small


No matter how far Jake runs, he can’t escape from love.

Jake gives anonymous blowjobs during his midnight shift at the hostel in the tiny Scottish village of Kyleakin.  When Grant, a stud from Edinburgh, comes to stay for a week, Jake can’t get the sexy Scot out of his mind.  It doesn’t take long for Grant to realize Jake is hiding, running from something, and when he confronts Jake about it, their tentative friendship explodes and living at the hostel becomes tense.  Not long after, Jake’s tenuous relationship with his parents crumbles, leaving him with no family and no home.

Through the worst of times, no matter how poorly Jake treats him, Grant always shows up to comfort him.  Old anxieties stir with every shared hug, every fleeting kiss, every sensual encounter, and no matter how hard Jake tries to escape from his hurts, the past–and the truth–always seem to find him.

Silent Hearts is my second publication with Carnal Passions (Champagne Books) and will be published in ebook format on March 3, 2014.

I freakin’ LOVE this cover!


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