Blog Tour Stop 12: Zipper Rippers

As the Autumn Fire book blog tour slowly makes its way to the end, with just a week and a half left, we stop by Zipper Rippers for a guest post and a wonderful review!

A snippet from the review:

I think the author has done a good job of exploring how difficult it is to come out, even in this day and age. Some of the language is a bit coarser than what I’ve read before in M/M romances (but most of those were written by women, not gay men), but I don’t think the author does it to shock, it is believable that this is how Dustin thinks of things.

And I also guest post, speaking about my journey to seeing Autumn Fire published.  I don’t think it’s a typical “How I got published” story, if there is even such a thing as a typical story.

Click here to visit Zipper Rippers to read the review and my guest post!


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