Book Review: Harper’s Treasure

Harper’s Treasure

Jennifer Lynn

Buried treasure lies where ‘X’ marks the spot, and Jolene plans to find it. With the help of one annoying computer geek, she is able to outwit and outmaneuver her former lover through one adventure after another. Little does she know that the geek has romance on his mind, when he finds himself attracted to the feisty brunette.

With tropical storms, pirates and an old nemesis hot on their trail, Jackson proves little by little that he is anything but a nerd, and helps Jo find the greatest treasure of all.

This was a fun-filled romantic adventure as Jolene sets out to prove herself as a treasure hunter and Jackson struggles to break through his geek personality and become the dominant, sexy man he wants to be.  The working relationship between Jo and Jackson gets off to a rough start when she deems him an irritable geek, and Jackson deems her a bad omen (as its apparently bad luck to have a woman on a ship).  Unfortunately, though they don’t get along, Jackson is the best man for the job, as he’s the only one that can safely navigate the corals to the tropical island where the treasure is buried.  Competing for this same treasure, just to spite Jo, is Jo’s ex.  He turns out to be a real asshole at every turn in the novel.  But, despite this, Jo has a history with him and is still somewhat attracted — but through the course of the novel, she comes to understand what a horrible person he is.

This novel was a delightful romp.  There are lots of little sexual bits that come across (intentionally, I think) as humorous, as Jackson struggles to be a confident, suave man — which Jo will have none of.  The other crew member — a redneck Texan who discovered he has Irish background, and thus has an Irish accent through much of the novel, adds another comedic layer.

I know I’ve said this a few times already, but Harper’s Treasure was fun to read.  It was also quick, a credit to Lynn’s smooth writing style.  Harper’s Treasure has the right mix of romance, humour, adventure, and just a dash of sex.

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