Book Review: Make Mine to Go

Make Mine To Go

Dilo Keith

Justin can usually satisfy Toby’s diverse erotic desires, but when Toby craves something only another man can provide, will this test the limits of Justin’s love?

One key to the success of Justin and Toby’s marriage is plenty of sexual variety, sometimes with other men they meet at the local BDSM club. While Toby assumes the submissive role in their power exchanges, it’s more often Justin who generously caters to Toby’s erotic appetites. Toby’s interest in flirting with a salesman should be trivial in comparison to his other desires. Instead, it sends both men down uncomfortable paths.

Toby manages to assure Justin that it was harmless fun, or so it seems at first. More troubling than Justin being unconvinced is that Toby doesn’t entirely believe his own story. When Toby finally figures out he wants something only another man can give him, he knows it won’t be easy to tell Justin. More importantly, is realizing a fantasy– even an exceptionally compelling one — worth the risk?

This was a fun novella to read.  Justin and Toby enjoy having sex with others, but there’s something lacking in their sexual relationship when its just the two of them.  As this couple discusses this very sensitive topic, things begin to spiral downward — there’s an uncertainty between them, perhaps the trust is waning, and they begin to tread lightly around each other.  Deep down inside they know that they love each other, but the lack of sexual fire makes them worried.

A tentative deal is reached — the acceptance of extra-marital sex (individually, not as a couple like they’ve always done it) sets them on a path that could either bring them closer together or drive them further apart.  They won’t know which is the true outcome until they just go ahead and try it.

I found the relationship between Justin and Toby to be an interesting and realistic one.  How many couples feel the sexual fire burn down until there are just embers, and they wonder what to do about it?  These couples know they love each other, but there just isn’t that same lust anymore.  What can be done?  This novella approaches that topic with care and compassion, while taking time to throw in scorching sex and a splash of fun.

The conversations sound real — as Justin and Toby venture into uncomfortable discussions, their reactions sound genuine.  The reader can feel the love they have for each other, as well as the worry that this lust issue could become a real problem.

Keith not only writes dialogue and relationships effectively, but also the sex.  For a gay erotic romance, the sex in Make Mine To Go is quite realistic and graphic, verging into erotica style writing (there is a difference, though slight, between sex in erotic romance and erotica).  This fusion of elements of erotica and elements of erotic romance make for a tantalizing whole, one that both “excites” the reader and engages the heart.



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