Blog Tour: Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire is on a book blog tour!

I’ll update this post with each new stop — be sure to check out the promos, guest posts, interviews, and reviews along the way!

Also, you can win a $20 Amazon gift card and copies of my new short story, Gaymer!

Here are the stops!

  • Dawn’s Reading Nook — guest post and book promo
  • It’s All About the Romance! — book promo
  • Beauty and the Book — review
    • “A college male in the closet who isn’t ready to come out or for a relationship and finds himself on the cusp of both. The story of forbidden love, peer pressure and the fear of not conforming comes across in this novel.”
    • “Humor, tears, heartbreak and love all in one.”
  • Some Like it Hotter — book promo
  • House Millar — review and book promo
    • “The passion was perfect and the fear and growth both men endure was heartwarming even as I wanted to cry for them both. However, seeing each man overcome internalized homophobia was amazing. If you love hot sex, sweet characters, and real life journeys, then Autumn Fire is the perfect read.”
  • Literary Nook — review, guest post, and book promo
    • “I liked it! I thought the story was good and man was there a lot of UST (unresolved sexual tension) between Dustin and Kyle (CollegeJock22). … It was interesting to see how each of them come of age if you will. Came into who they are, accepting themselves and each other.”
  • Kristy Centeno — guest post and book promo
  • Book Bliss — review, interview, and book promo
    • “To start I want to say that I found Autumn Fire to be a refreshing m/m read that looked at the subject with a dignity and honesty that many m/m romances lack. This book was raw whereas many focus on forced emotions or explicit sex to tell the story. Autumn Fire focuses more on the story of being gay and dealing with it than the emotions linked to a relationship and hot sex. They were both still present, but not in the way that most m/m books are and it may have to do with the fact that many are written by women assuming what occurs and this was written by a man, with a direct connection.”
  • Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess — review and book promo
    • “Along with the numerous sexual interludes comes some truly emotional moments showing the struggle in coming out and living your life for yourself unconcerned with others’s perceptions.  This is the first time I’ve read this author but definitely won’t be the last.”
  • Crystal’s Many Reviewers — review and book promo
    • “When reading the blurb I was expecting tons of gay sex and trust me there was a lot of steamy sex but I was also surprised at the emotional connection that these two characters had for each other. These scenes were so beautifully written and in such detail as the author takes you on a road of love, trust and hot sex! As a reader my heart was breaking for these characters with the internal challenges they faced and you just want to help them to come to realize that being yourself is so much better than hiding in the closet. … I recommend this book Autumn Fire by Cameron D. James to anyone who wants to know the true meaning of being gay and what it represents and the hot sex scenes and the emotional connection between two guys!”
  • Sharing Links and Wisdom — guest post and book promo

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you win one of the prizes!


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