A general update: Guess what? I’m engaged!

So, given the glut of posts today, I guess it might be obvious I’ve got a bit more free time on my hands this week.  🙂

In fact, I start a new job on June 24 that’s going to give me two extra hours per day (no commute time as the new job is around the corner from where I live and the shift is a bit shorter), so I should be able to be on top of updating this thing.

I’ve been meaning to post about the Queer As Folk UK series, as the BF and I just finished watching it a few weeks ago.  And, of course, there is the long-promised discussion on the differences between straight, lesbian, and gay erotic fiction.  And my book, Autumn Fire, is in full editing mode now and should be on schedule to be released next month — so there should be regular updates about that, and I should be having a blog tour in July to hype up the book.  And then I’ll also be at When Words Collide in Calgary in August, and I’ll post from there.  So there’s lots coming!

There’s been a lot of big news in my personal life lately — new job, progress with my thesis project, various other things — but the big one is that my boyfriend proposed to me, so I’m engaged!  We’re planning a wedding for June of next year — so we’ve got lots of time, but since June is a big wedding month, we have to plan certain things quick, like the venue and some caterers.  Our loose plans so far involve us getting married on a farm and having a casual cake/coffee reception at the farm with a professional espresso/cappuccino bar.

The BF and I have a favourite song, This Light Between Us, by Armin van Buuren, featuring Christian Burns — this might be the music for our processional.  Could you see starting a wedding by having the wedding party and grooms walk in to this?


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