Where I’ve Been

I feel so bad for neglecting this blog for 10 days!

I’ve had an insane amount of things going on, and a some of it will soon show up here!

  • I will be self-publishing a short story, Gaymer, later this week.
  • I have almost reached the contract-signing step for my next novel, tentatively titled Silent Hearts, which should be released in March 2014.
  • I’m about to do a massive update of my website.
  • I’ve started writing my third novel, still untitled.
  • I’ll be appearing on The Writers Vineyard tomorrow to continue my ongoing posts about social media and authors, by discussing how to effectively use LinkedIn for book promo.  (I’ll post a link here tomorrow!)
  • Any day now, I’ll be getting paper copies of Autumn Fire in my hot little hands (and will post pics when I get them)!
  • I’m preparing for the local Comic Con, at which I’ll be manning a table for our publisher with a number of other local authors from the company (although I’m the only smutty author — the rest are all fantasy folk).
  • By the end of the week, or early next week, I should be appearing in Outwords Magazine, the LGBT magazine of the prairie provinces (of Canada).  I’ll post links to it when it’s out!
  • And sometime soon, I’ll be hosting a (hopefully) weekly feature on this blog where I interview erotic romance and erotica authors.  (I’m currently attempting to set up my first interview.)
  • My reading has slowed down quite a bit due to everything, but I’m almost done a Star Trek book, and soon behind that will be an MM erotic romance.  (Part of the reason my reading has slowed is because I’m reading Les Miserables.  It’s a long book.  Long.)

And on top of my writing life has been my real life — my daily job (which I enjoy immensely) and my volunteer commitments (which consumed the last month or so) and school (which has been slow lately, but will soon pick up).  But, upwards and onwards!

See ya soon, peeps!


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