Autumn Fire: Cover Art

Woohoo!  I’m thrilled to debut my first cover art ever!

This is the cover for Autumn Fire, to be published this July through Champagne Books’ Carnal Passions division.

I didn’t want the “traditional” gay romance cover, which tends to feature heads floating in clouds or something.  I asked for something a little different and stand-out-ish — and I was super excited when this hit my inbox!  I love the colours and the layout!  This was fabulously created by the cover artist Petra K, who has been doing a lot of fantastic cover art for Champagne Books.

You can find out more about Autumn Fire on my website.  I’ll put an Autumn Fire page up here on WordPress soonish… 😀

And I’ll be back to semi-regular posts soon… I’ve been inundated with homework lately as I’ve had to get my thesis proposal in top notch shape ASAP and, well, I did that but everything else suffered — so I’m in catch-up mode now.


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  1. It’s gorgeous — congratulations!

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