The book is out, I’m on TWV, and I’m sick… :(

Hi gang!

Autumn Fire

The big day finally arrived!  Autumn Fire was released in ebook form on July 2!

You can read an X-rated excerpt of Autumn Fire here — and you can purchase your copy here.


Annnnnddd… I stopped by The Writers Vineyard yesterday to talk briefly about my attempts to promote my book through social media (namely, Tumblr), without becoming one of those annoying people that shouts at you fifty times a day to “BUY MY BOOK!!!”

You can check out my post here.

Annnnnddd… the reason this blog post is so late is because I’ve come down with some sort of nasty flu — no fever or chills or anything, just overwhelming nausea.  (I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant.)

And now, dear friends, I must depart and return to the land of homework!

Catch ya later.  😉


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