Tablet or eReader?

I’ve recently seen some comments around the interwebs that discussing whether eReaders were a foolish purchase when you could have a tablet.  A tablet lets you read a book and surf the internet and your social networks.  Why buy an eReader when you can spend just a couple hundred more and get the latest iPad?

I’m far from an authority figure on this, but I personally like a dedicated eReader.  I have a Kobo.  I don’t yet have an iPad, but I might get one in the spring… but even then, I suspect I’ll still use my eReader for my ebooks.

Why?  I sometimes read ebooks on my iPhone, so it’s equivalent enough to an iPad.  What happens when I read?  I get a Facebook notification so I go and check it out, then I get an email so I read it and respond, and if the chapter is boring I might dip into a quick game.  I find the strength of a dedicated eReader is that it forces me to focus on just the reading.

I often read for an hour before bed.  That’s a time where I want to unwind and allow my brain to settle down and prepare for sleep.  If I read on my iPhone, with its numerous distractions, then I get sucked into multiple things and my brain goes haywire keeping up with it all… and I don’t unwind.  I also don’t focus on the story I’m reading.  But when I read from my Kobo, I just read and do nothing else.  I give the book the attention it deserves and I fully engage in one of my favourite hobbies.

But maybe that’s just how I operate?  I’m sure some people can read on a tablet or phone and not get distracted by all the bells and whistles.

What do you prefer?  Tablet or eReader?



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3 responses to “Tablet or eReader?

  1. I am with you, I prefer to read on an e-reader. The one I like best so far is my kindle paperwhite (new shiny toy – so of course, I love it) 🙂
    For me it’s:
    1. the fact that it’s dedicated only to my books (no distraction, and no one else needs to ever “borrow” it)
    2. the non-glare screen (I’ve tried the kindle fire, but hated the screen, too much reflection, especially outside)
    3. the slim & lightweight small size (I can keep it in my purse, or a coat pocket even)
    I have never tried a kobo… is the screen matte or shiny?

  2. I have a nook, a nook tablet, and an iPad. (Cringe.)

    I use my nook tablet for magazines and newspapers and occasionally the short book, my nook for reading books – especially travelling; I have the 1st gen with free 3G everywhere! – and the iPad I just inherited and am still figuring out its place in my life.

    The backlighting on tablets really bothers me and while I enjoy the color and being able to easily navigate magazines and newspapers, for a dedicated reading session you can’t beat an e-reader.

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