Ooo! Fish!

You may have noticed the posts have gotten a bit thin, lately.  It’s homework-crunch time!

To make up for my lack of posts lately, here’s a picture of fish!  I took this one at the Toronto Zoo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  (For more travel pics, check out my travel blog — Global Scrapbook.  About half the pics on that blog are from my personal travels; the rest are from my co-blogger.)

So, what’s coming up?

  • Tomorrow, I start my once-monthly post on The Writer’s Vineyard.  I’ll pop online tomorrow to post a link to it for y’all.
  • Next weekend, I’ll be attending the C4 Lit Fest in Winnipeg, but as a regular attendee, not as a presenter or anything.  I’ll post my thoughts and experiences and lessons learned next weekend.
  • In May, I’ll be attending Keycon, also in Winnipeg, and again as a regular attendee, but I’ll again post some after-con mental blather.
  • In August, I’ll be attending When Words Collide in Calgary.  That con takes place a month after my book release, so I’ll be doing two workshops and a very smutty reading.  Over the next few months, in preparation for my workshops (one on writing dirty scenes and another on using social media), I’ll post some thoughts and explorations on here and hopefully get some feedback from y’all.

For now, though, while I work on the final paper for this course I’m in, here are those fish I promised.  🙂

(If the picture is cut off because of the stuff on the sidebar on the right, you can open it in a new tab or click the photo to follow the link to the original post on Tumblr.)



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3 responses to “Ooo! Fish!

  1. Usually I go past posts like these but your fish did the trick 😉


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