Blog Tour Stop 13: Ever After Romance

The blog tour train pulls in to another stop!  Today, the Autumn Fire Virtual Book Tour is over at Ever After Romance, where I guest post about my favourite books of all time!

So, what, exactly, does a smutty author read in his spare time?

Short answer: a lot.

My top ten list of favourite books spans erotica, erotic romance, science fiction, the classics, comic strips, non-fiction, and YA.  Admittedly, there is a science-fiction bias to it as I love the stuff.  I wish I could expand the list to my top twenty… but I know if I did that, I’d want to then expand it to my top thirty!

Anyway, click here to check out the post!  (There’s also an excerpt of Autumn Fire, if you still haven’t given it a read-through.)

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