Writing Goals for 2014

My writers group is meeting tonight and we’re setting our writing goals for the coming year — so here’s what I plan to do!

  1. I’ve decided to turn my stand-alone short story, “Go Deep,” into an open-ended series, and will publish its sequel, “Go Deeper” in early 2014.
  2. I’m in the midst of finishing up my edits for my forthcoming novel, Silent Hearts, which will be released in March by Carnal Passions.
  3. I’m partway through a stand-alone short story, currently untitled, about hot sex with roofers.  🙂  I’ve been on the fence about finishing it first, or finishing it later in favour of other priorities… but it will get done at some point this year!
  4. I’ll be launching a new open-ended short story series later this year, titled, “The Go-Go Boys of Club 21,” and hope to put out two stories by the end of the year.  These might be a little longer than my average short story length, as I foresee some narrative arcs that will take some time to expand.
  5. I’m going to explore the feasibility of turning my short stories into audiobooks.  I’d need to figure out if they’re likely to sell (do people buy erotica audiobooks?) and how much technical work they require…
  6. Under a different pen name, I’ll be making my slow and steady return to my beloved genre of sci-fi.  In a couple weeks I’ll be done school forever, so I plan to shift my school/homework time to sci-fi writing time, ensuring I still have lots of time to dedicate to dirty smut writing.  🙂

And that’s what I hope to accomplish in the next 12 months!


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